AMERICAN IDOL LIVE! TOUR 2012- Interviews and Advice for Season 12!

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AMERICAN IDOL LIVE! TOUR 2012- Interviews and Advice for Season 12!

Fans of “American Idol” season 11 top 10 will have the chance to see them all perform live during the live tour this summer. HOLLYWOOD JUNKET got the chance to catch-up with some of the finalists to find out what they are looking forward to the most during the tour and tour bus etiquette.

It’s a 45 city tour that begins in the city of Detroit, MI on Friday, July 6. The tour ends on September 11 in Milwaukee, WI. Each of the top ten that we talked to said that the tour will be stopping in their hometown which is something that they are all most excited about!

Erika Van Pelt said that she knows that the tour will be more involved and she’ll have to concentrate on what camera to look at rather than what she is normally used to when she says she is hanging-out with her friends and getting the crowd going and dancing. But when it comes to life on the tour bus, Pelt said “The overall biggest rule is no drama. We’re all cool with each other” Se insisted, “No drama and keep it clean”. Pelt admits to having OCD and will be the one running around picking stuff up and keeping things tidy. She plans on gambling in her free time when the bus stops in Uncasville, CT at Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza. Her game of choice is Black Jack. Pelt’s advice to singers that are trying-out for season 12 of “American Idol” is “Do not be afraid to be yourself. Keep a strong sense of yourself and know what you want to do musically and pick the right songs”.

Heejun Han said that he’ll be performing during the first show of the tour. Being from New York, he looks forward to playing in New York. But says he won’t be performing the popular fan-favorite song that fans know and love from his time on “American Idol”.

Skylar Laine ssid she can not wait to meet the fans and connect with them. Her advice to season 12 “American Idol” hopefuls is “definitely just try. You never know what’s going to happen and how far you’ll make it so just try and be the artist that you want to be.”

DeAndre Brackensick said that he can’t wait to see the different people and give the love back to the fans. He also said that there will be two separate buses- one for girls and one for the boys. He says that he will be split from his best friend Jessica Sanchez. Most likely he’ll be hanging with his closest male friends on the tour who are Joshua Ledet and Colton Dixon. The do’s and the don’ts of the tour bus? Brackensick said that if there are any pranks on hair cutting that he will “go off.” The tour stops in his hometown of San Jose on July 22nd. His advice for young talent if they make it on the show, is to “Be yourself. Don’t let other people’s opinions fool you. You don’t want to leave with regret. Leave everything on the table. Take what you need from the judges. But listen to you first because you know your voice the best.”

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