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The Unexplainable on THE BACHELOR Episode 10

Posted on February 28 2015 by Editor

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The Unexplainable on THE BACHELOR Episode 10

“The Bachelor” season 19 on ABC has been full of surprises, unexpected turns, and many unexplainable things. For instance, why did Chris select Jade exclusively to visit his home town and meet his parents? Why did Chris keep Ashley S. for so long? During his “tell all” episode with host Chris Harrison, he revealed that he was genuinely afraid of her when she held up a paint gun during a group date.

After another group date which included the musical help of Country superstars “Big & Rich”, why did Chris take Britt to their concert to present to her the group date rose, making the other women feel like crap? Why did Chris let Kelsey manipulate him with a fake panic attack and gave her a rose? Why did he then rat Ashley I. out when she told him that Kelsey was doing this? Then, he did it again by ratting-out Carly to Britt when Carly warned him about Britt being fake.

But, the most unexplainable came in episode 10 when viewers saw a glimpse of Becca and Chris’ date in the Fantasy Suite leaving them to draw some conclusions on how it ended. The next day the two were seen separate. Before the Rose Ceremony, Chris told host Chris Harrison that he wasn’t so concerned if Becca isn’t in love with him!

At the rose ceremony, Chris pulled Becca over to speak to her in private about something that went down the next morning that audiences were not shown. Apparently, it was something positive and intense because the two of them seemed to be dead-set in love, or at least infatuated with each other.

Upon returning to the rose ceremony, completely unexpected by Kaitlyn, she was the one sent home. The mad chemistry that Chris has with Becca seemed to come out of nowhere thanks to the creative editing from show producers. We’ve seen glimpses of Becca and Chris’ likening to each other, but no other signs of how deep it is.

Plus, we still don’t know if Becca gave her virginity to Chris or not. But it seems that the traditional way of a woman captivating a man still works. Playing hard to get and keeping him longing for her! Becca did not kiss Chris until a few dates in. All the while he was kissing and making-out with every other woman on the show and sending them home. Becca also has not told Chris she is in love with him. The jury’s still out on that one.

Kaitlyn was left wondering “what happened” and feeling humiliated.

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