The Right Way to Date! READY FOR LOVE Matchmakers’ Dating Tips!

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April 6, 2013
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April 10, 2013
More Single Ladies Revealed – READY FOR LOVE Sneak-Peek!
April 6, 2013
Who’s On Your Team? THE VOICE – Season 4
April 10, 2013
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The Right Way to Date! READY FOR LOVE Matchmakers’ Dating Tips!

The dating experts are here to help the single ladies on the new NBC dating reality competition show, “Ready For Love”. But, their services won’t be only available exclusively to these particular ladies, their experience and advice will be in the free open market to help single women everywhere! Just by watching the show!

Pictured (l-r): Hosts Bill Rancic, Giuliana Rancic, Bachelors – Tim Lopez, Ben Patton, Ernesto Arguello

These three dating advisers are said to be the best in the world during a recent press conference courtesy of NBC. Amber Kelleher said she’s the fly on the wall because she gets the perspective from both the woman’s side and the man’s side of the relationship. Tracy McMillan said she is the best friend who isn’t afraid to tell you the truth. Matthew Hussey is giving women the low-down from the man’s point-of-view and keeping it real. These dating experts talked freely during the phone interview and gave some tips and pointers about dating

Pictured: READY FOR MOVE matchmaker Tracy McMillian

Tracy said her philosophy is that “its not about getting the guy, it’s about opening your heart wide enough so the guy can walk into your life.”

Some singles might be sabotaging themselves and not know it:
Matt said “there are things that people are doing wrong- bad habits, blind spots. You may sabotage that with things you may be doing. There is a language that you need to speak with the men in your life.” Matt said that he brings something very unique to the table of women daters, he says all of his advice is not just based on him, he has approached 10,000 men and offers a perspective that most people don’t have.

Pictured: READY FOR MOVE matchmaker Amber Kelleher

Amber is a relationship expert who comes from a family business. Her mother’s matchmaking business is called Kelleher International and her mother started the business twenty-seven years ago. Amber has been working at the business for seventeen years. “I’m the fly on the wall. I hear his perspective. I hear her perspective. I find dating patterns in people based on gender, age, community,” explained Amber of her technique.

The biggest mistake Matt sees daters doing:
The biggest mistake people make on a first date, Matt said is “they show too much of one thing. Some people are addicted to being playful. This is how they end up as ‘the friend’. Other people just have sex. This is how they end up as the ‘one night stand.'” He also said the if women show too much of their intellectual side, the man thinks “I’d like to hire her, but don’t want to sleep with her.” He said, “you have to be able to show yourself as an extremely three dimensional person to make the guy think you are the whole package.”

Tracy wrote a book titled Why You’re Not Married Yet. She said that she doesn’t think that dating is harder these days, there’s just different circumstances. She said, “There’s not a one side fits all to dating anymore. What might work for you when you’re twenty-five is not going to work for you when you’re thirty-six.”

How technology is hurting the dating ritual:
Matt stated that he thinks technology has set people back a lot. “What’s interesting is that they [technology] are being created to say we’re getting people connected. Its B.S. It’s become more complex than ever. What’s happening is we’re seeing a movement back. If you knew how to be charming and charismatic you could walk up to someone and win them.” Matt said “we have to get back to the basics of what it takes to be attractive in the flesh.” In regards to the increasingly popularity of online dating, Matt said, “Sooner or later you’re going to have to sit in a room with them and you better know how to do it right or it’s not going to work.”

The women of Ready For Love:
Amber assured that her and Matt and Tracy, bring a group of women to the stage of “Ready For Love” that they feel are compatible that have charisma, that have charm that “these guys are going to have a hard time choosing.”

Matt’s advice to men on how to get a girl’s number:
There’s the “direct approach”: you can literally walk up to a woman and say “My friends have to leave at any time and I would kick myself if I didn’t talk to you.” The “indirect approach”: ask an opinion about something that’s going on. You could be having a conversation with your friends and turn around and get her involved in the conversation.

Pictured: READY FOR MOVE matchmaker Matthew Hussey

Working with Eva and any dating tips for her?
Matt said, “Eva would run to me every 5 minutes asking for advice in her love life. Eva does so many things naturally …obviously Eva has desirable looks. ..what makes her attractive is how she operates.”

What to wear on a first date:
If you show up casual the man doesn’t believe that you’re really serious said Matt. The man does notice. Amber said that women should always follow the thirty-thirty rule which is, you don’t want to show too much cleavage or too much leg. Basically, you don’t want to have it all at the same time. Tracy advises women to wear something that is flattering and that they are comfortable in. Matt said that you shouldn’t spend too much time getting ready because then you become too self-aware. The best scenario is when people go straight from work to a date because they don’t have time to process it. He also advises to men – try not to do the entire date in one venue. If you’re in one place, it’s one memory. Try to create more memories by changing venues.

“Ready For Love” is going to change the way America dates according to Tracy. She stated, “a show has never gone through the process of meeting someone, dating and falling in love before. There’s something very riveting about it. It’s just not like anything you’ve seen before.”

Amber wrapped their jobs up in a nutshell by saying, “we’re the guys reviewing the footage at half time. It’s the point-by-point play that we get to do in the middle of the date so we can navigate if they’re using their head too much or their heart is closed off and we are giving them advice from a third party.”

“Ready For Love” premieres Tuesday, April 9th from 9-11 pm following “The Voice” on NBC.



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