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AMERICA’S GOT TALENT: Jackie Evancho in The Top 10!

Posted on September 04 2010 by Set News

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“America’s Got Talent” harsher judge, Piers Morgan’s reponse to 10-year old semi-finalist contestant Jackie Evancho, “what we’ve got in you is a super-star” after hearing her perfect rendition to Sarah Brightman’s “Time to Say Goodbye”.

Evancho sang with such poise and emotion at such a young age, it is truly a gift and moving to see her talent displayed on “America’s Got Talent” in front of a vast audience. Hollywood Junket normally does not feature video content on our website not filmed and produced by us. However, in rare instances we make exceptions. This particular song is an Editor favorite, and we feel strongly to show our audience the amazing gift of Jackie Evancho as she deserves. Due to performance time constraints of “America’s Got Talent”, watch Evancho’s 90-second version below of the original full Sarah Brightman one.

The Top 10 acts are:

1- Anna and Patryk (Dancers)
2- Christina & Ali (Singers)
3- Fighting Gravity (Performance Artists)
4- Jackie Evancho (Singer)
5- Jeremy Vanshoonhoven (Stunt Bike Rider)
6- Michael Grasso (Magician)
7- Michael Grimm (Musician/Singer)
8- Prince Poppycock (Oprea Singer)
9- Studio One Young Beast Society (Dance Crew)
10- Taylor Mathews (Musician/Singer)

Watch these top 10 acts perform live on the Tuesday, September 7th episode of “America’s Got Talent” on NBC.


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