On Pins and Needles! AMERICA’S GOT TALENT – Radio City Week Two Recap

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On Pins and Needles! AMERICA’S GOT TALENT – Radio City Week Two Recap

Live from Radio City, Week Two Results Show – Who was saved by America’s votes?

On Wednesday, July 31, 2013 at Radio City Music Hall, four more acts joined the season eight semifinalists for a chance at winning AMERICA’S GOT TALENT one million dollar grand prize! See the list Here or read on for all that and then some.


At the top of Tuesday night’s episode, “America’s Got Talent” host Nick Cannon asked judge Howie Mandel if he had any words to say to the contestants performing. Howie said, “Do what you do and keep this, being the most iconic stage, out of your mind. This will either make you or break you.” Nick laughed and said, “No pressure.” At the end of the elimination episode on Wednesday night, only for acts will make it through to the Semi-Finals once America’s votes have been counted.

Tuesday’s Highlights: A younger version of Howie was seen twerking on stage; a contestant imitates a puppet happy Heidi Klum and an annoyed Mel B.; sword swallower Alexandr Magala almost gets hurt; a nervous Marty Brown sings off-key.


INNOVATIVE FORCE -Acrobats (Semi-Finals)
Some of the girls started training when they were four years old.

Dangerous moves without a guy!

Mel B. told them, “That was definitely exciting for me. I love how you fill the stage, I love your costumes. Ladies well done.” Howie said, “What you do is very dangerous. Does America see something innovative, something dangerous?” Being the lead act of the night, Howie joked, “So far, You are the best act of the night!” Not sure if the girls got the joke!

Howard gave a positive review, “What you guys do is you throw athleticism. You should all be proud of yourselves. You did a great, great job.”

“I don’t think people realize how hard it is what you girls do. I’m nervous for you girls because you are doing all this crazy stuff without a guy. Two thumbs up from me,” said Heidi. One girl from the team said, “I think we showed America what small town girls can do.”

Watch Innovative Force’s dazzling and high-flying dance moves Here

Innovative Force will be moving on to the semifinals!


CIANA PELEKAI – Singer (Eliminated)
Ciana said, “One of my biggest fans is my Grandma.” After her performance, Ciana received a standing ovation.”

Howard didn’t love it!

Howie pointed out the youthfulness of the acts this season. “A lot of young people on this season. But if you’re going to win. You have the looks, you have the stage presence, you have the talent to go all the way,” he told Ciana.

Howard was honest but a bit tough, “It’s very exciting finding you across the country. I didn’t love that performance. I fill you got lost a bit with your background singers. But you really deserve a shot here. You’re a very strong singer.”

Heidi said, “In my eyes and my ears you are very very good. You can belt it out. You have a beautiful voice and star quality.”

Mel B. was impressed by Ciana, “You are only twelve years old. You have a huge voice and a huge range. You could stand there with a guitar and blow everyone away. I love that little outfit. Very cute.”

The Snapple winning cup was unveiled on tonight’s show. Howard’s Snapple cup got beat-out by the American flag cup. Howard said he demands a re-count and that this was his chance.

Watch Hawaii native Ciana Pelekai sing a colorful cover of “Next To Me” Here

Ciana Pelekai was not voted to continue in the competition.


ALEXANDR MAGALA – Sword Swallower (Eliminated)
He started out as a break dancer and was struggling. Alexandr said, “I got a dream to come to America and express myself…Tonight’s performance I’m adding the most dangerous- fire. The judges will be terrified.”

Heidi predicts he “may win this thing!”

His act included a couple of slip-ups and it didn’t go quite as planned. Howard gave a warning, “I want America to understand how dangerous of an act this is. I happen to know that you hurt yourself earlier this week. This is real, old school you don’t see this kind of thing anymore. You came out of Odavia. I don’t know what that is. You came out of a country I don’t know exists. You came out and I’m proud of you.”

Heidi was cringing the whole time during his act. She said it was because, “I don’t want to look. But I want to see it. It was disgusting. But it was disgustingly good. You might make it all the way. You might win this thing.”

Alexandr said he was non-responsive during the act because, “I need to be completely focused with my upper body strength so I don’t cut myself.”

Mel B. said she enjoyed some eye-candy. “I didn’t think I was going to like this. It’s dangerous and terrifying to watch. You make it better to watch by taking your top off, wouldn’t you ladies agree?” as she turned to the audience.”

“When we describe this show we say there are NO rules. You can see acrobats, you can see fire. It is all you Sir. You do absolutely everything. It is so dangerous and so exciting I want to applaud you just for surviving tonight,” Howie exclaimed with excitement.

Nick reassured Alexandr who appeared to be in slight pain as he stood on the stage, “The act didn’t go perfect but was still entertaining and still got a standing ovation.”

Watch Alexandr Magala the amazing sword swallower who does back-flips and breaths fire Here

Alexandr Magala will be going home and lucky to be in one piece.


