There was Hell to Pay on THE BACHELOR Season 25 Week 3 Recap

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January 11, 2021
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There was Hell to Pay on THE BACHELOR Season 25 Week 3 Recap

Kit told Sarah that she hopes her relationship with Matt is really strong because her living situation there "is going to be hell."

This week’s “The Bachelor” episode started where last week’s ended with Sarah taking time out from the Rose Ceremony in a faint spell.  After checking on Sarah, Matt rejoined the women in the ceremony.

Bachelor Matt James at the Rose Ceremony week 3. Photo by: ABC/Craig Sjodin

The women waiting to see if they’d get a rose, were catty and upset that Sarah fainted during the Rose Ceremony.  Sarah ended-up being okay and apologized to the group of women.  They weren’t thrilled and gave no response.  The ceremony continued.

NOTE: Roses handed-out from last week’s episode were: Pieper, Kit, Magi, Rachel, Abigail, Chelsea, Jessenia, Katie, Serena C….

Matt apologized and said “I just have to continue to follow my heart.”  The next roses handed-out were:  Khaylah, Mari, MJ, Ana, Kaili, Victoria.  Women who already had roses: Sarah, Lauren, Bri.  Women who went home: MaryLynn, Alana, Illeana, Kristin.

Pictured (l-r): BRI, LAUREN, SARAH. Photo by: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Victoria succeeded in getting Marylynn sent home.  She said she’d focus her attention on getting Sarah sent home.  “All the fake bitches can go home, go home, go home, skedaddle” stated Victoria.  

Host Chris Harrison arrived at the house to give the women a run-down of the week.   He said Matt “has trouble feeling uncomfortable.” He said the point is to have a balance of comfortable and uncomfortable on the dates.  Then he announced that there would be three dates total this week.  Two group dates and one “unbelievable romantic” one-on-one date.
He left the first date card with the women.


On the first group date was: Rachel, Bri, Lauren, Kit, Serena C., Victoria, Khaylah,  Anna, Kaili .  

Matt announced that he has no idea what the date is going to have in store because Chris Harrison has it planned.  

They all arrived inside a theater where Ashley I. was reading a romantic novel to the group.  The writer is Chris Harrison.  She said it’s a love story and erotic.  “There’s a lot of sex in it” Ashley stated.  Their challenge was to write their own love stories to Matt which were to be shared in front of Matt and a live studio audience.   Ashley served as an adviser to the women.  Serena C. said her story would reveal what she wants to do in bed.  Victoria shared her story with Ashley which raised eyebrows.  Ashley responded that it was “X-Rated.”

Of course the audience was in fact the rest of the women in the house.  The festivities started with Matt’s story with a hint of erotica.  Anna wrote a comical story about her Fantasy Suite that included Matt telling her that she was the only one left.  Next was Bri, then Kaili, Kit, Serena C which all had sexual innuendos.  Then Lauren was a bit racier.  Rachel chose a tamer story.  Katie’s story made the whole room cringe and blush.  Victoria touted she took it up a notch.  The whole room bursted into laughter, Matt included when Victoria’s story ended with “yes Queen!” 

Pictured: VICTORIA, MATT JAMES. Photo by: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Sarah was having a hard time coping with seeing Matt dating the other women there.


Matt told Rachel that he enjoyed her story and everything came out.  He told her that he likes how their relationship is forming. She agreed and said she’s happy where she’s at with him.  He leaned over to give her a kiss.   When Bri had some alone time with Matt she acknowledged that her story was “G Rated.”  Matt said he prefers to keep intimate details private.  Bri was happy the he and her agreed when it came to that. 

Back at the house:  The next date card arrived.  The name on the card was only one:  “Serena P, let love lead the way.  – Matt.”  Sarah was upset and spent time away from the other girls.  She said all her feelings of jealousy and intimacy are emotions coming back and felt like it would be a “roadblock” in her relationship with Matt.  She ended-up crashing the group date!

Back to the Group Date: Sarah showed up.  Matt’s mouth dropped  She interrupted Matt’s conversation with Katie.  Sarah explained to Matt that she’s never opened-up on a date like she did with him. Then, the next day to have it flipped like that with him going on a group date with other women.  “It’s been harder than expected,” Sarah told Matt. 

Meantime, the women on the group date were seriously upset that Sarah took away time that was meant for them.  They urged Katie to go back in.  She did, and Sarah promised to take only five more  minutes.   Katie waited around the corner where she could hear them! Lol!  Matt ended-up walking Sarah out.  Before leaving, Sarah went to the women on the group date to apologize. They were super upset and attacked her. 

After Sarah walked outside, Victoria went after her to find out what the deal was.  She told her that they were worried about her health.  Sarah reiterated that it was a “personal conversation.”  Victoria stressed that “it was a personal conversation” on THEIR time!  Then Katie went outside to get the scoop.  She asked Sarah if she’s having insecurities? (Yes!).  Katie stressed to Sarah that she could have waited to talk to Matt and told her “it’s not going to get any easier.”  

