Bad Blood with Former DEAL Model on DEAL OR NO DEAL ISLAND Episode 2 Recap!

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Bad Blood with Former DEAL Model on DEAL OR NO DEAL ISLAND Episode 2 Recap!

Pictured (-r): Kim Mattina, Claudia Jordan -- Photos by: Monty Brinton/NBC

In the second episode of “Deal or No Deal Island,” on NBC, the players have broken off into two separate groups. Seems familiar? Viewers who are also watching this season of “The Traitors” have seen the contestants blatantly do this as well.

That’s not the only similarity between these two shows. The new trend in game shows lately has been to have bigger pools of contestants playing for one pot of prize money at the end of the show.

“The Floor” on FOX recently handed over $250,000 to the final remaining contestant after winning the last Duel. Week after week, reality show star contestants on “The Traitors” compete in multiple challenges, or “Missions” to earn their winnings which will be played for at the very end by the players who are left.

A new game show coming soon to America from the U.K. called “The 1% Club” will also have the same game play. Multiple contestants will have to use their deductive skills to choose from multiple choice answers in order to add money for one lump sum in the final round.

On “Deal or No Deal Island” the two groups are Boston Rob’s group, and then everybody else! When Rob got himself immunity this week, the next best thing to sending him home was to send one of his alliances home.

Viewers of “The Traitors” saw that same scenario play out when the majority of Peter Weber’s crew was systematically taken-out one by one. Also, in this new “Deal or No Deal Island” version, players must build up an overall monetary amount for the end game to win by way of winning a series of “Excursions.”

Each week, a player is chosen to be sent home by another contestant. The one biggest difference in the game play. On “The Traitors” is a majority vote. Here on DOND, it’s one contestant who decides.

The biggest twist on this version, contrasting to the original, is if a contestant who is playing against “The Banker ” makes a bad deal, that is, their chosen case is holding a higher amount than what is offered and accepted then they get eliminated.

DEAL OR NO DEAL ISLAND — “Are You a Gambler?” Episode 101 — Pictured: (l-r) Aron Barbell, Joe Manganiello — Photo by: Monty Brinton/NBC

If their case holds a smaller amount than what was offered, and they accept the higher Deal, that amount gets added to the grand total. They win their game and they get to pick a player (who doesn’t have immunity) to go home.


At the beginning of this episode, Rob continues to build on his alliance with Aron. He noted that those that know how to play the game are going to keep him around. However, they were both wary of Kim because she hadn’t come to anybody regarding strategy. Rob told Aron, “Kim’s a gamer.” Aron replied, “I know.”

Kim said just because she’s a “reality show junkie” she knows how Rob plays. No one, especially Jamil, was on board with getting Rob out. Kim warned the others to “watch Jamil. Do NOT take his word.”

DEAL OR NO DEAL ISLAND — “Are You Calculating?” Episode 102 — Pictured: (l-r) Kim Mattina, Jamil Sipes — Photo by: Monty Brinton/NBC

Alyssa befriended Aron because she said she would be fine taking him to the end because she knows she can beat him in a physical competition.

The contestants were broken into teams of two – “hunter” and “gatherer” Each team had 10 arrows to retrieve from high up on the trees. The “gatherer” had to grab arrows that were stuck to the side of trees high up. The “hunter” had to use a cross bow to shoot down the highest case values to continue on. The lowest case value was up to play against the Banker.

The added Bonus – each Team had a $20,000 value in the highest point in the trees that they could acquire for themselves. However, in doing so, it would take extra time.

The only player who took advantage of the $20,000 was Alyssa who was paired with Kim.  This required Alyssa to hike all the way up the tree to get all ten of the arrows along with the $20,000 flag.

After all of that effort, Kim still managed to not hit a single case. Thus, putting both Alyssa and Kim in the bottom two. The winners of the Excursion ended up being Rob and Aron, who retrieved only three arrows for Rob.

Pictured: (l-r) Joe Manganiello, Rob Mariano — Photo by: Monty Brinton/NBC

Rob hit the $1.5 million case with arrow number three (his LAST one)!  Kim was extremely worried, sensing that she would be the one put up against the Banker.  Most of the players had turned against Kim after their first Excursion when Kim went back to get a red case, which ended up being a Steal.

Alyssa said she wanted to keep the personal offer to herself, then decided to share it with Aron when he asked her about it. Then Aron shared with Alyssa that she’s “safe” because he and Rob are going to put Kim up against the Banker.

Pictured: (l-r) Aron Barbell, Rob Mariano — Photo by: Monty Brinton/NBC

Rob was not okay with Aron sharing this information with Alyssa since they are in an alliance with each other and felt that they should have talked about this decision first.

Kim was deciding on if she won her “Deal or No Deal” game, who would she choose to eliminate? She really wanted to send Rob home. But, since he was safe, Kim knew that she wanted to take out one of “Rob’s minions.”

Claudia asked Kim who she was planning on eliminating if she won her game. Kim would not tell her, only that she had a firm decision. Kim actually had Claudia ‘high up” on her list.


In the final round of this reality competition show, it turns into a traditional game show “Deal or No Deal.” The cases that are played for are the same amounts that these players score out in the Excursions.

Then, there is a low monetary amount of cases column added by the Banker. Instead of having case models at each case to open, there are two models, Kamari Love, and Ben Crofchick. They are placed one on each side who takes turns opening up cases.

The player who is going up against the Banker still picks one case for their own which gets opened at the very end.

Kim knew that she wanted to get rid of either Claudia, Jamil, or Nick “to reduce Rob’s security” in the game.

Kim decided to take the Banker’s offer of $225,000. It’s a good thing because Kim’s case had $100. That meant, Kim made a good deal, the money got added to the group’s total, and she selected Jamil to go home. Claudia had braced herself to be the one going home and was in total shock when Kim called Jamil’s name and not hers.

While everyone said their goodbyes to Jamil, Claudia whispered to Jamil that she was going to “get Kim” for him.

Kim said she decided to get Jamil out since he was “covertly sneaky”, and Claudia is “directly sneaky.”

“Deal or No Deal Island” airs Mondays at 10 pm PT on NBC, stream on Peacock the next day.

Pictured (-r): Kim Mattina, Claudia Jordan — Photos by: Monty Brinton/NBC



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