A Little Bit Nasty! ALL-STAR CELEBRITY APPRENTICE Season 13 Finale!

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A Little Bit Nasty! ALL-STAR CELEBRITY APPRENTICE Season 13 Finale!

Recently renewed for another season, NBC’s celebrity competition show “The Celebrity Apprentice” has made earning money for charities cut-throat. Teams of celebs ranging from musicians’ to realty show stars, one in which the show itself made famous, Omarosa, will crown a new victorious leader that won’t be fired, but hired on Sunday night, May 19 wrapping up season thirteen.

Pictured: Donald Trump

Serving as an Executive Producer and host of the show, real-estate mogul who’s also “The Celebrity Apprentice” boss, Donald Trump joined finalists Trace Adkins and Penn Jillette in a conference phone interview with multiple media outlets. Trump said during the call that it’s “The Celebrity Apprentice” formula which works so well that keeps the show around. “I don’t want to change it too much. It’s a good formula and it works,” he said.

Season 14 is Underway:
Trump also confirmed that casting for “The Celebrity Apprentice” season 14 has already started. He said that in the earlier days of “The Celebrity Apprentice”, nobody wanted to be fired. “After the first season, it was so good for Joan Rivers and everyone else. We are going to have an amazing cast” Trump said of season 14. He also credited Piers Morgan and Omarosa as helping the show along in the beginning for providing so much “great television” because of their many heated arguments.

Trump on the Penn Jillette vs. Trace Adkins:
When asked if he was surprised by the final two contestants being Jillette and Adkins, Trump said, “I wasn’t surprised by them. I would normally tell you that I am surprised because a lot of times somebody steps up that you don’t expect. I didn’t expect honestly that they would do poorly. I could see them going into the finals.”

Pictured: Lisa Rinna, Penn Jillette

How their experiences were challenged from the first time that they were on “The Celebrity Apprentice” to now? Jillette said, “For me there was no comparison. The first time around I was skeptical, uncomfortable and guarded. As I grew to trust Trump and trust myself, every show I’ve enjoyed more.” Adkins answered the question with “My first season was much more stressful. This season I came in more confident. I just felt much better this season.”

To win the show, Trace said, “Going into the finale, last time I was a lot more nervous. We raised the bar. Everything that could be done was done. Not a whole lot more I can do to win the game I’ve done everything that I can.”

On the results of how well the two played the game, Trump said, “They both did great. They’re both winners. Their both talented people. I have the hard job. I have to fire one of them.” Jillette said he thinks he did a slightly better job than Trace, and that Trump doesn’t have to fire anyone.

As a preview to the season finale, Trump said Adkins and Jillette will have a “tremendous cast of celebrities that they each brought. The game is played very hard. It’s a little bit nasty. They both developed a great product (ice cream) that will be sold at Walgreens.” Although Trump wouldn’t tell reporters which ice cream he prefers, he said that viewers will find out in the finale episode. He also said that sometimes he knows who he’ll pick as the winner, and sometimes he doesn’t know until the last minute. “This time, I don’t (know). With Bret they flew him here. He was almost dead. He could hardly walk.”

They Actually Like Each Other:
These two fierce and highly competitive finalists are actually friends in real life. Trump said he’d prefer it if they weren’t (for better TV). “These two guys actually like each other. We usually have 2 people in the finals that don’t like each other and I like that better,” said Trump.

Adkins and Jillette both stated which qualities they admire about the other one. Adkins said, “From an animalistic, caveman view of this situation. Penn is probably the most brilliant indvidual I have in my Rolodex. We’ve been friends for a few years. He’s a smart guy, and multi-talented. Jillette said of Adkins, “Trace is wicked smart, very talented. He has the best voice in country music, and he is also honest. That is a quality that can be lost on the show. Someone who’s as honest as Trace can do well on the show.”

How To Do Well on “The Celebrity Apprentice”:
If your a celebrity and want to do well on “The Celebrity Apprentice” Trumps points out that you’d better have good stamina. He said of the many athletes on the different seasons, Joan Rivers who is in her seventies was able to outlast a lot of them when she was competing in season 8 of “The Celebrity Apprentice”.

Pictured: Lil Jon. Many fans wanted to see him in the final two.

Favorite Celebs:
The two finalists this season picked which co-celebs that they took a liking to the most. Jillette said he has made a friend for life in Lisa Rinna. Trace said when he moved from team “Power” to team “Plan B”, “from then on out I learned from Lil John . He knows cameras and knows how to shoot stuff. I also learned what a mash-up is.” The most surprising celebs they said were Lisa Rinna for her great come back, and Dennis Rodman who Jillette said he “was shocked at how great he was and useful.”

Tweet Trump He Made a Mistake:
The one person fans of the show wanted to see as one of the final two is Lil Jon. Trump acknowledged “I took heat because people love Lil Jon. I have this large twitter account with millions of people. He happened to say something in his interview to ‘please tweet Trump and say he made a mistake.'”

The finale show will determine who’s charity will be benefited with the celebrity’s winnings! Jillette is playing for a Las Vegas charity called “Opportunity Village” which he stated was Elvis Presley’s favorite charity. Jillette said that the charity helps people with intellectual disabilities. They train them to be part of the workplace. Adkins is playing for “The Red Cross” who he said showed up at his house when it was burning. He was in Alaska at the time. “I felt like I owed them something for being at my house when I wasn’t there.”

The Purpose of Omarosa:
Adkins said of his strategy in the game, “I thought if I was going to win this thing that Penn was gong to be the man to beat. That’s why I chose him first when I was given the opportunity to pick my team. Then I was gong to pick Omarosa to dispatch him. But Bret picked her and I knew it was a mistake, and she cut his throat the first week.”

See which celebrity – the magician, Penn Jilletter or the country singer will be “hired” on “The Celebrity Apprentice” Sunday night from 9-11 pm (PT) on NBC.

Watch our interview with Bret Michaels after winning “The Celebrity Apprentice” Season 9 below:



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