Niall Horan Admits Not Understanding John Legend on THE VOICE 24 Battles Week 2 Recap

In Sync on Team Legend with Justin Timberlake song, THE VOICE 24 BATTLES Premiere
October 17, 2023
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In Sync on Team Legend with Justin Timberlake song, THE VOICE 24 BATTLES Premiere
October 17, 2023
Reba McEntire Promised It’s Not Over on THE VOICE 24 Battles Week 3 Recap
November 1, 2023
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Niall Horan Admits Not Understanding John Legend on THE VOICE 24 Battles Week 2 Recap

Pictured: (l-r) Mac Royals, Rachele Nguyen -- Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

The second week  of “The Voice” season 24 Battles put the coaches that much closer to the next round, more dreaded than the Battles, the Knockouts.  Niall has some major regrets pairing Nini Iris and Sophia Hoffman.  Reba’s surprising Team members (because they are NOT Country) Mac and Rachele both put up a good fight.  

Team Gwen’s Calla and Chechi Battle revealed a clear winner!  It was also a Battle that had Gwen threatening to “spank” one of them!   John Legend didn’t have any full length Battles in this episode.  Two Team Legend Battles were reduced to snippets. 



Pictured: Nini Iris — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Sofia auditioned for “The Voice” last season and didn’t get any chair turns. This season, Niall and Reba turned for her. 

Niall said the song that he gave Sofia and Nini for their Blind Audition is about “energy and dynamics.”  He gave them the song “Heart of Glass” by Blondie.  Niall said it’s the perfect song for them because they both have so much character.  Nini has grit, is sassy and she’s “a rock diva.” 

Nini came to America when she was 16 years old from Georgia.  After pulling through being abandoned by the person who was supposed to take her in, Nini worked a variety of jobs to support herself.  

Niall said this Battle will come down to who will bring the most energy.  He said and also who will control their vocals on a rock song.

After their Battle, Gwen said it didn’t feel like a Battle.  She said Nini was blowing her mind with her runs.  Sophia has a rich sound and tone to her voice.  John noted that they looked like “stars up there,” it was “fun”

Reba said their confidence on stage was cool and smart.  She also thought they looked like they were having fun up there.  She picked Nini.  Niall said they sang the roof off this place.  He called Nini’s performance “mesmerizing” and hoped that someone would Steal one of them.  He chose Nini.

BATTLE WINNER: Nini Iris.  Niall said he chose Nini because she has something special where you can’t keep your eyes off her.



Pictured: Chechi Sarai — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Calla and Chechi both have a Pop/R&B vibe Gwen said which is why she paired them.  Calla was her last Team member that she added.  Chechi was a four-chair-turn.  She’s a singer/songwriter and producer who’s been grinding for a long time.  During rehearsals, Gwen advised Calla to go from softness to build on her tone more.  Gwen told Chechi to let people see what she sees in the mirror.

Gwen said in the Battles sometimes you see who deserves it more than the other.   Calla and Chechi sang the ballad “I’ll Never Love Again” for their Battle song.  You can bet that Chechi was there to play!  She easily out-sang Calla and fought the hardest during their Battle.  She used her whistle note weapon on top of it all!

After their Battle, John reacted that Calla “was waiting to burst” and couldn’t make it from beginning to end.  Chechi, he thought her range was “ridiculous.”  He called her “amazing.” Reba told Chechi that ther voice is incredible and thought the two complimented each other.  Calla’s voice was like a “whisper” she said.  Reba said she’d pick Chechi. Niall called it magic because it’s a tough song to cover.  Niall said he could listen to Calla’s “whisper” voice forever.

Niall opening stated that when John expresses his thoughts, he literally has to look-up many of the words that John uses.  John told Naill that he was an English major.  To that, Niall said he was a school drop-out!

Back to the topic of the Battle, Niall noted that Chechi brought her notes to her nasal instead of going for it.  He advised her to watchout for that.  Gwen said everything that Calla did was perfect and called Chechi a Grammy performance, but still saw some insecurity in herself. She said she’d have to spank that out of her.  The other coaches laughed and were surprised that Gwen said that.

BATTLE WINNER:  Chechi Sarai.  Gwen said it was a hard decision and she knows that Chechi has what it takes.  She can help her.

More Battles…TEAM LEGEND:

Too Good at Goodbyes


Pictured: (l-r) Caleb Sasser, Carson Daly, Talakai — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Caleb and Talakai sang “Too Good at Goodbyes” for their Battle.  John chose Caleb as the winner. John said he sees so much potential and artistry in Caleb.  BATTLE WINNER: Caleb Sasser.


JaRAE and Lila sang “Killing Me Softly.”  The Battle Winner was Lila.  John said there’s something about Lila that  just stood out, and she has slinky 70’s style. 



Pictured: (l-r) Mac Royals, Rachele Nguyen — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Rachele said her and Mac “have the same vibe.”  Rachele said she’s very excited to have Reba as a coach.  Reba was the only one to turn for Rachele during her Blind Audition.  Reba said it was because Rachele’s voice is rich and angelic.  Mac was a four-chair-turn.  He went with Reba because his grandmother loved watching her show.

Reba gave them the song “How Deep is Your Love” by the Bee Gees.  She thought that their voices would compliment each other well (as they in fact did)!  Mac said he is used to performing on the streets.  And because of that, it has helped to be really focused on his craft.  

Mac stated that there’s so much more that he’s learned from Reba.  She advised Mac to keep with the melody of the song since it’s such a well-known song, the audience will want to sing along.  Stay tuned for more on that!

Reba advised Rachele that since she closes her eyes when singing, when she opens her eyes, to hone in on someone.  Reba advised the two that “when it merits it, smile” during the song. 

After their Battle, Niall said it was “so good” and to take on a song like that is so brave.  He told Mac that he was “super impressive” and Rachele was much better than her Blind Audition.  Niall said he would go with Rachele.  

Gwen told Mac that his voice is “warm and buttery.”  She said the fact that Rachel is 17, the things that she does with her voice and her instincts is “magical.”  John said Mac’s voice has richness and character   But, there were pitch moments.  Rachele was doing “so many exciting things.”  He went with Mac for “personal preference, tone.”

Reba told Rachele thatshe had so much enthusiasm and her range was incredible.  Reba told Mac that she wished he had stayed with the original version of the song in the opening, and that was probably the pitch that the coaches were hearing.

BATTLE WINNER: Rachele Nguyen.  Reba siad Rachele blew her away and has a great package all the way around.

STEAL: John Legend hit his Steal for Mac.  John said he has the kind of voice that he likes to listen to.  “Maybe he should have always been on Team Legend…come on home,” John told Mac.



Pictured (l-r) Alison, Jacquie, Ms. Monet./ Photos: Trae Patton/NBC


Pictured 9l-r): Juliette Ojeda, CORii, Bias. Photos: Trae Patton/NBC


Pictured: Julia Roome — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC


Pictured: Stee — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC





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