AMERICA’S GOT TALENT: Tigers, Clowns, and Lightning.. Oh My!

August 2, 2010
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August 6, 2010
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AMERICA’S GOT TALENT: Tigers, Clowns, and Lightning.. Oh My!

AMERICA’S GOT TALENT showcased twelve more acts on last night’s performance show in front of judges Sharon Osbourne, Piers Morgan and Howie Mandel. The show, now in week ten, had some top notch acts that included a tiger, a saw death-trap, a clown opera singer, and lightning bolts!

Those acts were: Da Maniacs (Hip Hop Dance Troupe); NU Covenant (Singing Group); dancers, Anna and Patryk; Lindsey Stirling (Musician/Dancer); Comedian, Doogie Horner; Rudi Macaggi (Circus Acrobat); Taylor Mathews (Musician/Singer); Mary Ellen (Musician/Singer); ArcAttack (Performing Arts Group); Opera Singer, Prince Poppycock; Magician, Murray; and dance crew, Strikers All Stars.

“Da Maniacs” kicked off last night’s show with their dance spoofs on The Blues Brothers that ended with Hammer’s “Can’t Touch This”. Judges felt that their act was not good enough for a Las Vegas act. They were followed by singers NU Covenant, and two twelve-year-old dancers Anna and Patryk whom Judge, Piers Morgan stated he “could see them in Vegas tomorrow.”

AGT judges discuss this week’s talent acts in video below:

A very energetic and talented violinist Lindsey Stirling jumped and hip-hop danced as she played the violin on stage. But, the judges response were not what she expected. Morgan stated that her instrument sounded like “rats being strangled.” While Howie Mandel said she was great, but by adding movement it didn’t make her “as great.” A feat that can be successful by a world renowned violinist.

Comedian Doogie Horner gave a successful performance that left tougher judge, Morgan stating “I never thought I’d say before Doogie you’re funny!” The laughter soon ended once third generation Circus Acrobat Rudi Macaggi brought “one of the most dangerous acts ever seen on the show” observed by host Nick Cannon. Macaggi risked his life in a stunt that hurled himself towards a sharp circular saw. Osbourne said she felt like she was watching a horror film. Mandel couldn’t even watch.

Mary Ellen on AGT stage.

Musicians and singers Talyor Matthews followed by Mary Ellen took the stage after Macaggi. Morgan commented on Matthews talent with “I saw a real potential pop star”. While Ellen had not as good of luck. Her act consisted of cowboy and cowgirl dancers, and a fake motorized cow. Cannon literally pulled the plug on her routine after receiving only one strike that was from Morgan. Mandel remained a loyal fan and paid homage to her by wearing a blond beehive wig. He stated “You’re unique and different. People are going to be talking about you tomorrow.” Ellen revealed that she’s had a virus for two years.

Lightning musical act “Arc Attack” proved that playing instruments with lightning bolts can be a good possible Vegas act. A band member explained that the spark works like a speaker which moves air. Opera Singer Prince Poppycock wooed judges with his beautiful voice and colorful clown appearance. Although Mandel questioned “will middle America respond to this?”

The last two performances on the night were magician Murray, and dance crew “Strikers All Stars”. Murray impressed everyone with his tiger act which replaced a beautiful girl with a tiger, making her re-appear behind Mandel. “Strikers All Stars” received a disappointing response from Mandel, “You stepped it DOWN instead of stepping it up.”

The highlight of the night was Bret Michaels performance of “Every Rose Has Its Thorn”. His performance came a night early due to his tour, called “Roses and Thorns” which has him playing in New York today.

Last night’s talent acts can be seen here:

Tonight’s results show features performances by Bret Michaels and UK musical artist Taio Cruz. Watch which acts will move forward and which ones will be voted-off tonight on NBC at 9-10pm ET.



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