Recording-Breaking Nominee at 85th Academy Awards, Plus More Trivia

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February 23, 2013
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February 24, 2013
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Recording-Breaking Nominee at 85th Academy Awards, Plus More Trivia

Hollywood’s biggest celebration in movies is a time to reward new movies, as well as celebrate past ones. HOLLYWOOD JUNKET can’t think of a better way to honor these movies than with a game show exclusive trivia in movies. We acquired a list of trivia questions that may typically be asked on a game show. Some of the following questions in particular were used during a search for ultimate movie buffs and movie experts during a casting call in Los Angeles.

Keep reading to find out which nominee this year at the 85th Academy Awards is a record-breaker in her category!

Academy Awards Trivia:

Pictured: Halle Berry

1) Who was the first black actress Oscar winner?
2) Name the first color film to win an Oscar

“Gone with the Wind”

3) What was the first “porn” film to be nominated for an Oscar? [correction – it wasn’t a porn film, but this was how the question was worded].
4) Name the only actor to be nominated for Best Actor two years in a row:
5) The most nominated person:
6) Name the oldest Oscar winner.

Pictured (right): Marlon Brando in “The Godfather”.

7) What is the film series to win the most Oscars?
8) Who is the first woman director to win an Oscar?
9) What movie won the first Academy Award for Best Picture?
10) Who has hosted the most Academy Awards?
11) Who has won the most Academy Awards?

Pictured (l-r) Dustin Hoffman, Jack Nicholson

12) What actor has the most Oscar nominations for his performance?
13) Who has the most total nominations for acting?

Pictured: Father and daughter, Francis Ford Coppola and Sophia Coppola.

14) Who was the first woman nominated for Best Directing category?
15) Name the youngest Best Actress Oscar nominee?
16) Who is the youngest winner of a lead acting award?
17) What is the name of the new location where the Oscars ceremony is being held this year?

Answers: 1) Halle Berry, 2) Gone with the Wind, 3) Midnight Cowboy, 4) Tom Hanks in 1993 (Philadelphia(, and in 1994 (Forest Gump). NOTE: Spencer Tracey also in 1937, 1938, 5) Kevin O’Connell, 6) Jessica Tandy, 7) The Godfather, 8) Kathryn Bigelow, 9) Wings (1927), 10) Bob Hope, 11) Walt Disney, 12) Jack Nicholson, 13) Meryl Streep (17 nominations), 14) Sophia Coppola, 15) Quvenzhane Wallis (9 years old, and a record-breaker), 16) Marlee Matlin (age 21) Best Actress, Children of a Lesser God, 1986), 17) The Dolby Theatre (previously called The Kodak Theatre).



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