No Tears Left For Maria on THE BACHELOR Season 28 Hometowns Recap

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No Tears Left For Maria on THE BACHELOR Season 28 Hometowns Recap

Pictured: JOEY GRAZIADEI, MARIA; Photo by: Disney/Jan Thijs

There was one exit this week on “The Bachelor” season 28 hometown dates that was truthfully, a long time coming.  We were pulling for her, but ultimately, this woman shot herself in the foot not once, but twice this season.  That lead to Joey Graziadei ultimately not giving her a rose to continue into next week. 

Three women are now left for the Fantasy Suite overnight dates.  They will also meet Joey’s family in his hometown of Pennsylvania. 


Joey’s first hometown date was in New Orleans with Kelsey. Kelsey got emotional thinking about her mom who passed away, and she wished that Joey could have met her.

Pictured: JOEY GRAZIADEI, KELSEY A; Photo by: Disney/John Fleenor

While visiting her family, Kelsey’s sister showed some concern over the probability that Kelsey might get sent home with a broken heart. But, Kelsey was very optimistic about her relationship with Joey. Mark, Kelsey’s father, wanted to see if Joey cares about Kelsey the same way he does. He told Joey about how when he met Kelsey’s mom, he knew she was the one. How does Joey know since he’s dating multiple women?

Joey said he’s holding back because he’s being aware of Kelsey’s heart., and his feelings are real. Then, Mark talked to Kelsey. He told her that seeing Joey with her is “very reassuring” and wants all his kids to feel how he felt with her mom.

When the visit was all said and done, Mark approved of Joey and stated in his interview that he hopes Kelsey comes home engaged. Kelsey kissed Joey goodbye. Neither Joey nor Kelsey said that they love each other. Kelsey did say in her interview that she wanted to shout “I love you” to Joey!


The next stop for Joey was Rancho Cucamonga, California to meet Rachel’s family. Her family is actually from Hawaii, and they flew into California to meet Joey.

Joey and Rachel walked into a full-on family barbecue happening in the backyard with a roasted pig. Joey joined-in, in the family’s traditions, one of which had him eating a pig’s ear!

Pictured: RACHEL, JOEY GRAZIADEI; Photo by: Disney/Jan Thijs

Rachel’s mom talked to Joey in private first. She was really concerned for Rachel because of her getting hurt before. Ultimately, Rachel’s mom couldn’t fully support her and Joey. She told Joey “the jury’s still out” since there are still three other women left and gave a caution of warning for Rachel.

Rachel was worried about her parents not supporting her dating Joey since it’s against tradition to be dating multiple women. Her mom told her that she needs to make sure it’s Joey and to guard her heart.

Rachel’s dad Hakim, told Joey that he wants someone that will support Rachel not only financially but emotionally too. Joey asked Hakim if he had his permission to wed Rachel. Hakim didn’t give him an answer. Instead, he said if that time comes, Rachel has his number and they can call him.

The problem with that answer, Joey said he didn’t feel whole heartedly like he’d be able to proceed with Rachel not knowing he has Hakim’s support. Soooo…that was disconcerting!

Before saying goodbye, Rachel told Joey that she has fallen for him and she chooses him. Joey was very happy to hear that.


Joey went to Becker, Minnesota to meet Daisy’s family. Last week, Daisy told Joey that she would not be able to fall in love with him until she saw him with her family and how he fits in with them.

Pictured: JOEY GRAZIADEI, DAISY; Photo by: Disney/Jan Thijs

Daisy met Joey in her family’s Christmas tree farm. There, Joey met a large group of Daisy’s friends before meeting her family.

Then it was time to meet the family which included Daisy’s parents and grandparents. When Daisy’s mom asked Joey if he and Daisy expressed love to each other yet? Joey said there has been no mention of “love.” Mom said she thinks Daisy isn’t being vulnerable and will need to do so with Joey if she loves him.

Her mom said she can feel it and see it with Daisy and Joey. Daisy cried that she hasn’t felt like this in a while, and scared that she will lose Joey if she’s not able to express it. Mom said Daisy needs to put the walls down if she wants it to work with Joey.

Daisy talked to her dad about this dilemma. “Nobody likes to get hurt,” her dad responded. But, if she wants to see if it will work, she’ll have to get past that. “Shoot your shot.” It’s not like you’re going to lose your hearing over it! He said “it’s only love.”

Daisy told Joey that she is falling in love with him and has been falling in love with him.


Joey journeyed to Niagara Falls to see Maria and meet her family. He was wary from the last time he saw her, she almost walked away from him and the show. Straight away, the two rode in a boat very close to Niagara falls waterfall.

Pictured: JOEY GRAZIADEI, MARIA; Photo by: Disney/Jan Thijs

Joey asked Maria about why she wanted to leave last week. Maria said she had fears about the other women. He said he wants to have zero doubt with her leaving him. Joey was feeling not so confident about Maria.

Then, another red flag rose for Joey. When Joey asked Maria when was the last time she brought someone home. She answered “never.” He was freaked-out. “How could she go through life this long without getting this close to someone” Joey questioned during his interview.

Joey said it scares him to consistently wait for Maria to let her guard down. Joey met Maria’s parents, two brothers, and friend. Her daid, Nick, said the last thing that he wants to see is his kid get hurt.

Maria told her friend that she does feel love for Joey. But, there’s other women there. Her friend advised Maria to fully put her heart into it because that’s the only way it will work out with Joey.

Joey sat down with Nick who told Joey that Maria is his “angel.” He said if Joey said he’s falling for Maria and the other women, it doesn’t mean anything to him.

Joey asked for Nick’s blessing. His reply is that if she chooses him and he chooses her, then he respects her decision and has no problem giving his blessing.

In his interview, Nick said what scares him is Maria is guarding her heart. He talked to Maria next. Nick asked Maria if she’s falling in love with Joey. Maria said it did take her a while to open up. Nick told Maria that she was “glowing” and hasn’t seen that in a long time.

Nick advised Maria to let her guard down, and he also told her that Joey asked for his blessing, which he said “yes” to. Nick said he can tell that Maria is in love.

Maria talked to Joey outside and was going to tell him that she’s falling in love. Then backed out. Instead, she told him “I appreciate you being here.” Wow! Joey looked disappointed. Then later, in her interview, Maria said she regretted that.


The ladies entered the hanger that the show has been using for the last few seasons for this Rose Ceremony. Viewers heard voice-overs of the women as they talked about their feelings for Joey instead of recapping it to host Jesse Palmer.

Maria explained that she just couldn’t tell Joey her feelings. Then realizes that if she doesn’t get the rose she’s “screwed.” After Joey picked up the first rose to hand-out, Maria cut-in and asked to talk to him. The other women were peeved! She took Joey off to talk behind an airplane and told him she’s falling for him. Joey looked super uncomfortable and annoyed.

When Maria returned to the Rose Ceremony line-up with the other women, Rachel immediately interrogated her, “what was that about?!” Maria answered that she would talk to her later.

Daisy got the first rose, followed by Kelsey, then Rachel got the last rose.

Joey broke-up with Maria outside. Joey said they’ve had a “bumpy” road and he fought for her every time. He said he tried to get there with her, but it would have been a disservice with the amount of doubts he had moving forward.

Maria stated that her “biggest regret” was not telling Joey how she felt a lot sooner. There were NO tears from Maria as she rode off in the exit car.




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