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November 18, 2011
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MOBBED: Sneak-Peek at Season 2!

EXCLUSIVE! Set-report! Spoiler Alert!
Dancing their way to a big reveal in the most theatrical Broadway, showy kind of way, “Mobbed” returns to FOX this Wednesday, November 23rd, 9/8 c after “The X Factor”.

The show is hosted by Howie Mandel (“America’s Got Talent” judge, previous “Deal or No Deal” host) and choreographed by Napolean and Tabitha (a.k.a. Nappytabs from “So You Think You Can Dance”) who were recently seen by one of our reporters backstage at “The X Factor” at last week’s results show.

HOLLYWOOD JUNKET had reporters on the new season of “Mobbed” where many dance moves were learned along with meaningful human stories where only a mob of dancing strangers could help ease the tension. Some sneak-peek episodes include: A woman has a crush on a co-worker and tells him in front of the mob; a fire fighter meets the donor receiver of his deceased daughter’s organs; a man attempts to reunite with his band members; a woman reveals to her husband that she’s pregnant.

Watch our interview with Howie Mandel below:

Exclusive photos from the set of MOBBED season 2 below:

Howie instructing dancers on "Mobbed" set.

Baby episode had some running with strollers.

Dancers had to dance while holding baby dolls! Nappytabs said they are trying to have kids!

A different kind of pole dancers! Firefighter episode.

A band reunites!

Mobbed dancers in Tron-like gear!



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