Holiday Greed! – TAKE IT ALL Game Show!

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Holiday Greed! – TAKE IT ALL Game Show!

Take It All: Challenging America’s Morals
EXCLUSIVE! Set Report!
“Take It All” is a new game show hosted by Howie Mandel, a judge “America’s Got Talent” and popular host of once wildly successful from the NBC game show past, “Deal Or No Deal”. The show has five people competing for hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of prizes and cash.

Howie Mandel is host of new game show “Take it All”.

Some of the prizes are luxurious vehicles such as Mercedes Benz, extraordinary things such as a barbecue boat and trips to places such as Universal Studios in Orlando Florida. The theme is based off of a popular holiday game called White Elephant which is often played around Christmas time.

The game begins with five contestants and ends with a face off between the final two contestants. In round one, the contestants individually come on to the stage. The first player chooses from the “dream screen”, a large screen that has colored question marks. Once the player has chosen the colored question mark they want, the announcer tells them what they just won. The next player then has a chance to steal that person’s prize or get something from the dream screen. All of the players have one chance to lock their prize, so nobody can take it. The person that has the least expensive prize in each round gets eliminated and goes home empty-handed.

The game gets tricky at the end because it can ultimately reveal how greedy some people are. In the final round the last competitors have two choices; they can either A): keep what they have or B): take it all. Howie lets each of them choose an envelope that could contain up to $250,000. If both players choose keep it then they both keep their prizes that they won plus their envelope with cash in it. If one of them chooses “keep mine” and the other chooses “take it all” the one that chose take it all wins everything. If both contestants choose take it all they both lose and go home empty handed.

The contestants discuss in front of everyone why they should choose the right button and be happy with what they have so they each go home winners. Once the decision has been locked-in, Howie shows the audience a video clip of both players prior to playing. The clip reveals what they will do if they make it to the final round. It is interesting to witness how greedy some people are despite portraying a generous demeanor.

The set is very modern; it contains a large screen in which the competitors pull their question mark as if they were playing the Nintendo Wii however there is no remote. They each have their own podium they stand behind once they have chosen their prize. The set’s primary color is white which is not surprising since it was based off of White Elephant. Howie is an excellent host; he is funny, quick and right on point. The show kept me on the edge of my seat and I will definitely be tuning in once it airs!

Written and reported by: jamacina


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