Shocker First Impression Rose on THE BACHELORETTE Season 20 Premiere Recap

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Shocker First Impression Rose on THE BACHELORETTE Season 20 Premiere Recap

Pictured (l-r) Sean, Aaron B., Charity Lawson., Photo:ABC/Sami Drasin

At the top of the premiere episode of “The Bachelorette” season 20 Charity Lawson, a season teaser was shown.  In that teaser, one of the men (Adrian) was shown saying it’s “Spring Break.” Audiences have heard those words from a suitor before. It was on Michelle Young’s season. Not a very good impression on the Bachelorette.

The 27-year-old opened-up recently on previous Bachelorette, Kaitlyn Bristowe’s podcast “Off the Vine,” that a year ago, she was graduating with her Masters degree in Clinical Mental Health counseling.  She certainly used her education during her time on “The Bachelorette.” One of those, Charity said, is “active listening” before jumping to conclusions.  She also benefits from being able to communicate well.

Charity said she’s more aware of knowing when the words people are saying “are manipulative” and she told Kaitlyn that her intuition while on “The Bachelorette” was “spot on.”  It sounds like viewers will be in for watching a very strong Bachelorette navigate her way through this season.

Unlike her Bachelor Zach Shallcross who’s season she competed on, who sent women home at the first red flag, Charity told Kaitlyn that she has a rule in her head where she always gives people three strikes.  So, it sounds like we can plan to see a lot of tension and build-up to some heavy drama this season!

“The Bachelorette” introduction to this season promised to be “a season like no other.”  AND the surprises started on night one with Charity’s brother! Introducing….”undercover brother!”  Charity is the baby of three siblings, but is closest to her brother Nehamiah who crashed night one in disguise to help week out the men.  Charity said she was in a relationship for six years where there was a lot of cheating.

Charity said Zach helped her to see that there are guys that are good and pushed her and challenged her.  It allowed her to open herself back up. The filming of Charity’s season started right after Zach’s season wrapped.  She was announced as ‘Bachelorette ‘on March 14, 2023.  Her parents have been married for 48 years, and Charity wants to find that for herself.

Throughout the season premiere of “The Bachelorette,” past Bachelorettes gave Charity words of advice and encouragement via video calls.  Some of those included: JoJo from season 12, Kaitlyn Bristowe from season 11, Ali Fedotowsky from season 6. 


Pictured: CHARITY LAWSON, JESSE PALMER / Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Charity told “The Bachelorette” host, Jesse Palmer that she just wants authenticity…that’s what she’s looking for in a man.  There are A LOT of “Caleb’s” in Charity’s group of men, as well as Aarons! As if it’s not hard enough to follow along with all the men and names.  Every other one this season has an initial at the end of his name!  The first man to arrive out of the limo was Aaron B.!

The group of men consists of a lot, of very tall men, whom some of the other men were feeling intimidated.  As well as professional , smart men and athletes.  Josh is a 28-year-old grad student.  Joey is a tennis pro who teaches in Hawaii.  Xavier is a “science nerd” or Biomedical Scientist who enjoy knitting and playing the ukulele in his spare time.

There was also a world record holder among the men.  Chris, who is 29, holds the record for highest jump. He displayed to Charity the back flip that he did when he heard that Charity is the Bachelorette.  Brayden said he has something in common with Charity. That he too has been cheated on.   He’s an adventurer and wants someone to share those experiences with.  Caleb B. is a 24 year old pro wrestler from Orlando, Florida.  

Then, Joe arrived, and the other men that were looking from inside the mansion noticed how tall he is, and how tall most of the men are.  Among some of the tallest suitors were: Kaleb K, Adrian, James.  Peter is ironically an airline pilot.  That makes the second “pilot Pete” on a Bachelor franchise show.

Michael is a yacht captain. Taylor was next and started his introduction to Charity by making a home video to their future kids!  Sean brought a check for “charity” for his heart.  John brought a fortune cookie since he is Chinese American.  The paper inside read, “you will meet the man of your dreams, his name is John.”   Dotun is 30-years-old from Brooklyn, New York and born in Nigeria.  He said Charity really stuck out to him while watching “The Bachelor.”  

