YOUR CHANCE TO DANCE: Dance Competition Show For Amateurs!

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August 4, 2010
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YOUR CHANCE TO DANCE: Dance Competition Show For Amateurs!

CMT premiered new dance competition show “Your Chance to Dance” hosted by “Antiques Roadshow” host Mark Wahlberg at it’s highest rated show on the network for that week.

“Your Chance To Dance” brings non-amateur dancers from across the country and onto the show stage in Hollywood where they must, with the help of choreographers re-enact their favorite dance from either a music video, movie or commercial in front of a studio audience. The dancers consist of one, couples and groups. The audience rates their dance ability on a score of one to ten with ten being the best. The winner takes home a “Your Chance To Dance” metal and $10,000.


A HOLLYWOOD JUNKET reporter recently auditioned to be on “Your Chance to Dance”. He stated that the casting department from the show gave him a variety of different popular dance routines to choose from and told him to make a video. When this failed, due to his low-quality grade video. Even though I’ve seen very bad quality video on the show. They suggested that they bring their own camera to his house and film him.

So, not all of the home videos are as spontaneous as the show would like viewers to think.


The show moves in almost real time. Each of the five groups of contestants are brought out onto the stage after the next, and talk about why they applied to be on the show and about what dance they’ll be performing. After that, the stage is set-up with props before they each come back out to the stage to dance following video of their rehearsal sessions with choreographers.

The most distracting thing about the show is being forced to watch non-professionals perform iconic dance routines. Slip-ups here and there ruin the impact and experience due to what appears to be rushed preparations. Not sure how much time contestants are given to practice their routines, but it appears to be not very much.

Dance routines that were re-enacted on the episode I sat-in on were: “Footloose”,Let’s Hear It For The Boy; Reba McEntire, Climb That Mountain; C&C Music Factory, Gonna Make You Sweat; Leanne Rymes, Swingin; Paula Abdul, Opposites Attract.

Mark Wahlberg is an all-around great host and could host anything! But, that doesn’t mean that he should. Him hosting this country dance competition show just seems a bit out-of-place.

“Your Chance to Dance” airs every Friday night on CMT after their amateur singing competition show,”The Singing Bee”. Check you local listings.



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