AMERICA’S GOT TALENT: Season 7 EXCLUSIVE, First Day Sneak-Peek!

April 19, 2012
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April 23, 2012
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AMERICA’S GOT TALENT: Season 7 EXCLUSIVE, First Day Sneak-Peek!

EXCLUSIVE! Set Report! Spoiler Alert!
The “largest talent show on earth” is back and entering into it’s seven season on NBC. This time, the show is back with a new appeal by adding sock-radio host Howard Stern to the judging panel who joins Howie Mandel, in his third season of judging, and Sharon Osbourne in her sixth season on the show.

Howard Stern (L) replaces Piers Morgan as new judge.

HOLLYWOOD JUNKET was on set on the first day Howard Stern joined the cast in downtown Los Angeles at the Orpheum Theater where the live auditions were held. Sharon said of returning to the show on her first day back, “It’s very overwhelming. Seven is a lucky number. We are in season seven”. Stern commented on his first day by stating “I was honored when they asked me to be here. I’ve been fired by NBC many times!” This day broke Stern-in as a new judge and was a day that showed-off a lot of child contestants.

The first act was a 110 marching band that performed “Let’s Dance” by Lady Gaga. “I don’t think you could go on as $1 million act”, said Stern. Stern was less then thrilled by the second act as well which was “spot” with Park Rangers. “I think it’s a colossal waste of time” he said.

The third act was a male dancer and left Mandel saying, “You are a real good dancer”. Then proceeded to elaborate. “After watching the show six years and there’s more that I haven’t seen before. You have to be different”.

A young boy named Eric Garcia was the fourth act of the day as he displayed his karate skills. Stern’s response was, “I tried Karate several times and I hurt my groin with Steven Seagal. Now he can’t lift his leg. You could kick Steven Seagal’s butt”. The fifth audition was followed by a little girl who sang an Adele song.

An unexpected surprise came in the sixth audition when a Howard Stern look-alike stepped out onto the stage. Mandel said, “You look like Howard Stern like 20 years ago!” Stern was not impressed as he stated “It’s not enough to look like me. You have to say something too”. This Stern look alike was sent packing and left with no love from the judges.

Another young child performed in front of the judges with a popping routine. Stern responded to her act with “It’s still early.” Mandel said, “He doesn’t think you’re ready”. The contestant stated, “My Dad tries to practice with me, but I don’t understand what he’s trying to do”. The judges overall liked the girl. Sharon was the first to send her to Vegas. Stern had said that “It’s not really about being on TV, selling tickets,” and that she’ll be ready when she’s ten, then followed it with “I’m going to have to say a gentle no”. Mandel said “yes”. Then Stern said he’d give her one more chance just before sending her to Vegas.

Stay tuned for our second day on the set in Los Angeles report coming-up! “America’s Got Talent” premieres May 14th on NBC.



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