Charity told Jesse that she thinks her husband is there when he checked-in with her.  He told her that there’s a limo pulling up with a man that she already knows.  Jesse said he was “adamant” about being there tonight. ‘

Charity was super nervous on who it could be!  It was her brother Nehemiah!! She was over the moon with happiness.  He told her that he’s in her corner.  Charity had no idea that he’s going to be doing some spy work on finding out about the guys.  He went undercover as the bartender.


Charity joined the men inside and gave a brief speech.  She said she was lucky and blessed to have a creative, funny, sincere bunch of men.  James brought a handwritten letter from his mom who’s a fan of “The Bachelor.”  She included homemade cider and donuts from their farm for Charity and James to enjoy together.   Then, Xaiver talked to Charity next and got her FIRST KISS of the night.  She called the kiss “too good to be true.”

Some of the things that her brother overheard at the bar were guys talking about wanting to kiss Charity.  He questioned why he did this because he didn’t want to hear men talking about kissing his sister.   He said “this is too much.”  Michael told Nehemiah he goes more for the curvous type because he’s from the South.  John got the second kiss of the night from Charity.  He called it one of the best moments of his life.

Jesse brought the First Impression Rose into the room.  Spencer was nervous about telling Charity that he’s a dad.  Charity loved that about him and she understood why he was nervous about telling her. Charity wanted to know about his son.  Aaron B. had his keyboard set up and was playing for Charity while reciting an original poem.  He then got the third kiss of the night from Charity.

One of the men thought he recognized Nehemiah. He asked if his mustache was fake! LOL.  Then, Bryaden was kiss number four!  Charity said she immediately hit it off with him. It was evident that the two had strong chemistry.



Nehemiah (a.k.a. Charles) came clean with the guys and revealed himself to them.  The men were shocked!  Some of them knew there was a reason why they thought they recognized him.  He told them that he’s heard some “good things” and some “questionable” things and he’s going to talk to his sister.  This was BEFORE she handed out the First Impression Rose.  He told Charity that he disguised himself as the bartender then spilled his guts. Aaron B. and Aaron S. got the seal of approval from Nehemiah.

Nehemiah told Charity about Brayden who was very hopeful before his one-on-one time with her.  He said he got cocky afterwards.  Charity called Brayden to talk in private.  The other guys were not surprised by this! Brayden told her that he was excited about the kiss and wasn’t trying to come-off as cocky.  But, Charity never accused him of being cocky.  At that point, Charity stepped-away to process it.

Pictured: CHARITY LAWSON, BRAYDEN /Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Charity returned to Brayden.  She said the First Impression Rose is something that she doesn’t take lightly.  For him to share with her brother about how strongly he feels about his connection with her, and he has every right to feel that way.  So, she gave him the First Impression Rose. Brayden was relieved because he was so worried! LOL.  Charity said she wants someone there who’s excited about her and wants to make it known.  Things certainly worked out for Brayden!

The men were in shock to see Brayden walk back in with the First Impression Rose! After that, they saw Brayden as competition.  

Pictured (l-r) Sean, Aaron B., Charity Lawson., Photo:ABC/Sami Drasin


There are 25 men in total competing for Charity’s heart.  Charity thanked the men “for such an incredible night” that blew her away.  She said she’s just following her gut and heart and hoped they would respect that.

The first rose went to Aaron B., followed by: John, Xavier, Joey, Caleb B., Warwick, Aaron S., Caleb A., Adrian, James, Sean, Michael, Tanner, Dotun, Caleb K., John Henry, Josh, Spencer, and Brayden who got the First Impression Rose earlier.

The men who went home:  Chris, Nick, Joe, Taylor, Khalid, Peter.

Pictured: SPENCER, CHARITY LAWSON / Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin

SEASON 20 SNEAK-PEEK:  There are strong connections with Joey,  Dotun, Michael, Sean, Tanner.  One of the men said he’s falling in love, as well as Joey.  Then, Charity revealed that she’s falling in love with more than one person.  Then there’s many jealous moments among the men that include Sean, John Henry, and James.  Brayden was talked about as “toxic” and he’s not ready for a relationship.  Charity is seen crying and telling someone that he doesn’t even know what he wants.  It seemed that in another scene, she’s telling Brayden that she’s “heart broken.”  Caleb B. was seen crying.  Then Charity is at the proposal saying she’s “madly’ in love.  But, fears she could be telling the wrong person goodbye.

NEXT WEEK: Previous Bachelorettes Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey return!





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