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Real Food and Sex Topics! THE REAL Sneak-Preview!

Posted on June 03 2013 by Editor

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Real Food and Sex Topics! THE REAL Sneak-Preview!

EXCLUSIVE! Sneak-Peek! Spoiler Alert!
Female comedian Loni Love previously on Logo Network’s “The Gossip Queens” with ring-leader comedian Alec Mapa, sexy Bernadette Pauly, and realist Michelle Collins, Love is striking out as her own ring-leader on new talk show called “The Real” to air on FOX owned stations this summer.

Pictured (l-r): Jeannie Mai, Adrienne Bailon

HOLLYWOOD JUNKET got an exclusive first sneak-peek at the new show that is targeted to real women about real topics not being tackled by other talk shows similar to its format, i.e., “The View”, “The Talk”. Love who is 41 years old will be joined by a panel of four other ethnic women from different backgrounds with versed opinions on a variety of topics from bacon milkshakes to sex. Her co-horts are Jeannie Mai, age 33 (How Do I Look host), Tamera Mowry, 34 (actress), Tamar Braxton, 36 (Braxton Family Values), Adrienne Bailon, age 29 (Cheetah Girls)

Sex and Stereotypes:
Women viewers of “The Real” will see that there is something that every woman can relate to. Love describes the show as a combination of gossip, relationships, sex and food. Some of the women on the panel are single, Loni Love being one, and some, such as Jeannie Mai, are married. Mai said that since her seven years of marriage, she has definitely experienced less of a sex life with her husband stating that if she doesn’t plan sex into her schedule, then usually it won’t happen.

Mai also complained that there are “so many Asian stereotypes that no one steps forward to try to break.” She cites herself being the opposite of most Asian stereotypes and that she is a great driver, no she can not do manicures, and she it not tech savvy. Mai said that what she personally likes about the show is that “It’s a show where you can see woman say what they’re actually thinking.”

Juicy Exes:

Pictured (l-r): Tamera Mowry, Seth MacFarlane

Some of the women talk about their past romances in detail that might be considered T.M.I. Adreienne Bailon said that when she used to date Rob Kardashian, she actually had his full name tattooed on her rear-end. One of the hosts asked her ,”Hmm, it was that good?” Tamera Mowry, who is now married, said that she dated Seth MacFarlane once and that’s all it took for him. She said, “Once you go black, you don’t go back!”

Juicy Food:
Even juicier topics include the panels favorite food guilty pleasures. Each woman brought onto the show, her favorite treat to share with the other women. Tamar Braxton introduced the ladies to Lay’s Chicken and Waffles chips. After she tried them, Love reacted by saying, “This is like black people in a bag!” Love brought bacon doughnuts and bacon dipped in chocolate. Braxton said, “It’s like PMS food.” Love said that she is annoyed by the 100 calorie packs that some snack brands sell now. “Forget about 100 calorie packs. I eat all the bags anyway,” said Love. Tamera brought a bacon milkshake. Bailon’s favorite guilty pleasure food that she had the women try was popcorn in nacho cheese. She said it is a “Puerto Rican projects food.”

“The Real” says it guarantees to show diversity. Mowry said that “No matter who you are, there’s someone at this table who’s going to be speaking for you.” “The Real” is planning for a July 8th launch.


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