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THE CELEBRITY APPRENTICE: Winner Arsenio Hall, Who He’d Work with Again!

Posted on May 21 2012 by Editor

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THE CELEBRITY APPRENTICE: Winner Arsenio Hall, Who He’d Work with Again!

NBC’s celebrity reality competition show, “The Celebrity Apprentice” ended it’s fifth celebrity edition by hiring comedian and tough competitor Arsenio Hall.

During a recent press phone interview, Hall was joined by celebrities Clay Aiken who was the runner-up, and Aubrey O’Day, who was part of the final three. When asked who his favorite female was on the show, Hall stated “Lisa Lampanelli is a whole lot of women”, his second favorite was Dayana Mendoza.

Perhaps the fiercest competitor the duo Hall and Aiken had to face this season was singer/actress Aubrey O’Day. How did they feel about the challenge that was O’Day? Hall said, “You can never be angry at someone who forces you to raise your game. Take for instance Magic Johnson, whose foundation I play for, Magic Johnson absolutely loved and hated Larry Bird for that same concept.” Aiken responded, “Aubrey O’Day is freakishly intelligent. Probably one of the smartest people on the show. In many ways a lot of us, especially me, felt threatened by her. We knew in the very beginning that she would be the one to beat”.

On which celebrity from the show that they would most like to work with again, Hall said it would be Penn Jillette. He revealed that he always idolized Jillette. Hall said, “I was a magician as a kid. So, Penn and I had a lot of cool things to talk about in our down time in the van. I’d love to work with him because he does so much and he gives you so much”. Aiken stated for him, “I have a lot of respect for Lisa Lampanelli, She plays the game very well, but very toughly, and she’s very brilliant”. The most surprising moment of the show this season, Hall joked that it was “looking up and seeing Aubrey’s nipples”. Aiken joined him in laughter. O’Day replied that it never happened and was a rumor started by Teresa Giudice.

Overall, O’Day said it was much more difficult to watch that show than being on the show, and said many times she felt that the show was “too easy”. Aiken said that there was not much down time and that the show schedule is seventeen hours a day and getting Sunday’s off, which Aiken said he slept through most of. He agreed with O’Day in that the show is harder to watch than being on it, “because when you’re on the show doing the tasks you end up being deeply invested in what you’re doing you don’t have time for all the other stuff, When I’m at home I get more stressed-out watching it because my brain is relaxed enough to pay attention. When you’re on the show you’re so focused on winning this task or winning the show”.


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