THE GLEE PROJECT: Lily Mae and Michael Talk Elimination & Challenges!

THE GLEE PROJECT: Double Elimination, Contenders Interviews!
August 8, 2012
August 10, 2012
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THE GLEE PROJECT: Lily Mae and Michael Talk Elimination & Challenges!

In it’s second season “The Glee Project” is one episode away from the finale. Three contenders remain (Aylin, Ali, Blake) and two have been eliminated this week instead of one.

Lily Mae Harrington and Michael Wesiman made their exits out of the choir room this week together. During our interview with them, we asked them about the elimination experience and how they feel about “The Glee Project” casting process for “Glee”.

Q: Do you see the mentors one more time after finding your names on the “no call back” sheet? It seems a bit cold.
Lily Mae answered, “It is a little cold to be honest. But we have to remember that we’re in a competition and we’re on a show. It has to be a little impersonal for them to do their job properly.”

Michael commented, “It make sense to have a call back list. It took me a while to grasp that and to come to terms with it. We live there and it’s our life. It’s everything that we eat drink and breathe for however long that we’re there. And once you walk through the door you really don’t see anyone else. That’s how you go. It’s hard to grasp it”.

Q: Does “The Glee Project” over-prepare you for “Glee”?
Michael responded, “It’s definitely a little Glee boot camp. You dabble in everything which is why Ryan should put us all on the show. But that’s a different story. I came to the show with minimal experience in singing, acting and dancing, and left with more. In each category I had my own struggles and victories. They whip you into shape. Which is not to say I am anywhere close to a good dancer, singer or actor. Still got a long way to go.”

Lily Mae’s training was singing on stage.

Lily said that “mastering singing in a studio was one of the hardest things for me because it’s so different from a live stage and that’s where my training is. It was really weird for me to adapt to a completely dead room. I think that the show prepares us for exactly what we need. Every mentor comes in and says how great Sam and Damion, Lindsey and Alex are and that they are exactly on the ball. It is a boot camp.”



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