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One Singer Not Ready For THE X FACTOR USA

Posted on November 22 2012 by Editor

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One Singer Not Ready For THE X FACTOR USA

Season Two
Thanksgiving show, Top 10
FOX Television 2012
Starring: Simon Cowell, Britney Spears, Demi Lovato, LA Reid, Mario Lopez, Khloe Kardashian

“The X Factor” returned tonight to announce the singers that America voted for and who they didn’t. The night included one singer fighting for survival for a second time, the exiting of a returning singer, and a mentor who’s gets both acts through.

Show hosts, Mario Lopez and Khloe Kardashian didn’t waste any time. At the top of the show, the first act going home was announced. It was one of Britney’s “Teens” Arin Ray. Khloe said, “Arin I know everyone is going to be sad to see you go.” Arin entered “The X Factor” competition last season and made it through boot camp where he was placed with a group. He was soon sent home. Arin’s mentor, Britney’s parting words of advice were, “He should take this as a learning experience and this isn’t the last people are going to hear of you.”

Out of the remaining of the “Teens”, Diamond White had enough of America’s votes to move on to the Final Eight next week. The left Carly Rose Sonnenclar, and Beatrice Miller.

In LA Ried’s “Over 25” group Tate Stevens and Vino Alan stood on stage. It was revealed that Vino Alan was saved. Tate Stevens would learn his fate later in the show

The next act announced to go through was Carly Rose Sonenclar. Also coming back next week is Fifth Harmony! The next act through to the Top Eight is Tate Stevens. Both of LA Reid acts are through. Next going through is Paige Thomas – who was shocked and excited.

Beatrice Miller, Ce Ce Frey, Emblem3 are left. Emblem3 is announced as going through to next week. The two acts singing to stay and having to compete in sing-off are Beatrice Miller and CeCe Frey. It’s the fist time that Beatrice has to sing for survival, and the second time for CeCe. Simon said, “Everyone knows what they’re signing up for. This is a chance for them to prove themselves.”

Britney introduced her contestant Beatrice Miller as having “the whole package”. After her teary-eyed performance of “White Flag” by Dido, the mentors had to vote who they wanted to send home. Demi, and LA Reid voted for Beatrice to leave the competition. Before voting for Beatrice, LA Reid stated, “There is nothing easy about this. I wouldn’t imagine either of them being in the bottom at this point in the competition.” Britney voted to send CeCe home. The deciding vote was left to Simon Cowell who said to Beatrice, “It’s all getting too much for you. CeCe you’ve been on the bottom a lot. Beatrice I don’t think this is the right time for you right now, I’m sending you home.”

FLASHBACK To Final Four Episode: Britney said to Beatrice “your performances were a little bit better at your auditions. A career like this is very demanding. Sometimes your nerves get the best of you. And it makes me worry if you can handle the pressure. Do you think you have what it takes? Beatrice said “yes I do.” Britney announced her decision to add Beatrice to her final four.

This week’s Leaderboard going to next week’s show containing the Final Eight acts are as based on America’s votes: In 8th place – CeCe Frey; 7th place- Fifth Harmony, 6th place- Paige Thomas, 5th place -Diamond White, 4th – Emblem3, 3rd place – Vino Alan, 2nd place – Tate Stevens. That left Carly Rose Sonenclar as number one and this week’s winner! Carly said “thank you for everyone who supports me.” She thanked Britney for being a mentor.

There was less than a half percent difference between third and fourth places Vino Alan and Emblem3. LA Reid said, I’m actually a little bit surprised. I thought Vino’s performance last night would have gotten him the number one spot.” He then said, “this is a competition of stardom, not just singing.” Demi said she was emotional because it was hard to see CeCe go through the bottom again.

America will get to see their Top Eight acts perform on “The X Factor” stage next week on FOX.


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