Two Eliminated After the Final Excursion on DEAL OR NO DEAL ISLAND Finale Part 1 Recap

The Break-up on DEAL OR NO DEAL ISLAND Episode 10 Recap
April 29, 2024
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The Break-up on DEAL OR NO DEAL ISLAND Episode 10 Recap
April 29, 2024
We’ve Got the Dish on MASTER CHEF GENERATIONS Season 14 Sneak-Peek!
May 12, 2024
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Two Eliminated After the Final Excursion on DEAL OR NO DEAL ISLAND Finale Part 1 Recap

Pictured: (l-r) Rob Mariano, Jordan Fowler, Amy McCoy, Stephanie Mitchell -- Photo by: Monty Brinton/NBC

Aron Barbell went against The Banker last week on “Deal or No Deal Island” and lost.  The final four contestants remain.  They are Rob, Amy, Stephanie, and Jordan. These final four will ultimately end up competing for the case holding over $10,000 which will happen in part two to this two-part finale.

Part one of the finale episode opened with the players getting back from Aron’s failed game.  Stephanie, who could be seen tearing-up last week after Aron lost against The Banker, actually said that she did NOT “feel terrible” about Aron leaving the game.

Rob was still emotional after losing his “number one” alliance and said he would get “retribution” for Aron, and that he had “three more enemies” standing in his way who he’s going to take out one at a time.

The morning of the final Excursion, the players were given a very extravagant breakfast featuring lobster tails and eggs. 

The players reminisced about past Excursions and the elements that they were tested on – focus, fearlessness, risk, and power.  Their main focus at this time was the people and causes they were playing for to win.

Pictured: (l-r) Jordan Fowler, Amy McCoy, Stephanie Mitchell, Rob Mariano — Photo by: Monty Brinton/NBC

Stephanie has her sights on creating a birthing center in Alabama, Amy wants a better life for her family, Jordan’s winnings would go towards starting a family, and Rob is out to prove to himself that he still has it in him (to win a competition) along with being an inspiration to his kids.

Just after breakfast was over, the four players were dropped a subtle clue (not really) by The Banker when his Assistants dumped a briefcase from his helicopter.  Rob retrieved the case to discover the message inside stated for them to “brace” themselves because the “ultimate test awaits.”

As for The Banker himself, there are some hints given to a full out reveal in the last episode showing who he really is!  Or maybe it’s the executive producer and previous host Howie Mandel! Hmm……stay tuned for that.

It’s Prep Time!

As the girls are celebrating being the last three women in the final four, Amy excuses herself to run off (and be shady)!  That gave Stephanie and Jordan some alone time where they discussed choosing each other for the final two should the opportunity presents itself in the last round.

It was interesting that they chose each other and didn’t really acknowledge the obvious, which is Amy would be the better candidate since they both have a clear advantage over her.  The only mention of this was by Jordan in her interview who stated, Amy is a “fierce competitor,” whereas Stephanie is a “wild card” player.

Speaking of Amy, she actually ran off to make promises to Rob.


Amy ran over to Rob and said she swore to God on everything, her husband and kids that she wants “in” on an alliance with him.  Rob played along and said he wanted to make an alliance with her from the start.  Amy later said in her confessional, that she wants to take Rob to the final two and beat him.

Meanwhile, Rob said in his confessional that he’s not worried about Amy who is “playing with crayons and glue sticks.”  Later in the Excursion, Amy is exposed lying to Rob.  Thus, not making good on her promise.

After this final Excursion, only two players will remain in the game after two leave – the one holding the lowest value case, and the one finishing last. 


The final case value that one player will have to beat The Banker for holds $10,107,000. 

Host Joe Manganiello explains the rules to this final Excursion to the players. Everyone is zoned in and paying attention except for Rob!

The key element of this Excursion is “determination.”  The players had to enter a maze after unlocking a map once they solved a math puzzle of a two-digit number.  The total number of cases retrieved in the whole game.  Yes, they needed some math and memory skills to solve this riddle.

The part that Rob wasn’t paying attention to was when Joe said the players were NOT to look at another player’s table that they were solving the puzzle on top of. 

Joe explained that inside the maze were locked, unmarked cases located in two different areas.  High value cases were in one area, and low value cases were in another one.

After locating the cases, the players had to take their maps to the Banker’s Assistants who were inside the maze, and exchange the maps for keys!  After that, they had to make their way back to the cases to retrieve one of them and take it back with them outside of the maze to where they started.

Pictured: (l-r) Rob Mariano, Jordan Fowler, Amy McCoy, Stephanie Mitchell — Photo by: Monty Brinton/NBC

The Final Two!

The final two players would be determined based on who was getting eliminated by finishing last out of the maze, and who pulled the lowest monetary amount case.   Basically if you want to win this game, don’t be the slowest, and don’t have the lowest case value.

Amy, who has the shortest legs, knew she needed a head start.  The players’ first puzzle to solve was coming up with the correct number of total retrieved cases during the whole game that were put on the board at The Bankers Temple. 

Everyone had their own way of arriving at the correct number.  Amy’s was switching out different pairings of number tiles until the right pair matched up correctly.  She was first to head into the maze.  Rob did some extensive math before getting stuck and sneaked a peek at Amy’s board.

Pictured: Rob Mariano — Photo by: Monty Brinton/NBC

Since Rob broke a major rule, his game, along with everyone else’s was halted.  Rob was given a time penalty.   That meant he couldn’t go into the maze until the last player solved their puzzle and went.  That time ended-up being three minutes after Jordan, who was the last player to solved her puzzle. 

Game on!

Amy, knowing that Rob had the time penalty, felt confident going for the higher case area of the maze which was furthest away. 

Of course, the maze was not a maze without some hurdles, literally!  Amy kept running into dead ends.  Lol.  Then Amy gave Jordan and Stephanie some false directions on purpose, leading them into one of those dead ends. 

Jordan was the first one to arrive at the highest value cases.  She chose the fourth case based on her family of four of husband and two dogs.  Rob had made up a significant amount of time and had already gotten keys and was on his way to the cases.  While Stephanie and Amy were both on their way to the cases as well.

Pictured: (l-r) Kamari Love, Ben Crofchick, Jordan Fowler — Photo by: Monty Brinton/NBC

Stephanie was the next one to arrive at the cases, and picked up number two, the case that she chose during her first game against The Banker.  Amy came right after Stephanie to pick up her case. 

As Amy passed Rob on her way back with her case, she told him there were only three and she got the last one.  Wow!  What a way to turn on your so-called “alliance.”  Rob knew she was lying and called her out on it.  In his confessional interview, he told Amy’s kids that “mommy doesn’t care.”

Rob got the last high value case.  It was just Rob and Amy still inside the maze racing their way out.  Jordan said she was wishing that Rob’s late start would mean he would finish last.  But, she was also aware of Rob’s “horse shoe of good luck on his shoulder” throughout this whole game.


Amy kept running into dead ends while trying to find her way out of the maze to go back to the start.  It was literally down to the wire, between Amy and Rob.  The last one back would be eliminated!

To be continued!

“Deal or No Deal Island” airs every Monday at 10 pm ET/PT on NBC and streams on Peacock the next day.



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