SUPREME JUSTICE: Triple Verdicts For All!

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April 30, 2012
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SUPREME JUSTICE: Triple Verdicts For All!

EXCLUSIVE! Set Report!
For all of the court-show junkies out there, just when you thought that there couldn’t be any more scandalous, jaw-dropping, feuding lovers; neighbors landlord/tenants; siblings; baby-mama drama cases out there, well, you would be wrong. A brand new take on justice has arrived and it’s got triple rulings!

(L-R) Judge Karen, Judge Hatchett, Judge Mablean

A brand-new twist on the reality court show front will have three television judges presiding the bench. “You’ve seen them before. But, never like this” is the show’s tagline who’s working title is “Supreme Court”. It was reported to us that these three TV judges are Judge Karen, Judge Hatchett, and Judge Mablean who resided over “Divorce Court” from 1999 to 2006 before Judge Lynn Toler took over.

Some examples of some of the court cases reported to us on the show involved a brother/sister dispute involving a dog and house sitting, an estranged gay couple that were disputing bills. One judge commented that they were fighting like a “straight couple”. Other cases featured an Uncle and Niece dispute, and a restaurant patron suing over a ruined wallet. Cases were said to be very in-depth and included personal information about the litigants.

The interesting twist, (as if the three judges twist isn’t enough) is that during filming of the show, it appears that television audiences will get to actually see the three judges discussions during their deliberation for each case in deciding their decisions.

The court show is set-up where the three judges all sit together in a row in a bench that would normally hold one. The witnesses on this show actually sit also in the front, rather than behind the litigants. No word yet on if “Supreme Justice” will be picked-up by a network. But, the fist day of filming sure looks promising!



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