Reba McEntire Promised It’s Not Over on THE VOICE 24 Battles Week 3 Recap

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October 25, 2023
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November 5, 2023
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Reba McEntire Promised It’s Not Over on THE VOICE 24 Battles Week 3 Recap

Pictured: (l-r) Claudia B., Mara Justine -- Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

“The Voice” season 24 new coach Reba McEntire was blown away by more young talent.  Some of them included the Battle between Mara Justine and Claudia B. which ended Tuesday night’s Battles from Team Legend which had Niall Horan Stealing Claudia B!  Gwen had a tough Battle decision between Eli Ward and Jason Arcilla.  Impressive Battles from Monday’s show included Ruby Leigh vs. Al Boogie from Team Reba, and Rudi vs. Joslynn Rose.

The Teams get ready for the return of the 3-Way-Knockout round with Wynonna Judd announced as the Mega Mentor this season. 




Pictured: (l-r) Dylan Carter, Tom Nitti — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Dylan said he was star-struck when he met Reba.  He touched Reba’s heart during his Blind Audition. He said his mom passed away back in October.  Reba said they are both Country, different styles and she gave them a Cody Johnson song. 

Reba said Tom fights for it, where Dylan is “more sweet and smooth.”  The song is about family, friends, and chasing your dreams before you can’t.  Dylan said it hits home for him because he took his mom for granted. 

Tom was in the Military and then a state trooper.  He said he’s doing “The Voice” for his two kids.  He put music on the back burner before.  Tom said he wants to show his kids that there’s no excuse to not be chasing your dreams.  Tom said Reba is about emotions when singing, and he’s not an emotional person.  Reba said Tom can sing anything and she’s going to go with her gut and decide which one does what it takes to get to the next round. 

After Dylan and Tom’s Battle, Niall reacted that he had goosebumps and when they both harmonized, it was “electric.”  Gwen called Dylan’s voice “ridiculous” and able to amote so well.  Neither Gwen nor Niall chose which artists they’d go with.  John said Tom showed another side of him…he showed the heat and he was like “there’s Tom.”  John said Dylan was spiritual and in tuned to what he was singing.
Reba said “it was just magical” to her.  She asked Niall if he remembered when someone put him in a group? She said Tom and Dylan would make a great touring duo.

BATTLE WINNER:  Tom Nitti.  Reba said Dylan and Tom could be the next Brooks and Dunn.  She chose Tom because he keeps impressing and she loves his “soul Country.”  Dylan was emotional in his goodbye.  He said he gained so much confidence that he needed and he’ll keep chasing his dream.   Reba told him it’s not over.  She told the other coaches that she plans on working with Dylan outside of the show.

More Battles…TEAM NIALL:

Pictured: (l-r) Olivia Minogue, Laura Williams — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Olivia Minogue vs. Laura Williams.  They sang “Ghost.”  Niall called Olivia “such a solid, solid singer.”  His gut feeling was Olivia as the winner.  Niall said he is excited to see what she does in the 3-Way-Knockout.  He has one Steal left.


Pictured: (l-r) Jason Arcilla, Eli Ward — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Gwen said she paired them because they aren’t belters, and they’re “chill.”  Jason said when he came to “The Voice ” the fire had started in Hawaii.  Many things are now gone…it’s devastating.   Gwen Blocked Reba from Jason in his Blind Audition.  Gwen gave them a love song from the 70’s by Bread called “Make it With You.”  She told them to think about who they would be singing this song to.  Eli chose his girlfriend.

Gwen advised Jason to not “throw away the note” and he has a raspy, beautiful tone.  Jason said he’s going to do whatever he can do to beat Eli.  Gwen stated that they are equally gifted and it’s going to come down to “who’s ready.”

After they performed their Battle, John told them that they were “so smooth with it.”  He liked the confidence in Eli, and sided with him.  Reba said they sounded great together, she loved the moves and she also went with Eli.  Eli’s sound is pure and classic and Jason has a good tone too. He leaned more towards Jason.

Gwen said it’s “impossible” for her to pick and didn’t know what to do. He loved Jason’s bravado.  She said Eli shocked her.  In rehearsal, she was shocked with the tone of Eli’s voice.  Gwen said she was going with the person who was “ready, ready right now.”  It was Jason. 

BATTLE WINNER:  Jason Arcilla.  Gwen said Jason has a breathy, airy, serene quality that she would listen to on the radio.  Gwen said she’ll be strategic in selecting futurre songs with him.  John said he was close to Stealing Eli, but he wasn’t quite in his wheelhouse. 



Pictured: (l-r) Claudia B., Mara Justine — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Claudia said she’s trying to find her lane and thinks John will help her.  Mara got to sing “All of Me” song by John Legend with John Legend during her Blind Audition.  Mara said her older brother and sister also sing.  Her mom is currently fighting breast cancer.

John gave them the “Son of a Preacher Man” song by Dusty Springfield.  John said he picked the song because it’s a good mix of Pop and Rock.  Claudia’s voice is more clear and Pop, and Mara’s voice is gritty, “more of a throwback” he said.  Claudia said she is marrying the son of a preacher.  They got engaged before she went to “The Voice.”  

John advised the girls to fully get into the character of the song.  John said there’s two Steals, and hopes that a coach will Steal one of them. 

After their Battle, Reba couldn’t believe they were 25 and 21-years-old.  She said they are so talented and so young, she didn’t get it.  Mara’s voice and range, and Claudia’s stage presence  She said they drew her in, and that’s a great gift.  She chose Claudia.  Niall said he hadn’t heard that song in a while, since it’s release (?) Niall is 30-years-old for reference.  Niall chose Mara.  

Gwen said Claudia’s style stands out.  With Mara, there was “star quality” in her walk.  She thought the performance was “animated and flawless.”  Because of “this other thing that you can’ put your finger on,” she chose Mara.
John said they delivered today and he was so proud to be their coach.  Claudia’s sound is pure, and Mara, is edgy, rock.

BATTLE WINNER: Mara Justine.  John said they did what they do best.  Mara has “a little bit more edge” and he can see her doing really well as she advances.

STEAL:  Niall stole Claudia. He said he loves how pure her voice is and she’s going to “fit right in on Team Niall.”  He said she’s crazy good and it’s hard to go up against Mara.

NEXT WEEK: The 3-Way-Knockout Round starts with Wynonna Judd as the Mega Mentor! 



Pictured (l-r): Ruby Leigh, Elizabeth Evans — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC


Pictured (l-r): Kaylee Shimizu, Taylor Deneen– Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC


Pictured (l-r): Jenna Marquis, Rudi — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC


Pictured (l-r): Noah Spencer, Azan,Alexa Wildish — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC



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