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Last year, a low-budget horror film made audiences terrified of demons and Ouija boards in a whole new way. A film shot exclusively from the point-of-view of one of the main character’s video camera within his home giving it a real-life voyeuristic on-edge approach to movie-making.

This October, fans will get a follow-up to the demon residing in the San Diego home with “Paranormal Activity 2”. The film’s brief trailer displays the story being told from the point-of-view from the homes newly installed security cameras with new residents two of which are a baby and a dog. Both are shown in one scene with a very possessed woman whom we can assume is the child’s mother and dog’s owner.

It’s a brief teaser, but enough to wet the appetites and get audience into the theaters to see what havoc will be inflicted upon the new home’s victims! “Paranormal Activity 2” opens in theaters Friday, October 22nd. PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2 trailer here:
Paranormal Activity Trailer


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  1. adric Says:

    i hope the end is when ( this is not a spoiler)the babys dad, runs outside with him and the woman who looks like katie featherstone, kills the man and you dont know what happened.

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