On the Edge of Semi-Finals – THE X FACTOR USA

Moving-On! Top Four Semi-Finals – THE VOICE
December 4, 2012
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December 6, 2012
Moving-On! Top Four Semi-Finals – THE VOICE
December 4, 2012
Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana – STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS Movie Preview
December 6, 2012
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On the Edge of Semi-Finals – THE X FACTOR USA

“The X Factor” hosts Mario Lopez and Khloe Kardashian welcomed back the remaining acts with their mentors as they prepare for the “semi final showdown next week.” The performances tonight were made-up of each act having to perform unplugged, or acoustic versions of songs chosen by their mentor, and songs that were chosen by their fans in the “Pepsi Challenge.”

Last week, there was a one-tenth percent difference in the voting separating the top six, and a half of a percent difference in the top two acts.

Both LA Reid and Demi Lovato have one act each left in the competition. Simon and Britney have two each left. Simon reminded the voters to “keep voting, and voting because no one is safe,” as everyone saw when Vino Alan was eliminated last week to the surprise of fans and mentors.

Pictured: (L-R) Mentors – LA Reid, Britney Spears, Demi Lovato, Simon Cowell



CECE FREY – “Young Adults” (mentor – Demi Lovato)
First up was CeCe Frey singing “The Edge of Glory” by Lady Gaga

As the only one remaining singer of the “Young Adults” category, CeCe said there is a lot of pressure and that she has to keep reminding viewers “why to vote for me.” During her rehearsals, LA Reid commented, “I think CeCe should have went home a long time ago and I know I’m not the only one who thinks that.”

After her performance, LA had a change of heart, “maybe we got it wrong. I’m starting to become a fan.” Britney said, “At this point in the competition it should be great and it was just good for me.”

Simon – I have to hand it to you. I think you’re a nice person. I don’t think your worth $5 million. It was a little too cabaret to me rather than unplugged. You aren’t a $5 million dollar act.

Demi – I disagree. I think this is one of your best vocal performances. There’s a reason why you stay in the competition. Its because of your fans at home.

EMBLEM3 – “Groups” (mentor- Simon Cowell)
Sang “Just the way You Are” by Bruno Mars

When Simon introduced his act, he said, “because I have two acts in the competition, my first act is going to sing – Demi interrupted him by getting in front of his microphone and stating – “a very predictable song.” Simon said, “not a predictable song, a very good song, it’s Emblem3.”

Demi – “Emblem3 is becoming so predictable. They are being manufactured by Simon. They do what he wants them to do.” LA said, “What I’m most impressed by is that at least one of Simon’s groups can sing a harmony. That was really good.”

Britney – “Hands down this have been your best performance in the competition.” Demi brought on the doom and gloom by responding with “It wasn’t a great performance. To me it’s a down-graded version to the Jonas Brother five years ago.”

Simon reacted to Demi’s comment, “I have to say that that was incredibly dumb what you just said. The pressure to deliver just what they did. What I do as a mentor, I listen to their act and advise them.”

CARLY ROSE SONENCLAR –  “Teens” (mentor – Britney Spears)
Sang “As Long As You Love Me” by Justin Bieber

Britney introduced the first of her two singers with, “For all you Bieber fans out there here’s Carly Rose with “As long As You Love Me.” LA Reid help make Beiber a multi-platnuim album seller. Carly said about LA, “I think he’ll be surprised to hear it this way.” Before her performance, LA said, “this song choice I don’t know what she’s doing. It will be interesting.”- LA Reid

After the performance LA Reid said, “I loved it so much. What I’m always concerned about is how you handle yourself as a recording artist. That was maybe your best for my taste.”

Demi – “I love hearing unplugged versions of songs that are better than the original. You remind me so much of JoJo who has this powerful voice.”

Simon – “What I love about working in this country is that I find people like you . I am seeing a star. what I like about you . a lot of girls at your age can be annoying as a singer. But you are actually pretty cool.

Britney said, “I am so proud of you. The most impressive thing is each week you make each song your own.” Khloe asked fans of the show in the audience about Demi “Do you think she’s a little moody tonight?” Fan said she was behind Simon more tonight

FIFTH HARMONY – “Groups” (mentor- Simon Cowell)
“Set Fire To The Rain” by Adele

“Fifth Harmony” member, Alley was gone until Tuesday to attend her grandfather’s funeral. “The worst part is that it’s an acoustic,” stated one of her group members.

LA’s criticism on the group was, “Fifth Harmony doesn’t do harmony. They sing well, but they can’t do harmony…they will have to do something awesome to stay in this competition.”

After their performance, he had more to say, “I saw two background dancers over there, and two background dancers over there. And five girls in front of me but still no harmony, ” said LA and that “they should have been called unionism.”

Britney – “It was a nice rendition. But I’m trying to figure out what separates you from other girl groups.” LA couldn’t miss a another stab, “I know what – they don’t sing harmonies.”

Demi – “I feel like there’s a couple of you that should just be solo artists.” Simon responded to LA, “That’s an unfair criticism LA. They have worked on their harmony. There are no girl groups on the market right now. They can fill that void. They are the nicest group of girls I’ve worked with.” LA said, “But Simon, this isn’t a competition of niceness.”

DIAMOND WHITE – “Teens” (mentor – Britney Spears)
Britney introduced here, “Singing, ‘Its A Man’s World,’ but its really her world, here is Diamond White.” Diamond was upset by last week’s Leaderboard. She said, “Last week I was in the bottom two and it was horrible. Just seeing Vino go home was a shock.”

