Posted on September 03 2010 by Editor

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While everyone is still buzzing about the fashions seen on television celebrities from the awary of food shows, talk shows, reality shows, and scripted shows at this year’s Primetime Emmys. We uncovered something you probably didn’t know about the awards show. It has a famous “Twilight” connection.

During our shoot of our Primetime Emmys coverage promo, we ran into a familiar face outside the Nokia Theater in downtown Los Angeles, John Stewart. This John Stewart is well-known around town on game show sets as a stage manager. He also happens to be the father of TWILIGHT SAGA star, Kristen Stewart who plays Bella.

He took a brief break away from his production duties at the Emmys to chat with us. Although he resisted to being filmed on-camera. He gave he reasons as being “too much on the internet” as it is. An unwanted perk that he got after his daughter’s launch into starlet stardom. Stewart commented on how his house has become a common ground for non-stop paparazzi and how he had to block all of the windows to his Hollywood Hills home with opaque material just to attempt to keep some level of privacy.

Stewart’s credits include: Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me, Fear Factor, The Jamie Kennedy Experiment, Weakest Link, Super Greed, Family Feud, Candid Camera. Other credits not listed on his IMDB page are, “Funny Money”, and “Lopez Tonight” show


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