STRUCK BOYZ – Dancers (Eliminated)
“We just run this town,” said one of the Boyz. They’ve been together for four years. They all met at a local dance school. One mother said that the Struck Boyz are “the pride of Stanton Island.”

Howard did not have fun.

Mel B. commented, “I know that you have a huge fan base already. It’s like watching seven little people grown up. You are eight to eleven years old. You are naughty boys for doing those hip moves. Your movement is spot on! Yeah!”

Howie couldn’t resist commenting on the video package shown before the Boyz act which featured them with their moms. “I’m, looking at the offspring of the Housewives of Stanton Island. Your package is what stands out. You are good dancers. It’s not just about talent. It’s about luck and timing. Only four can go on. You’re up against a sword swallower. You are in a very tough position just being dancers. You do have a long career in front of you.”

Howard was not happy, “I did not have fun. I found it difficult that at your age you were showing off your abs. You were a little out of sync. As dancers you need improvement.”

Watch Long Island’s StruckBoyz dance group show off their moves Here

The StruckBoyz have been “struck” from this competition.


BRAD BYERS – Stuntman (Eliminated)
Nick Cannon described Brad Byers as, “He takes-on outrageous stunts the rest of us wouldn’t dream of.” Byers said, “When I do a danger act I feel very comfortable.” His brother joins him tonight. The stunt he performed, he said, is “life-threatening.”

Guilty of poor showmanship.

In the opening of his act, Byers put his tongue in a fan. Howie said “You’re out of your mind.” Then, Byers laid down on a bed of nails as his brother rode in an ATV over him on a track. When he got up he had red dots all over his back.

Mel B didn’t understand, “Why? Why? I get it’s super dangerous. But I need a little bit more showmanship. Your act is dangerous, but you need a bit more personality.”

Howie agreed, “You lack showmanship. Though you have these amazing stunts.” Heidi said, “I do kind of love that. Next thing you’re hear at Radio City Music Hall putting your tongue in a fan. I feel it’s pretty good.”

Howard told Brad, “You have to put that shirt back on if I’m going to continue. You were entertaining. You were fun. But we didn’t see that showmanship. We didn’t sense any real danger. But, I’m proud of you anyway.”

Watch Brad Byers endure bizarre and seemingly agonizing pain as he stops a giant high-speed fan with his tongue, and then lays on a bed of nails while an ATV four-wheeler runs over him Here

Brad Byers will now have to torture himself somewhere else from now on, since he did not receive enough votes to continue on.


KID THE WIZ– Dancer (Eliminated)
He’s a seventeen year old dancer from the Bronx, New York. He said if he wasn’t a dancer he doesn’t know what he’d be doing because where he grew-up is not a safe place.

Mel’s kids think he’s amazing.

During his act, he dropped his hat, but quickly picked it back up. “I think what you do is phenomenal. On this show you have to do something original with growth,” said Howie.

“You’re seventeen years old. You’re current and fresh. If I was your manager, I’d sign you up for a commercial. This is a tough stage and you filled it up. You dropped the hat. But you have a great personality,” Howard reacted.

Heidi liked him, saying, “You have so much charisma, So much charm. I think you amped-up your game. Every time we saw you you’re getting better and better.” Mel B. agreed, “I know my kids absolutely think you’re amazing. I think every teenager in America needs to vote for you tonight.”

Kid the Wiz said he didn’t think dropping the hat was a big thing.

Watch Kid The Wiz’s unbelievable hat trick dancing dream come to life Here

Kid the Wiz was fun but it’s time for him to go home, sorry not enough votes to stay.


FORTE – Opera Singers (Semi-Finals)
They’ve only been together for a few short weeks. They found Shawn online when they had to replace a member.
They sang “Somewhere (A Place for Us).”

They should rename themselves “craigslist”.

Howard was proud, “I feel like we went around the country and found you. We did a good job. You look like the IT department. You walk out. We don’t expect anything . You are powerhouses. You hit it out of the park.”

“You three filled up this entire room with your beautiful voices. You did that song justice,” Heidi said. Mel B. wasn’t so easily won over by the act, saying, “I can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow. Some people are going to love you. Some people are not going to like you. I found it to be over the top.”

“I don’t agree with Mel. I got goosebumps. There’s even a stogy. The fact that you found each other online is phenomenal. Call yourselves craigslist. There is a place for you and it’s in the Top Five,” was Howie’s response.

Watch Forte’s operatic performance of ”Somewhere” Here

Forte was the third act of the night saved by America’s votes!


ANGELA HOOVER – Impersonator (Semi-Finals)
Started doing stand-up ten years ago. She gave up her stand-up career to raise her kids. Part of her act was imitating Heidi and Mel B.

Her German isn’t as good as Heidi’s!

After her performance, Heidi said, “I am very offended. I don’t speak like that at all. No, you had me laughing. I wish you would have made even more fun of me being German. I liked you.”

Mel B said, “I liked you from the very very beginning. You’re a woman and you’re in control. I just like you.”