LA said of Diamond and song choice, “Absolutely wrong person. .. I think Britney needs to give more of herself to Diamond.” Britney said to Diamond, “We’re stripping your voice down. You have to bring your heart and your soul.”

After her performance, LA said, “That was really different for you because this week you brought attitude. I like attitude. You sang your butt off!”

Demi – “I think it was risky singing a song that you’ve done before.” Simon actually agreed during this one moment during the show tonight. He said, “It was a huge song. It was a little bit stretchy. But it was great at the end. I wish you had sang a different song because you did perform this song before.”

Britney said of her singer, “This song is incredibly hard to pull off. You not only nailed it, you destroyed it!”

TATE STEVENS – “Over 25s” (mentor – LA Reid)
Sang “”Living on a Prayer” by Jon Bon Jovi

Tate is the last singer in the “Over 25s” category. Tate said, “My wife is having a hard time with what’s next.” LA told Tate, “I never had a hard time wondering if I would be successful in music. It was meant to be.”

LA said to Tate, “You better nail this.”. Tate was worried, “In acoustics with any imperfections, it’s bad.” LA said of Tate before he took to the live performances, “Tate better take ownership. It needs to sound like Tate,”

Demi – “I feel like Tate is having a plateau.”

Simon said, “You doing that song on unplugged week is like taking a gold fish for a walk. you can’t. You don’t sing those kind of songs. I like it when you choose the material. Not a great song choice.”

LA Reid skirted around the topic of Tates stage performance by focusing on, “You’ve given so much of yourself through out the years. You’re finally doing something for yourself and I stand behind you.”

The X Factor hosts announced:
Melanie Amaro and Keisha will perform tomorrow


Each act had three songs online. The song with the most votes by fans is the one they performed tonight. Fans also got to vote on singers hair, staging, wardrobe and makeup

“Part of Me” by Katy Perry

LA said, “CeCe – man you know how to make it difficult for me. I felt like that was karaoke. If there was ever a karaoke performance this is it.”

Britney said, “I have to disagree. I found it very entertaining. It was really entertaining to watch. I loved it.”

Simon – “I like how you were defiant throughout the performance. If you do go home, I will miss you because you are a trier.”

Demi – “If the princess of Pop [referring to Britney] is over here saying you did a good job, then you did a good job.”

“Forver Young” by Rod Stewart

LA – “The first time I saw you guys, I thought you were amazing. But tonight you NAILED it! I am a fan!”

Britney – “I’m a huge fan as well I thought it was a super star performance.”

The remark that Demi made, got Simon upset when she said, “I want to see you command the stage more and not just move side to side.” Simon reacted – “What’s wrong with you tonight? They don’t work the stage. You know what guys- that again was just a silly criticism. this is what Ihtien Emblem3 have nailed it.

Khloe asked Demi if she has a crush on Emblem3 and if that is why she’s so feisty. Demi said “yes, but I’m not saying which one…
I’m being feisty because this is the nitty-gritty. We have to weed out.” Simon finished it with, “I’m putting out a restraining order.”


“If I Were a Boy” by Beyonce

Audience were chanting her name after her performance. LA said, “Every time you step onto the stage, as a mentor, I get really nervous because I know you’ll be good. But as a viewer I get excited.”

Demi – “That was a phenomenal vocal. I do want to hear something up tempo It’s getting too predictable . Your vocals are amazing.”

Simon – “Here’s some really really good advice. Don’t listen to what this one [pointing at Demi] has said. You have had a phenomenal night tonight. That was amazing.” Demi snapped at Simon, “I said it was amazing..don’t think I won’t interrupt you when you always interrupt me” Simon – “more important, back to you Carly..

Britney – “You are the definition of the X Factor. You were stunning.”

“Give Your Heart A Break” by Demi Lovato

Simon introduced his second act, “America chose this song and annoyingly they chose a song by Demi Lovato.”
Demi said – “Give your heart a break!” while rubbing it in Simon’s face

LA – “Unbelievable. I actually heard harmony and it was really good for me that was your best performance.”

Britney – “a friend of mine does this song and you were very good.”

Demi – “You definitely sang it better than the original. I felt like you girls were a girl group. I think that Simon actually did a good job this week.”

Simon – I want to thank America for picking a great song. This is all about girl power. the show would not be the same without you.”

Singing “Diamonds”

Diamond appeared on stage sitting inside a large lighted contraption above the stage which descended her onto the stage

LA- “Diamond, I really like you . I really like that song. Unfortunately, I don’t like your rendition of that song.”

Demi – I’m very critical of that song because one of my friends wrote it. I think you did a great job

Simon – “I felt the second half was better than the first part. It’s just your luck that you’re in a very, very competitive top six or top five maybe. Overall I think you’ve had a good night.”

Britney, “I fell that the song was made for you. Your voice is spectacular.”

When host Mario Lopez, asked about his thoughts so far on the viewers’ song choices, Simon said,”I think we should try to do this more often. I like it.”

“What If Tomorrow Never Comes” by Garth Brooks.

LA – “Now that felt like a Tate Stevens performance. That was brilliant!”

Demi – “I think you have a very bright future I got a little sleepy (The audience booed) during that performance. But, I’m tired.”

Simon – “Welcome back Tate Stevens to the competition. You remind me of Garth Brooks. I’m very happy you are in the competition. You represent that age well. I think we are going to see you next week.”

LA – “Thanks you America, you are back. that was great!”



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