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SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE: Lindsay and Will Interviews, After Eliminations!

Posted on August 31 2012 by Editor

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SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE: Lindsay and Will Interviews, After Eliminations!

Two more performers were eliminated from the “So You Think You Can Dance” dance competition on FOX. Lindsay Arnold and Will Thomas were the two dancers that were cut. HOLLYWOOD JUNKET participated in a recent conference call with the two as they talked about what they took away from the show, their career goals, and the toughest criticism they received from the judges. Listen to their audio interview in the player below:

At 6’3 1/4 Will is the tallest dancer this season. He come from Troy, MI which seems to produce a lot of dancers where he says “there’s a lot of great studios and training” available.

Lindsay said her and best friend Witney whom she’s been friends with since they were eight years old. When they auditioned for SYTYCD they didn’t expect to make it this season and planned on trying it again next season.

Will said that his hardest style dance that he performed on the show was hip-hop, “because of the movements which was a different style of hip-hop” that he had never heard of. Both Will and Lindsay way it was the hip-hop with choreographer Chris Scott that was indeed that toughest for them.

Will says that the judges know who is in the bottom at the start of each show and while the dancers are performing, they are trying to determine who should be sent home. In the neat future, they will be joining the SYTYCD tour. For their career goals, Lindsay wants to be on “Dancing with the Stars”. Will has the acting bug with the dancing bug and would like to be on a show like “Glee” or “Smash”.

Will Thomas with partner on SYTYCD

The dance routines that they would like to see on the tour are: Lindsay said “Matt and Audrey’s Titanic piece. That was so much fun and I’m hoping that Matt will come back on tour even though Matt wasn’t in the top ten, he should come on tour with us.” Will said he agrees.

Will said that before he started dancing, he was always down and just wanted everyone to like him. When he found dance he said “it was a new me,” and that he channeled all of his crazy energy on dance.

Lindsay Arnold with partner on SYTYCD.

The toughest criticism that they received from the judges was- Lindsay said it was her last night when they said that she didn’t connect well with her partner. For Will, it was when he did the “bud dance with Mia” and the judges said he needed to calm down and was “cheesy”.

What they’ll take with them from “So You Think You Can Dance” in their future dance careers they both said the good work ethic. “If you didn’t feel like going to rehearsal, there was no if ands or buts about it. You had to go.” Lindsay said, “I learned so much not only about dancing, but about myself. Learned so many different dance styles on the show, and if you really work hard you can do anything.”


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