Stayin’ Alive The Only Way I Know How THE VOICE

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November 13, 2012
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Saoirse Ronan, Diane Kruger, William Hurt, Boyd Holbrook – THE HOST Movie Preview
November 13, 2012
Kirstie and Gilles Say Good Bye To DANCING WITH THE STARS: ALL STARS
November 14, 2012
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Stayin’ Alive The Only Way I Know How THE VOICE

Top 12 Elimination
Season Three, Episode Eighteen B,
Reality Competition,
NBC Television 2012.
Starring; Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Blake Shelton, Christina Milian, and Carson Daly.
Featuring; Terry McDermott, Bryan Keith, Amanda Brown, Melanie Martinez, Michaela Paige, Cassadee Pope, Trevin Hunte, Dez Duron, Sylvia Yacoub, Nicholas David, Cody Belew and Adrianna Louise.

Only 10 artists remain in the competitions after tonight’s elimination. According to host Carson Daly, America casted more votes over last night’s stellar performances than in the finale of season 2.

Before the first two artists who are safe from elimination were announced, the audiences were treated to a performance by coaches Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green with the world premiere of, “Make the World Move.” Christina channeled her “Lady Marmalade” days with a burlesque corset ensemble and showcased why she and Cee Lo are judges on The Voice.

Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green Sing “Make the World Move”



Top 12 Elimination Part 1

With the 12 artists lined up on stage, Host Carson daily announces the first two artists who are safe from elimination. During last night’s performance round, coach Adam said, “The right song at the right time is important on the show.” America agreed and voted New York rocker, Bryan Keith from team Adam into next week. Bryan’s rendition of Amy Winehouse’s “Back to Black,” showcased his soulful side and proved to be a hit. Next to move on were 19 year-old, Michigan native Sylvia Yacoub from team Christina. Sylvia’s cover of Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On,” left judges un-opinionated last night with judges all agreeing it’s a hard song to execute. America must have empathized with Sylvia’s shaky start to the song and instead focused on her breakout performance at the end.

Saved by America’s Vote
Bryan Keith – Team Adam
Sylvia Yacoub – Team Christina
Watch Elimination Part 1 Here


Before the next 2 artists advancing to the next round was announced, contestants Bryan Keith and Dez Duron joined country star Jason Aldean on stage performing, “The Only Way I Know.” Jason who met Blake Shelton when they were both opening acts for Rascal Flats in 2006 gave both Bryan and Dez a well-deserved compliment by comparing them to fellow country singers Luke Bryan and Eric Church.

Jason Aldean Sings “The Only Way I Know How”



Top 12 Elimination Part 2

The remaining 10 artists again joined the stage. The third contestant to move on was soulful singer Nicholas David from team Cee-lo. Before Nicholas took the stage with Huey Lewis’ “The Power of Love,” coach Cee-lo urged the eccentric singer from The Twin Cities to keep it traditional and stay true to the style of the song. The next artist to move on heartthrob Dez Duron from team Christina. Dez had no problem listening to his coach’s advice of working the ladies in the audience and the rest of America in his performance of “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You.”

Saved by America’s Vote
Nicholas David – Team Cee Lo
Dez Duron – Team Christina
Watch Elimination Part 2 Here


Cee-lo Green took to the stage along with his team performing the Bee Gee’s classic hit, “Staying Alive.” Cody Belew showed his disco moves while coach Cee-Lo jammed with Trevin Hunte and Nicholas David. It was a crowd pleaser and a solid performance from team Cee-Lo.

Team CeeLo Sings “Stayin’ Alive”



Top 12 Elimination Part 3

The remaining artists joined team Cee Lo on stage as Carson Daly announced the next 2 advancing on. Turning to the coaches, Carson brought up the fact that none of Blake’s artists have been saved thus far tonight. The next artist to move on was 18 year-old, R&B singer Trevin Hunte from team Cee Lo. Trevin’s tribute to Percy Sledge and Michael Bolton with his cover of “When a Man Loves a Woman,” left coach Cee Lo in awe during last night’s performance round. Cee Lo told the soulful singer, “I’m humbled by your voice…I can’t do what you do. Your talent is immense.” Finally, Carson announced Cassadee Pope from team Blake can move onto next week. The pop/rock artist who put her own rocker spin on Kelly Clarkson’s “Behind These Hazel Eyes,” sang with conviction and made a lasting impression with coach Christina. America proved they felt the same by voting her into next week.

Saved by America’s Vote
Trevin Hunte – Team Cee Lo
Cassadee Pope – Team Blake
Watch Elimination Part 3 Here


Blake Shelton joins his team for the first time this season performing, “Life is a Highway.” Both Cassadee Pope and Michaela Paige did their best to entertain the crowd while coach Blake Shelton jams to his guitar. However, Scottish rocker Terry McDermott‘s powerful voice drowned out the rest of his teammates.

Team Blake Sings “Life Is a Highway”



Top 12 Elimination Part 4

The remaining 6 artists are brought out on stage. The next artist to move on was Terry McDermott from team Blake. Terry’s rendition of “More Than a Feeling,” left Cee Lo stuttering and the other coaches speechless. Blake Shelton gave the best compliment of the night by telling the audience, “Please say hi to rock music! Wow!“
With only five artists remaining, alternative singer Amanda Brown from team Adam is saved by America. Coach Adam wanted Amanda to scale back on the rock and roll attitude and showcase Florence + the Machine’s hit single “Spectrum.” Although Amanda was criticized by coaches Adam and Christina for not being perfect in her performance, America thought otherwise and voted her into the next round.

Saved by America’s Vote
Terry McDermott – Team Blake
Amanda Brown – Team Adam
Watch Elimination Part 4 Here



Top 12 Elimination Part 5

The playing field at this point is leveled with 2 artists from each team moving into next week. Michaela Paige, Adriana Louise, Cody Belew and Melanie Martinez remain on stage. Coincidentally, the 4 artists saved by the coaches last week are the bottom four this week with only 2 to go forward in the competition. America decided to save Cody Belew from team Cee-lo. The larger than life personality turned on his diva mode to perform Tina Turner’s “The Best.” Cody confessed before his performance, “It’s pass or fail time. If it doesn’t happen, I go home,” The final artist to move onto the final 10 is the young, indie/folk songwriter, Melanie Martinez from team Adam. Melanie’s unique style in her rendition of “Cough Syrup” by Young and the Giant made a lasting impression with the coaches and America.

Saved by America’s Vote
Cody Belew – Team Cee Lo
Melanie Martinez – Team Adam
Watch Elimination Part 5 Here


Teenage, radio host Michaela Paige from team Blake and Adriana Louise from team Christina are eliminated. Christina left words of encouragement and said, “ …At his point you’re going to go beyond this show. This is only a moment in time that will pass and everyone is going to see how amazingly talented this girl is yet to come. She still has yet to show the world how amazing she truly is. That I know you are.”

Blake also had some parting words for Michaela. He told Host Carson Daily, “I love this little girl so much and this is her first stab at this thing and she’s going to be a star. You’re going to see her many times. Her big ol’ mo-hawk is going to be walking across the stage at the Grammy’s and I can’t wait. “ Looking down on Michaela, Blake continued, “I’m so glad that I had this one small chapter of your book.”

Written By: Annie Pham


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