SHRIEKFEST 2010:Horror Film Festival

LINDA VISTA: Ghost Tour Paranormal Investigation
October 31, 2010
WHEEL OF FORTUNE: Announcer Charlie O’Donnell Passes
November 1, 2010
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SHRIEKFEST 2010:Horror Film Festival

SHRIEKFEST is an international horror and thriller screenplay film festival and competition created by founder, Denise Gossett. Gossett stated in our interview with her, that as a horror film actress she was inspired to start “Shriekfest” because of her desire to get her film, “Chain of Souls”, entered into a horror film competition and learned that there were none eleven years ago. Thus, she started her own. Her festival now receives thousands of entries from around the world each year.

Video interviews provided by guest producer, Alisha Rayne this year in celebration of Halloween. The video interviews are below:



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