Teary Thanksgiving Performances – THE X FACTOR

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Michael Jackson Tribute On DANCING WITH THE STARS: ALL STARS, Two Couples Eliminated
November 21, 2012
One Singer Not Ready For THE X FACTOR USA
November 22, 2012
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Teary Thanksgiving Performances – THE X FACTOR

“The X Factor” had it’s Thanksgiving day special. All of the acts dedicated their songs to the people who’ve helped them in their lives. The mentors comments were not all nice tonight, reminding the singers that two acts will go home tomorrow. Eight final acts will remain and be one step closer to the $5 million recording contract grand prize.

The acts that performed tonight were: Ce Ce Frey and Paige Thomas from mentor Demi Lovato’s “Young Adults” team; Tate Stevens and Vino Alan from L.A. Reid’s “Over 25” team; Emblem3 and Fifth Harmony from Simon Cowell’s “Groups” team; and Diamond White, Arin Ray, Carly Rose Sonenclar, and Beatrice Miller from Britney Spears’ “Teens” team.

The first performance of the night was from LA Reid’s team – Tate Stevens. He said he wanted to give thanks to his Father who quit being a musician in order to take care of his family. Tate’s Mom said that Tate was a shadow of his father and wanted to be into anything that he was into. Tate’s wife said that Tate was also putting music on hold in order to be a responsible provider for his family.

TATE STEVENSYour performances are always so touching and so special. – Britney Spears
After Tate’s performance, Britney said,”Your performances are always so touching and so special. LA Reid said he is doing a wonderful job. Demi Lovato commented that it wasn’t Tate’s best performance. Simon said, “I absolutely love the song and love the story of your dad. Maybe it’s the nerves. Your voice was breaking in parts of the song.” LA Reid said, “You sing with a lot of confidence and America loves you. I think they will vote for you and keep you at the top.” Tate said that the song was for his dad and that he loves him and wishes he could be there.

DIAMOND WHITEYou were both fearless and incredible… – Simon Cowell
Diamond White chose to sing “Because You Love Me” and is giving thanks to her Mom Deborah. “She’s the reason why I sing. She’s my everything.” Diamond’s Mother, who raised Diamond alone, said about Diamond – “At three years old she was asking questions about where her dad was. By age seven Diamond said she started looking at her Mom as her only parent. Diamond’s mother almost died on the operating table during knee surgery.

After Diamond’s performance, the mentors reacted: LA Ried said, “You’ve had many amazing moments on stage. But you’ve never had a moment like that. We are going to be hearing from you for many many years.” Demi said, “This song means a lot to me. Because you gave your heart and soul into it. I’m blown away.” Simon reacted, “You were both fearless and incredible. You’re 13 years old. You’re singing better than 30 years old, 40 years old.”

EMBLEM3Showed a different side. – Simon Cowell
Emblem3 chose to dedicate their song to their youth leaders – Sean Cliff associated with a charity organization, and Ben Sanford who runs a youth program in Washington state. He teaches survival skills and martial arts. One member thanked him for motivating him and inspiring him. Sean told one of the members of “Emblem3” that “to see you go from the darkness to light was such an amazing journey.” Sean builds houses for people in the Dominican Republic. Says he’s the most inspirational person in his life. They sang “All My Secrets”.

Mentors respond: L.A. Reid was not impressed. He said, “Your stardom is never in question , your appeal is never a question. Your emotion was lacking.” Britney said “I thought it was a great change of pace.” Demi agreed. Demi told the young men of “Emblem3” “I saw more emotion tonight than in past performances.” Simon responded, “I thought it was a fantastic song choice for you. Showed a different side. You could make a record like this.” When questioned about his comment LA Reid expanded, “I want to feel it. I want to get a chill bump.”

ARIN RAY“It was not a $5 million performance.” – LA Reid
Arin Ray sang “Hero” by Enrique Igelsis in dedication to being thankful for his brother. “It was really hard for me. Like a bad journey. You have a Mother’s day. You have a Father’s day, but not a Brothers day. I think this is the perfect opportunity. Not only is he my bother, but he’s my best friend.”

After Arin’s performance, the first mentor to comment was LA Reid who said, “Great song choice. But it was too big and it was a song that required you to give a gut wrenching performance. It was not a $5 million performance.” Demi Lovato dug the knife a little deeper with “If I was a record label I wouldn’t sign you.” Arin said, “thank you.” Simon observed, “You don’t really mean ‘thank you’ do you?” Arin said, “I feel like I just need to be me.” Simon replied with, “that’s kind of what I fell. You’re being trapped in this cage with these songs and you’re not allowed to be who you are in the real world.” On an upper note, Briney stayed positive with, “last week’s performance was good. But it takes a pro to come out here and nail it.” Arin explained, “I want to dance for y’all because that’s what I do. I want to perform.”

CE CE FREY“When you chose a song like that you hope for real emotion.” – LA Reid
Frey, from Decatur, Illinois, dedicated her song to her deceased sister Cealsea. Ce Ce said that in 1991 on Christmas Eve, at age seven is when Cealsea died. Ce Ce said, “she’s definitely the sister I never got to know. But shes with me every day.” Ce Ce’s Mom said that now Ce Ce is Cealsea’s voice Ce Ce performed “Wind Beneath My Wings” Ce Ce wore a Marilyn Monroe-esqe “Happy Birthday Mr. President” dress with her hair done like Monroe’s as well.

