AMERICA’S GOT TALENT: Five Not Four Finalists!

AMERICA’S GOT TALENT: Muppets on Stage!
August 31, 2009
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September 12, 2009
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AMERICA’S GOT TALENT: Five Not Four Finalists!

America’s Got the Talent
Written and Reported By: Natalie Perez

This reality television series that airs on NBC, showcases singers, dancers, magicians, and comedians among other performances of all sorts’ and sizes and ages. Last night’s show dealt with the semi-finalists, that included various acts from the night before; Acrodunk, Texas Tenors, Paradizo Dancers, The Voices of Glory along with Tony Hoard and his dog Rory, down to The Fab Five, and Grandma Lee.

But what could be more entertaining than a musical performance done by “The Muppets”? Yes you heard right “The Muppets” showing off their musical talents by the beloved couple everyone knows of course – Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy -performing a cover tune of Elton John’s “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart,” having the back-up vocal chorus being sung by a group of chickens. Cheers and shouts echoed throughout the audience as their performance drew to a close, going off to announcing who would be moving on to the finals.

"The Voices of Glory" are moving on to the finals of "America's Got Talent".
“The Voices of Glory” move onto the finals of “America’s Got Talent”.

Grandma Lee was chosen and beat out the “Paradizo Dancers” and Tony Hoard and his doggy Rory, full-filling her lifelong wish merely stating “There are no words to describe how I feel right now”. Having her moving onto the finals was something she just couldn’t believe. David Hasselhoff took the stage performing an upbeat and rather catchy tune, “Feeling Good”, that got everyone moving and grooving in their seats.

Next announcement of finalists was conducted and Kevin Skinner was chosen while Acrodunk was told to head on home. Only two contestants left, one shall remain victorious, and that one is both of them! “The Voices of Glory” along with “The Fab Five” all five contestants are moving onto the finals. Only thing that remains is…. Who will you choice to go on?



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