Team Adam and Team Usher THE VOICE – Live Playoffs Recap

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May 10, 2013
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May 10, 2013
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Team Adam and Team Usher THE VOICE – Live Playoffs Recap

Live Playoffs
4 members from Team Adam and 4 artists from Team Usher will perform tonight. First time ever, audience votes.
3 artists from each team will advance. One each will go home – voted by the viewers at home. Voting opens at the end of the show.



Amber Carrington – Team Adam
You set the bar pretty high – Blake
I’m so glad that Adam turned for you…that was a beautiful performance – S
Its so hard to be caught-up in every single second of a song like that. you had me for every second of that performance – A

Amber Carrington “Stay” THE VOICE – Live Playoff… – Check It Out Here



Josiah Hawley – Team Usher
You rocked it! I think this has been your best performance so far. It felt honest – Shakira
That was great. That’s a really tough song. Just seeing User’s way of mentoring you guys is very cool – Adam
That per was haunting, energetic. I think the world is going to lose a male model over this and i guess I will have to fill-in. – Blake
You absorbed it and applied it here. The perfect opp for the world to see what a heart throb you are. – Usher

Josiah Hawley “Starlight” THE VOICE – Live Playoff – Check It Out Here



Sarah Simmons – Team Adam
You’re one of my favorite singers since you’ve been on the show. That was so amazing. That was beautiful, angelic – Blake
That was a very complicated song. I wanted to hear the Sarah that I know who eventually can out. You were incredible – U
Incredible. really owning the performance. You’re really an emotional person I can tell. You didn’t disappoint me today. You delivered – S (Shakira also gave her a rave review in Spanish).
I’ve never heard this room this quite. That could either be the best thing or the worst thing. Everyone was so enamered by what you were doing that they couldn’t speak. You are one of the most incredible singers I’ve listened to in all my life – A

Sarah Simmons “Angel” THE VOICE – Live Playoff… – Check It Out Here



Cathia – Team Usher – sang “I have nothing”

Former coach – S – I’m still rooting for you even though you’re not on my team. Taking a Whitney Houston song is like stepping on golden ground. I would not have picked that song
I thought – we ALL know that song. I thought it was really good. – Blake
It’s times like this – could make or break you. I feel like this was a song you could have knocked out of the park. I’m not saying you didn’t come out here with a lot of confidence. That I appreciate – U

Cathia “I Have Nothing” THE VOICE – Live Playoff… – Check It Out Here


Caroline Glaser – Team Adam
Adam stole from Blake Singing “a Team”?
I love it when I don’t know the song because I can just enjoy what I’m hearing. I felt like I am back at that coffee shop where you were performing – B
It was very soothing. It was great. A great song You were very relaxed. You showed great control – U
You expressed that your biggest fear is you’re not a power house vocalist. It matters if you’re unique and special. You did an amazing job and one of the most unique sounding people in this competition. You should be proud of what you did. – Adam

Caroline Glaser “The A Team” THE VOICE – Live Playoff Video… – Check It Out Here



Vedo – Team Usher
Singing “Against All Odds” by Phil Collins
Not being too familar with depth and meaning. I was 100 percent pleased with your performance. You are def on the track to success -U

Vedo “Against All Odds” THE VOICE – Live Playoff Video… – Check It Out Here



Michelle Chamule – Team Usher
“True Colors” by Cyndi Lauper
That was beautiful You are so authentic. and i like that so much about you. – S
Break out moment – this is one of those moments – Adam
For you to connect with that song it worked in a big way. – Blake
that was such an incredible per and was a break out moment. Today, you made a connection to the world that I will never forget. You were incredible tonight. It was all natural – Usher

Michelle Chamuel “True Colors” THE VOICE – Live Playoff Video… – Check It Out Here



Judith Hill – Team Adam
“feeling good” by Nina Simone.
The biggest competition is Sasha

You’re such a frickin diva. You milked it. You did all the things that irritate me on on an opposing team. – Blake
Man why didn’t i fight harder? You came out here and took us to church! _ Usher
There’s not much I can say. You look beautiful. The things that you did, that’s not something you can teach. Tease the audience. What you did was cool is the only thing i can think of. – Adam

Judith Hill “Feeling Good” THE VOICE – Live Playoff… – Check It Out Here





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