More Single Ladies Revealed – READY FOR LOVE Sneak-Peek!

These Single Ladies are READY FOR LOVE! Sneak-Peek Photos!
April 3, 2013
The Right Way to Date! READY FOR LOVE Matchmakers’ Dating Tips!
April 7, 2013
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More Single Ladies Revealed – READY FOR LOVE Sneak-Peek!

It’s a dating show, a matchmaking show, and a reality competition show all rolled into one with one the most beautiful bachelorettes in the world as its executive producer. It’s called “Ready For Love” executive produced by Eva Longoria. A pool of woman are hand-picked for each of the three bachelors only if they are indeed ready for love.

READ “Ready For Love” matchmakers’ tips on dating and WATCH video of the girls that made the cut here!

In an interview with the three professional and world renowned matchmakers – Tracy McMillan, Matthew Hussey and Amber Kellehr-Andrews they talked about some of the obstacles that the women daters face. Tracy stated, “My philosophy is that it’s not about getting the guy its about opening your heart wide enough so that the guy can walk into your life.”

Amber said that the three of them “bring a group of women to the stage of Ready For Love that we feel are compatible that have charisma, that have charm that these guys are going to have a hard time choosing.”

Leah’s dated Tim before:

Here’s a sneak-peek below of photos of the remaining nineteen women that will either be playing for the heart of bachelors Ben, Tim or Ernesto! See the first sixteen bachelorettes here:

Pictured: These single ladies will play for the heart of Ben.

Pictured: Maggie Sargent

Pictured: Beth Richman

Pictured: Danielle Duff

Pictured: Christina Rigaud

Pictured: Elizabeth Capela

Pictured: Lynsee Gonzales

Pictured: Alexis Rodriguez

Pictured: Alba Reyes Santos

Pictured: Lisa Marie Hall

Pictured: Tarryn Franco

Pictured: Hailey Clark

Pictured: Olivia Matti

Pictured: Catherine Crosby

Pictured: Leah Trogan

Pictured: Allie Wagner

Pictured: Summer Burns

Pictured: Rachel Briese

Pictured: Kristen Sikorski

Pictured: Amanda Wagner

These women are competing for Ben.



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