Matt rejoined the women on the group date.  He said he liked their stories and it’s nice to see how they feel about the person that they want to spend the rest of their lives with.  Matt gave the Group Date rose to Rachel, stating their relationship has progressed and he’s glad that she’s part of this journey.

The morning after, Katie explained to Mari and Pieper that Sarah crashed the group date and interrupted her time with Matt.  She couldn’t help but feel she could have possibly gotten the group date rose had Sarah not interrupted her and Matt’s conversation.

Matt arrived to pick-up Serena P., then started to talk to the group of women.  After learning that Sarah wasn’t there, Matt got up to go after Sarah.  Matt went to Sarah’s room and greeted her by jumping onto her in bed.  Then they cuddled and talked.  She told him how hard it is.  He told her it would be “a tragedy” if she left.  He told her she’s on his mind and hasn’t forgotten about her.  He promised that he will continue to remind her how much she is to him.  “I will come here every day if that’s what it takes.  I have real feelings for you” he told her.

The women were upset that Sarah was taking time away from Serena P. now who’s set for her date with Matt.   After the longest five minutes of talking to Sarah, Matt came back for Serena P.  Sarah remained in her room, and the women wanted her to come down to face them and deal with all the trouble that she caused.

Pictured: MATT JAMES, SERENA P.; Photo by: ABC/Craig Sjodin


Matt said he loves Serena P.’s personality.  They went horseback riding at the start of their date.  Serena told Matt that her father was very “unsupportive” of her going on “The Bachelor.”  She said she trusts that she can make good decisions.  Matt agreed that he too can pursue what he wanted to do.  He made a toast to “unconventional living.”  Matt said he’s seen what it’s like for his mom to get older and not have a partner.   Matt told Serena P. that the feelings that he’s already having for her “they’re real.”  Matt opened-up that he had a turtle as a pet when he was little.  She said he was “weird.”  Then admitted in her confessional that she’s “falling in like” right now.   Not love.  

During dinner, Matt asked about Serena about her past relationships.  She said she’s only had one serious relationship.  She thought he was going to be the one.  She described it as the lowest point in her life. Matt’s last relationship was over a year ago.  He said he wasn’t just going to casually date someone.  She asked if he’s ever been in love before  “love for me looks different from when I was in college and when I was out of college,” he replied.  Short answer was “no.”  Serena said she was caught off guard earlier in the date and was falling in “like” with him.  But, now she can see herself falling in love with him.  Matt said when he sees her, he thinks about the first time he saw her.  He said her energy is infectious and he wants to continue to spend time with her.

Matt told Serena that the feelings are mutual and gave her the date rose.  Matt said in his confessional that he’s open to falling in love with Serena P.  They spent some steamy time in a steamy hot tub!

Back at the house:  Sarah was still missing from the group of women.  She stayed in her room the whole day and night.  Then the date card arrived.  Sarah tried to low key slip her way back into the room with the group just in time.  This didn’t go over well with the women.  MJ was the first girl to yell at Sarah.  Sarah apologized to Katie first then said she “sincerely apologized” to the rest of the women.  She explained that she is feeling overwhelmed by the whole process and have had a conversation of leaving. Abigail jumped in and told her if she doesn’t want to be there then why is she stealing other women’s time?  Kit told Sarah that she hopes her relationship with Matt is really strong because her living situation there “is going to be hell.”

The names on the date card read:  Oh wait!  Due to Sarah’s grand re-entrance, we didn’t get to hear them yet! 

The next morning, Katie went to check-in with Sarah who was crying in her room.  Sarah told Katie that she’s decided to leave.  Katie told her if she and Matt have a connection, then she needs to explore that because she doesn’t want to be his backup plan.  Sarah was set on going because all her worst insecurities were coming out.  She also explained how she needs to go back to take care of her dad.  Katie started crying and told Sarah she 100% thinks Sarah needs to go spend time with her dad because she lost her dad.  She missed-out on her goodbyes to her dad and wouldn’t want Sarah to miss out on that.  

Bottom line, Sarah said Matt deserves the best and more.  Right now she’s not at her best and packed her suitcase.  

Katie explained Sarah’s departure to the rest of the women.  She said it’s important for Sarah to have not felt that she was “bullied” out.  Next, Sarah arrived at Matt’s doorstep.  It seemed that he was expecting her.  Sarah told Matt that she’s doubting if she can continue in the Bachelor process.  She told him she feels “attacked and unwelcome” by the women in the house.  Matt told her he wants her there.  And he doesn’t want to lose her.  This made it more difficult for Sarah.  She said she feels a call to come home to her family.  “I just don’t think I’m ready for this.”  Matt told her it doesn’t mean that he won’t stop thinking about her or praying for her dad.  He said when she’s ready, some guy is going to be really lucky.  

NEXT WEEK:  Five new girls arrive to add to Matt’s pool of contestants.  Victoria is seen crying and yelling she want’s to go home!  Hmm…maybe she will see how Sarah felt.  



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