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Saved By The Presidential Debate , DANCING WITH THE STARS: ALL STARS!

Posted on October 24 2012 by Editor

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Saved By The Presidential Debate , DANCING WITH THE STARS: ALL STARS!

This week, Dancing With The Stars did not eliminate any of its all star competitors due to the Presidential debate. The competitors embraced their “guilty pleasures”, by performing to a song that reveals something they shamelessly adore.

Sabrina Bryan as Cinderella

Sabrina Bryan always wanted to become a Disney princess therefore she danced to “This Is Love”, the theme song from Cinderella. The performance was classy; the twosome did a wonderful job at bringing the classic song and fairytale to life. The dance began with Sabrina coming down the steps as if she were entering the ball and ended with her losing her “glass slipper”. Len enjoyed the performance he said, “It was a perfect story, there was a beginning, middle and an end”.

Shawn Johnson with partner Derek Hough

Shawn Johnson and Derek Hough danced the Rumba to one of the most over played yet popular songs of all time, “My Heart Will Go On.” The costuming was a bit off; Derek’s did a great job at capturing, Jack Dawson’s 1912 look, however Shawn’s costume failed to resemble anything of Rose. Her costume was white, sparkling and too revealing. The dress was too sexy for this type of love ballad. Bruno Tunioli loved the performance and gave them a 10! He thought it was “stunning”. He even gave the pair a standing elevation. Carrie Ann said she felt like a “proud mama because Shawn has grown so much” Len Goodman told them, “I love the Rumba but this was not a Rumba”. In the end, they earned a score of 27!

Melissa Rycroft is “Toxic”.

Melissa Rycroft let out her inner pop star, by dancing the Tango to Britney Spears famous song, Toxic. Despite being hospitalized for a neck injury over the weekend, Melissa put on a great performance. The couple earned a total of 27! This has been an interesting week of “Dancing With The Stars: All Stars” we will see what next week’s theme has in store for the remaining contestants.

Written by: Jaclyn Ashley


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