Michael Jackson Tribute On DANCING WITH THE STARS: ALL STARS, Two Couples Eliminated

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Michael Jackson Tribute On DANCING WITH THE STARS: ALL STARS, Two Couples Eliminated

On Monday evening, “Dancing With The Stars: All Stars” paid tribute to Michael Jackson’s BAD album. This year marks the 25th anniversary of the legendary album’s release. The show opened up with two dance routines of performers dancing to his songs Bad and The Way You Make Me Feel.

Pictured: Emmitt Smith with Cheryl Burke

Apollo Ohno and Karina Smirnoff were one of the two couples that were eliminated tonight. In the video shown prior to their performance yesterday, Apollo explained how they practiced the most on this dance routine. The couple performed a modern jazz routine to Gwen Stefani’s song, What You Waiting For? Carrie Ann stated, “I loved what you were going for but I felt like it was a little disjointed”. Len commented, “There were a couple of awkward moments in there but Apollo you are a fighter”. Bruno said, “It was edgy and surreal”. The couple received a total of 27 for their first performance. For their second performance, they performed a romantic Rumba to Man In The Mirror. Carrie Ann told them, “You reached in to my heart and melted it”. The couple earned a perfect score of 30 for this routine.

Emmitt Smith and Cheryl Burke were the second couple to be eliminated tonight. Last night, their first dance was the Lindy hop. During their rehearsal video, Cheryl explained to Emmitt he was going to have to project his acting skills for this dance because it is very “cartoonish”. Len commented saying, “The whole package was fantastic, well done”. Bruno said, “That was like a Looney Tune version of James Bond, I don’t know what it was but it had so much fun”. They earned a score of 27 for this performance. For their second routine, the two performed the Tango to Leave Me Alone, Carrie Ann explained to them, that in both routines they really brought their “A” game. Len and Bruno felt their Tango steps were not perfect. They earned a total of 27 for this performance. Despite their rather high scores, both couples have been eliminated from the competition.

Pictured: Melissa Rycroft with partner Tony

Melissa Rycroft and Tony Dovolani were the first ones to perform. They danced the Caveman Hustle; it was an interesting performance. The two wore cave people costumes and rocked the stage. When they showed a video recording of the twosome practicing, Melissa told Tony all I wanted in the beginning was to make it the fourth week! She has come so far in the competition and seems to be improving her techniques. She also appears grateful for how far she has made it. Len Goodman said Melissa, “You never disappoint, it was a hustle with no hassle”. Bruno said, “That has to be the most effective use of animal skins, since Raquel Welch”. They received a total of 27.5 for the first performance. Their second dance routine was to Michael Jackson’s Dirty Diana; Carrie Ann commented, “Dirty Diana I would like to introduce you to Magnificent Melissa, which was beyond anything I could have imagined for you”. The couple earned a perfect score of 30 for this routine!

Apollo Ohno with Karina Smirnoff

Shawn Johnson and Derek Hough danced the Night Rider Bhangra; the twosome rocked the stage! Derek wore black sunglasses, a leather jacket and leather pants. Shawn looked beautiful in a sequined mid drift revealing dress. The dance was well coordinated and quite entertaining. There were many times when Derek picked Shawn up and twirled her around. The dance ended with Shawn doing a handstand on Derek’s knee! Carrie Ann said, “What do you say to that? That was a very challenging routine, fantastic, great job”. Len said, “This dynamite was fantastic”. The couple earned a perfect score of 30 for this routine! For their second routine, they danced the Argentina Tango to Michael Jackson’s Bad. Bruno commented saying, “It was stylistically perfect, is there anything you can’t do?” Carrie Ann commented saying, “I felt you lacked passion”. They earned a score of 29 for the second round.

Pictured: Kelly Monaco with Val Chmerkovsky

Kelly Monaco and Val Chmerkovsky danced the surfer Flamenco for their first dance of the evening. When it comes to Kelly and Val, sometimes it is difficult to determine who the dancer is and who the celebrity is. Kelly nails every dance she performs. This dance was difficult to perform, however the couple nailed it! The ladies cheered when Val removed his pants to reveal a swim suit for the later part of their routine. It was quick, upbeat and fun to watch. Bruno told them, “The Flamenco has very exact placement and it wasn’t there”. Carrie Ann agreed with Bruno explaining to the couple they wanted to see more “arms”, it was a little robotic. The couple received the lowest score of the first round which was 25.5. For their second routine they performed the Rumba to I Can’t Stop Loving You; Bruno described the performance as smoldering! They earned a 28.5 for this performance.

The season finale airs next week! Who will win the mirror ball?
Written by: Jaclyn Ashley



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