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These Single Ladies are READY FOR LOVE! Sneak-Peek Photos!

Posted on April 03 2013 by Editor

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These Single Ladies are READY FOR LOVE! Sneak-Peek Photos!

Executive Producer and former “Desperate Housewives” star Eva Longoria and NBC will soon be ready to debut it’s new dating reality show titled “Ready For Love” that will place 35 woman as serious relationship material in front of three sucessful bachelors for the taking!

Here’s a sneak-peek at the bachelorettes, two of whom are past girlfriends, competing for a long-lasting relationship with either: Ben Patton, an international financier; Ernesto Arguello, and entrepreneur; and Tim Lopez, a member of music group “Plain White T’s”.

MORE on READY FOR LOVE as we saw it being filmed from the set here:

Kari’s dated Ben before:

Pictured: Renae Virata

Pictured: Kari Krakowski

Pictured: Amy Kalackzynski

Pictured: Katie Coyle

Pictured: Jenna Reees

Pictured: Erica Larson

Pictured: Shandi Finnessey

Pictured: Taonaya Fleury

Pictured: Sara Lavanigno

Pictured: Seneca Berniard

Pictured: Jade Dhir

Pictured: Lana Sears

Pictured: Siham Bengoua

Pictured: Sonia Letting

Pictured: Kristina Zapata

Pictured: Angela Zatopek

These are just the first sixteen ladies! Come back soon to see the rest! “Ready for Love” premieres on April 9th after “The Voice” on NBC. Updated April 6, 2013 – See the rest of the bachelorettes here:


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