MINUTE TO WIN IT: Celebrities Bank for Charities in 60 Seconds!

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January 27, 2011
MINUTE TO WIN IT: Family’s Million Dollar Circle!
February 2, 2011
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MINUTE TO WIN IT: Celebrities Bank for Charities in 60 Seconds!

The NBC game show that places every day people inside a playing field called “The 60-Second Circle” where they must prove their skills at blowing bubbles through a ring, hanging nails on a tightrope, throwing ping-pong balls into cups of water, and many more challenging stunts.

One thing that has become certain the more I watch the show, it is not a show so much about beating the challenges, it’s a show about moving people forward in life. As the host of “Minute to Win It” Guy Fieri, who got the concept early-on explains it as – “It’s not a game show. It’s a life changing show”. It’s not so interesting to cheer someone on for stacking six die on top of each other onto a Popsicle stick while balancing that stick in their mouth, but it is more likely that the player is being cheered-on for winning the money that comes in completing that task.

This upcoming series of shows to air on NBC will be some of the best episodes yet starting with a special family episode airing this Wednesday, February 2nd. For the first time on “Minute to Win It”, a family of five from San Jose will play for one million dollars and actually make it to the $1 million challenge – “Supercoin”. This stunt requires a quarter to be bounced off a table and into a 5-gallon water jug 15′ away.

The list of other shows include a first time Father/Son team with a very enthusiastic son whose father is the oldest contestant to-date to play on “Minute to Win It”, as well as the highest tested individual in the show’s preliminary casting rounds. Also another first time – a Father/Daughter team, and Mother/Daughter team.

Steve-O from Jackass

Viewers will also see celebrity contestants playing for charities very dear to their hearts. Included guests are Steve-O and Ryan Dunn from Jackass, NBA Laker players Shannon Brown and Derek Fisher, as well as Aron Ralston whose real-life survival experience after amputating his own arm to escape a cave is based on the movie “127 Hours” which is nominated for six Academy Awards this year. James Franco, the actor who portrayed Ralston in the film, made a cameo appearance via video.

The newly added bonuses given to contestants after completing certain level challenges were not part of the celebrity games nor the head-to-head games. However, celebrities were allowed to bank (for their charities) each level of stunts that they did successfully complete.

Each and every contestant all bring something unique and unusual to the game that keeps re-defining the ever growing, and ever evolving “game show” titled “Minute to Win It”.




  1. Brenda says:

    So pumped for tonight! The Bishop Family looks amazing and I also am gonna love the Steve-O episode….those guys are hilarious!

  2. Theodore Stetson says:

    My favorite game is when they have to stack chocolate cakes on their forehead!!! Can’t wait to see how these kids do! GO BISHOP FAMILY!

  3. Bronson says:

    Lakers on MINUTE TO WIN IT??? I need to watch that one for sure! Especially with the champ D Fish. Tonight’s episode looks good too, might have just found a new fan!

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