A Comedian and A.I. Tech Voted into the Finals on AGT Live Shows Week 4 Results

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A Comedian and A.I. Tech Voted into the Finals on AGT Live Shows Week 4 Results

Pictured: (l-r) Metaphysic, Terry Crews, Mike E. Winfield -- Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

AGT judge Simon Cowell described Tuesday’s show as “one of the strangest shows he’s seen.” 

The fourth Live Results show of the “America’s Got Talent” (AGT) season opened with a remarkable performance from dance troupe Riverdance.  “America’s Got Talent” judge Heidi Klum said the acts on Tuesday were “up and down.”  Simon said the second half of the show was better than the first half.  Two more went through on Wednesday’s Results show.  America has favored singers and magicians so far this season.  The fourth week of the Semi-Finals included five singing talent acts, one magician/dancer/ a ventriloquist, a stunt act, a comedian, a tap dancer, and A.I. technology.

Pictured: (l-r) Lily Meola, Jannick Holste — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Host Terry Crews asked for the judges opinions on the acts that performed on Tuesday’s live show.  AGT judge Howie Mandel said the “great energy was right here in the audience…better in the room than sometimes on the stage.”  Howie said he thinks he knows which two acts will go through.  Heidi said, Lily, her Golden Buzzer was amazing.  Her other favorites of the night included Jannick Holste, and Metaphysic.  AGT judge Simon Cowell described Tuesday’s show as “one of the strangest shows he’s seen.”  Sofia Vergara agreed because she thought that some of the acts who did so well in their auditions, were very off on Tuesday night and that breaks their hearts.

Terry Crews reminded viewers at home that if their favorite act doesn’t go through,  next week there will be a chance to save them.  Because next week the Judges will each put forward a Wild Card act.  The viewers will vote through an Instant Save next Wednesday and which will in effect put one of the acts through to the Finals.


The first acts called forward were: Merissa Beddows and Bayley Graham.  The act voted through was Merissa Beddows.  That meant that Merissa was in the Top 5.

The next acts were Acapop and Metaphysic.  The second act that made it to the Top 5 was Metaphysic.  That meant Acapop went home.  Then Harper, Jack Williams, and The Lazy Generation were called to come forward on the stage.  The act with the most votes was ventriloquist Jack Williams.

Pictured: (l-r) Merissa Beddows, Bayley Graham — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Sofia said she wasn’t surprised by the votes to that point.  The next result announced was between Jannick Holste vs. Lily Meola.  The act who moved forward was singer, and Heidi’s Golden Buzzer Lily Meola.

Then Lee Colinson and Mike E. Winfield were called forward.  The next and last act to move on in the competition was comedian Mike E. Winfield.  Simon reacted that he wants America to make the decisions because America is voting the right acts through.  Simon said he agrees with the Top 5, and every week America puts through the right two acts.

The Top 5 acts were: Merissa Beddows, Jack Williams, Metaphysic, Lily Meloa, and Mike E. Winfield.

Pictured: Piff the Magic Dragon — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Next, former AGT magician Piff the Magic Dragon returned to perform a magic trick on the stage with the help of his lovely assistant and his dog named “Mr. Piffles.”  Piff stated that it would be Mr. Piffled doing the tricks and not him.  Mr. Piffles made an exact match to Howie’s Rubik’s Cube.  At the end of his routine, Mr. Piffles created Howie’s favorite drink, an Arnold Palmer.  He concocted the mixed drink from behind a curtain using what appeared to be his urine.  When Howie tasted it, he said it was in fact an Arnold Palmer drink.



The Top 5 acts returned to the stage to see which acts made the Top 3.   The first act to make it was Mike E. Winfield, followed by Lily Meola, and the last and third spot went to Metaphysic.  Jack Williams and Merrisa Beddows went home.

Heidi congratulated the Top 3, and she said “I’m going to be really sad about whoever doesn’t make it to the finals.  But, you’re all winners.”  The two acts who were voted through to the Finals by America were: Metaphysic, and Mike E. Winfield.  He was the first comedian to go through this season!

Simon reacted to the results by stating Metaphysic was the “most original.”  He added, “I also feel bad for the three singers.  However, the talent of Metaphysic is the most unique thing we’ve seen.” He said their act will make it a more interesting Finals.  So, he’s happy to see them go through.  The next and last spot went to comedian Mike E. Winfeid who was the first comedian this season to go to the Finals.

Pictured: (l-r) Metaphysic, Terry Crews, Mike E. Winfield — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

NEXT WEEK:  These acts are up next to see which two will make it to the Finals.  The acts are:  Aubrey Burchell,  Blade 2 Blade, Jordan Conley (Wild Card), Kristen Cruz, Kristy Sellars, Max Ostler, Shu Takada, Urbancrew, Mervant Vera, Travis Japan, and Mayyas.



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