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AMERICA’S GOT TALENT: Three Singers and Men Fighting Gravity!

Posted on September 09 2010 by Set News

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The “Top Ten”, got widdled-down to the “Final Four” on last night’s “America’s Got Talent”. HOLLYWOOD JUNKET attended the live taping. The fifty/fifty chance of a singer winning the competition went up to ninety percent as three singers were put-through and one visual act. Before the final four were announced, the judges had strong opinions about all of the acts, and kept negative comments, if any, to themselves.

The first two acts to be brought forth for the chopping-block were opera singer Prince Poppycock and magician Michael Grasso. This was a tough one to watch for judge Piers Morgan whom looked at them both as being two of his favorite acts. The votes swayed to Prince Poppycock. Poppycock commented, “every kid that gets picked-on…look at me and know that dreams can come true”.

The next two acts to await who’d be moving on in the competition were both singers, Michael Grimm, who ditched his guitar last week and Taylor Matthews who brought a fun familiar spirit back into his performance. The one who prevailed was Michael Grim. Morgan reacted with “you have a real chance at winning this”.

Both Jeremy VanSchoonhoven (stunt bike) and Christina & Ali (singing duo sisters) learned that they would not be going forward and were sent home. Sharon Osbourne commented that both acts were proof that they showed great progression and got better over the weeks. Howie Mandel reacted to Christina, thirteen-years-old, as she cried over the outcome by stating “you are blessed that you got to perform on this stage, and we are blessed to see you.”

Next, to no one’s surprise, ten-year old YouTube voter pick singing sensation Jackie Evancho beat out twelve-year-old dance partners Anna and Patryk. Morgan stated that “we have in Jackie the best young singer we’ve ever had. Anna and Patryk the best young dancers we’ve ever had”.

Evancho teased Osbourne by telling her to just wait to see her next week’s performance before joining Grimm and Poppycock to the final four wing side of the stage. Mandel looked at the three of them and said “Is it just me or does that look like the all-American family?”

The last act to be revealed was “Fighting Gravity”. A young group of men who were fraternity brothers, now performing on wires in mid air. “Studio One Young Beast Society” dance crew left with their final words as “we’re not giving up”.

Watch the final four acts give their last performance on the “America’s Got Talent” stage Tuesday, September 14th on NBC.


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