The mentors responded. First up was LA Reid who said, “When you chose a song like that you hope for real emotion. You’re emotion was so real. You’ve come a long way. We are all really tough on you. But you’re a real champion.” Britney stated, “Its really hared to critique someone after pouring out emotion like that.” Simon said, “we have seen a different side of you tonight, and I like you and I hope the public will keep you in the competition.” Demi said, “I’m so proud of you because I know how hard it was to get through the song. But that was awesome you really poured your heart and soul into it.” Ce CE said that her sister is always with her. She said that she felt her with her on stage.

FIFTH HARMONY “Great rendition of the song. Touching and bravo!” – Britney Spears
Consisting of an “X Factor” pre-ordained assemblance of girls sent away, but then called back and given a second chance in the form of this group. One of the girls said that she feels that she was placed on the show and with the girls for a reason. Dinah Jane Hansen thanked her Grandfather. Lauren thanked her Dad. Normani thanked her Mom. The group sang “I’ll Stand By You”. A gospel choir joined them in the background.

LA Reid reacted with “It’s always really hard to critique after so much emotion and the Holiday. But my critique is that it was great!” Britney said, “great rendition of the song. Touching and bravo!” Demi said, “You made it really beautiful. Your harmonies – it’s amazing!” Simon reacted with, “I was crazy about the song choice. You clicked as a group. It feels real.”

BEATRICE MILLER“An inspiration to every little girl” – LA Reid
Britney described Beatrice as, “Spicy girl with a big voice.” Beatrice chose to dedicate her song to her three sisters. Her song was “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol. Beatrice’s sisters were born prematurely and they had asthma, and scabies. Beatrice said that her sister have taught her to never give up and push through.

After her performance, LA Reid said, “You are so cute and an inspiration to every little girl.” Demi said, “Every time you come out onto stage you can’t help but love you. But, It feels like the same song every week. I want to see you be your own age and have fun up there.” Simon disagreed with Demi and said “I prefer this week to last week’s performance. I thing you’re a really sweet girl. I really like you.” Britney stated that it was Beatrice’s “best vocal performance so far.”

VINO ALAN “You stand for the troops of America and I stand for you.” – LA Reid
Vino Alan gave thanks to the U.S. Military Troops. Alan said he was born five miles outside of Ft. Leonard Wood base. After 911 he tired to serve. But said that they wouldn’t take him because of the tattoos. He got a contract to perform for the troops. His Mom said that Vino always has wanted to give of himself. “The reason that we do what we do is because they [troop] sacrifice I want to thank the U.S military for sacrifice so we can keep our freedom and continue to pursue what we do.” Alan performed “I’m Proud To Be an American”.

Britney reacted, “that is spot on!” She then continued with “I’ve been hard on you for the past weeks. I think I’ve been wrong. there is something special in you and I see it.” Simon said, “You don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Who knew you had on that hard surface there’s this soft interior. You sang it with sincerity. I love that song. I think we could be seeing you at number one.”
LA Reid said, “I’m really proud of you. You stand for the troops of America and I stand for you. You are the truth.” The mentors stood up for Vino.

PAIGE THOMAS: @PageAva “It could be a tough night for you tomorrow.” – Simon Cowell
Paige Thomas was in a sing-off last week. She gave thanks to her guardian, Colleen who is her friends mom who took her in after her mother died in a car accident on Christmas Eve when Paige was only six years old. Collen met Paige when she was fourteen years old and didn’t have a stable home. Colleen wanted to give that to Paige. Collen said that she loves Paige as her daughter. Paige said that her mother would thank her for being her guardian angel and guide her through life.

Paige performed Britney Spears song called “Everytime”. Britney said, “I think you performed it beautifully. It was really beautiful.” Reid said, “Last week you ranked number ten out of ten. I thought it was good. I don’t think it was good enough to get you out of the ten spot. Simon said, “There’s no question that the emotion took over and you were muffled on parts. It could be a tough night for you tomorrow.” Demi commented, “I understand how hard it was to sing this song and seeing you emotional broke my heart. It was pitchy. But I think you did well in the rehearsal. That’s okay because this week is about pouring your heart and soul into the song.” Paige said – “I think I wanted to connect with everyone and I think that I did that.” Paige also said that she thinks that she already proved herself as a vocalist.

CARLY ROSE SONENCLAR @CarlyRoseMusic – “The best version I’ve ever heard.” – Simon Cowell
Carly said she’s gong to work even harder for the number one spot on the number-leader. She came in at 1/3 of the votes last week.
Singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” for her brother Russ who is five years older than her and because he supports her.

LA Reid responded to her belting-out performance with, “Carly Rose, Wow girl. You are the absolute force of nature. I don’t know where it comes from. When you least expect it, you pull out one. But you pulled out two.” Demi commented on the performance with, “I need to see an ID because I honestly don’t believe you when you say your are 13. You are an alien. But that’s okay because I like aliens. You’re amazing and you’re going to be around this music industry for the rest of your life.” Simon reacted, “I’ve heard that song a lot of times. That was one of the best versions I’ve ever heard. I think you just blown this competition wide open.” Britney said, “I agree with everyone. I think it’s unreal that you are only thirteen your are unreal.”



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