Howie said, “I think being a comedian.. I played here in 1987. I think it’s really hard what you do. I think you’re an amazing impressionist. You’re funny, you’ve got great impersonations. You’re talented.”

Howard wasn’t so happy, “I brought you here. I was not laughing. I think the material was rather weak tonight. I didn’t think it sounded like Mel B. Your Heidi was okay. You have been a housewife for a long time. you have to work it work it. Tonight was not her strong night.”

Watch celebrity impressionist Angela Hoover try for laughs by mocking some of NBC’s top talent Here

Angela Hoover almost didn’t make it, but America saved her too.


DAVE SHIRLEY – Magician/Comedian (Eliminated)
Started street performing at age fifteen.” Combining comedy with technology to develop a whole comedy experience. He quit his job teaching. “My future and my family’s future depends on this ninety seconds. It’s worth showing my son that it’s worth going after the thing you love the most,” Dave said.

Howie prefers TellAVision.

Mel B. said,”I have to say I do think this idea is genius. Some of those in and outs were a bit off. You just have to work on it to be spot on.” Howie’s younger self made it into the show. “I never thought I would see myself twerking. I almost like TellAVision more than I liked this act.”

“This requires precision. Mel B has it right. Some of the act falls flat. You have a great idea. You have a right to pursue your dream. More practice pays off,” Howard said.

Heidi was not thrilled, and said, “I think after every act, is that something that I’d want to run home and tell my friends they have to see it. I didn’t feel that.”

Watch Dave Shirley’s high-tech multimedia comedy act Here

You will have to tune in somewhere else to see more of Dave Shirley’s TV tricks, not enough votes to be an AGT champ.


MARTY BROWN – Country Singer (Semi-Finals)
A Carpenter in small town Kentucky. Said he done everything except what he loves. He sang “You’re Still the One” by Shania Twain for his performance.

Wrapped-up in his emotions.

Marty got emotional while watching the video of his back story. “I think that emotion choked you up,” Howie observed. “They showed my Daddy’s picture, and I seen that video and it just over took you,” he explained.

Howard wasn’t having it, “Man – what happen tonight. you let your emotion get the better of you. I’m disappointed. It didn’t happen tonight. I have to say I can hear how nervous you were today. Not as strong as you were the last time.”

Mel B. who was obviously under-impressed, first acknowledge Marty as “Dave,” then another judge corrected her,  sad, “I think you definitely blew it. I have to say, It’s okay. It’s not okay. You did a really bad job. And you’re much better than that.”

Watch Marty Brown sing a heartfelt cover of “You’re Still the One” Here

America loves Marty Brown and showed it by voting for him.


AQUANUTS – Synchronized Swimming (Eliminated)
They started with nine members, now they’re down to eight members. She got an concussion after being landed-on. They want to show America that synchronized swimming deserves it’s own show.

Accused of not dazzling.

Howard was astounded, “The fact that you got together is amazing. Will America say they want to see more of this. Let’s find out tomorrow night.”

“There’s no other show where synchronized swimming would be part of this. It’s hardcore what you girls do . I really enjoyed it.” said Heidi.

Nick told Mel, who called Marty Brown “Dave” earlier said, “This is not Dave.” Mel B. said, “I like the fact that you’re doing this in heels. You’re modernizing what you do as a group. I do hope America votes for you.”

“What you do I love. There is a place for this it’s in the Olympics. I watched this on the Olympics. I don’t think this performance is better than the last performance. I don’t think you dazzled. I wish you luck,” said Howie.

Watch the ladies of Aquanuts perform their high healed synchronized swimming from high above Manhattan in a roof top pool Here

I think it would be cool to see the Aquanuts performing at Sea World, because we won’t be seeing them on AGT anymore.


TONE THE CHIEFROCCA – Rap Artist (Eliminated)

“I wrote a rhyme ten years ago. Haven’t written another one every since. He wrote it in Inglewood. I know I can give the people one song and one song only This is the one opportunity that I need,” said Chiefroncca.

“People are going to be singing this tomorrow.” – Howie Mandel

They got a standing ovation from the judges and audience. “I love it. I did enjoy it. You guys are fun. You dare to write a one hit wonder,” said Heidi. Mel B even liked it, “I enjoyed this song. Enjoyed this performance.”

Howie said, “I’m on Twitter all the time. People say this isn’t a Vegas act. We’re looking for a hit. You are a hit. You hit it out the park. People are going to be singing this tomorrow.”

“I get up at four o’clock to do my radio show. You said, I don’t want much I want one hit song and I can live the rest of my life touring that one song. You know what you are, You’re nothing more than a one hit wonder. Where do you go next?” Howard said.

Watch one hit wonder wanna be Tone Tha Chiefrocca get the crowd going again with the only song they got “B-Double-O T Y” Here

And a fond farewell to Tone Tha Chiefrocca, all I can say is I can’t believe you made it this far.



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