MINUTE TO WIN IT: Fieri’s Summer Games Begin Tonight!

July 5, 2010
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July 7, 2010
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MINUTE TO WIN IT: Fieri’s Summer Games Begin Tonight!

It’s the little game show that could. Several months ago, NBC premiered an unconventional game show called “Minute to Win It”. It starred a Food Network television personality host Guy Fieri, and had two pretty game show models, called “game agents”. Contestants had to prove their skills at maneuvering stunts that consisted of toilet paper, cookies, M & Ms, and eggs to name a few.

Fast-forward to five months later since filming first started on the show and get a bit of a different show. Gone are the “game agents”, the original set, as well as most of the food stunts. Thankfully what remains is the host Fieri, who jokingly labeled himself as the “benevolent ambassador of the 60-second circle”. My first impression of him was a genuinely sincere man, and I couldn’t think of one negative thing to review about him. Fieri did well when he listened to his good friend Drew Carey’s advice in the beginning stages of “Minute to Win It” which was – when it come to hosting, “just be yourself”.

Fieri also revealed in a recent press conference phone call that some of the hosts he looks up to are: Richard Dawson (The Family Feud), Chuck Barris (The Gong Show), Drew Carey (The Price is Right), and Howie Mandel (America’s Got Talent). Fieri stated that he’s not trying to emulate any particular person that he’s watched, but they have all influenced him.

When asked by The Examiner‘s Matt Carter how it compared to be hosting a game show versus a food show, Fieri stated that “the common denominator is people”. “In Diners, Drive-in and Dives I’m putting their restaurants, their food in the spotlight” similar to “Minute to Win It”. They aren’t wining $125,000 but, they are getting their restaurant and location out there.

Fieri speculated that part of the show’s popularity has to do with people’s hard economic times. Not everyone can go out and buy the exercise Wii , “or the new game or new gadget. But, everybody can probably pick-up a bag of ping-pong balls, and some red Solo cups and set-up their own mini-Olympics of Minute to Win It“.

Viewers will be in for a treat this summer with an introduction to new and complex games involving multiple players as well as some back-story reveals from some of the contestants and real-life drama unfolding on the stage.

Watch new summer episodes of “Minute to Win it” on NBC starting tonight at 8/7 pm c, and continue through September.

Get our sneak-peek to games and contestants here: https://hollywoodjunket.com/2010/06/29/minute-to-win-it-preview-of-summer-episodes/

If you think you can handle the pressure of performing stunts with random household objects inside the 60-second circle, email your contact info, city you live in, your photo and a short paragraph about yourself to: Mtwicasting@gmail.com.



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