TITANIC: Same Sinking Ship Only in 3D- Better or Not?

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April 5, 2012
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TITANIC: Same Sinking Ship Only in 3D- Better or Not?

“Titanic” hits the movie theaters for a second running this weekend this time in 3D and IMAX. Is the three and a half hour feature better this time around in 3D?

When the film first appeared in movie theaters fifteen years ago, I watched it on the grand screen at the Mann Chinese theater in Hollywood. Quiet an impressive feat of a film displaying director James Cameron’s natural story-telling ability. However, with the recent advancements made in film making one in which was a new way of combing actors with animation in 3D by Cameron himself with “Avatar”, does this classic benefit from 3D? I was looking forward to seeing this beast of a ship stand out from the screen in 3D with a bigger bang during the sinking scene- which by the way was about an hour and a half of the film. I went to see “Titanic” once again, this time at the ArcLight in Hollywood. The 3D is a nice bonus, but not really necessary. It is still a stand alone classic and perfect just as it originally is. My advice to fans is to go see the movie again because you want to see it again, not because of the added 3D effects.



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