The Plan Goes Awry on DEAL OR NO DEAL ISLAND Episode 3 Recap!

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The Plan Goes Awry on DEAL OR NO DEAL ISLAND Episode 3 Recap!

Pictured: (l-r) Nicholas Grasso, Claudia Jordan, Alyssa Klinzing, Jordan Fowler, Aron Barbell -- Photo by: Monty Brinton/NBC

This episode of “Deal or No Deal Island” picked-up in the aftermath of Kim Mattina winning her “Deal or No Deal” game against The Banker last week, and sending Jamil home.  

That meant that Boston Rob was left with one less alliance.  While sitting around the island chatting, Rob told Kim that he didn’t appreciate her threatening to “kick” his a–@ during her battle with The Banker! 

This was Rob’s attempt to turn the other players against Kim.  Claudia chimed-in as well in Rob’s defense. However, Kim said she was “joking” with him and knew that this was just Rob being manipulative and playing his best game.

Later that evening, Kim confided in Alyssa, whom she thinks is in her corner, and called both Rob and Claudia expletives (swear words that were bleeped-out).  Alyssa went to Rob and Claudia to tell them what Kim said.

Pictured: (l-r) Kim Mattina, Jordan Fowler, Alyssa Klinzing — Photo by: Monty Brinton/NBC

They attacked Kim with this fact during the upcoming Excursion.  So, Kim catches wind that she should not trust Alyssa. 
During a private interview, Rob stated that he knew that Kim was joking when she said she was going to kick his a—!  His intentions were to have the rest of the contestants come after Kim.  It worked!

Because the next thing that viewers saw is the whole gang coming together off of Alyssa’s plan to conspire against Kim to get her off the island.  Apparently, not everyone was on board with the plan.  Although Stephanie pretended to agree, she was really not into “playing someone else’s game.”

According to Alyssa’s game play, if there was going to be a Steal case in the upcoming Excursion, and if one of them were to get it, they would Steal Kim’s case, automatically putting her in the bottom (once again).

That meant, it would be Kim’s second week in a row in the bottom and potentially going up against The Banker.  She did survive the last time.  Her foes were willing to bet that she wouldn’t survive a second time.

As we saw things unfold, it became clear how the plan was supposed to work!


Once one of the contestants (NOT Kim) received a “Steal” case in the Excursion, they were to switch out that case with Kim, putting her immediately in the bottom with an amount of zero.

That meant she would be in the bottom along with someone else.  ANYONE else!  It didn’t matter because she was the one that whomever got immunity would pick to go up against the Banker.

Well, someone should have made this crystal clear to Stephanie who ended up fumbling the whole execution of the plan….MORE on that coming up!

The Banker randomly selected the order of the players in this challenge, or “Excursion.”  Wouldn’t you know it, Rob was up first.  After him was Kim.  That meant that they had to stand next to each other.  This is imperative to what is coming up.

Pictured: (l-r) Joe Manganiello, Kim Mattina — Photo by: Monty Brinton/NBC

Each player was suspended to a cable via a harness and were dropped from high above with a sandbag to aim for money markers on the ground beneath them set up like a game board.

Rob hit the $1 million marker.  The highest marker was $2 million.  Kim was second and she landed her sandbag on $50,000, one of the lowest numbers.  


Pictured: (l-r) Nicholas Grasso, Claudia Jordan, Alyssa Klinzing, Jordan Fowler, Aron Barbell — Photo by: Monty Brinton/NBC

Stephanie, who is incredibly afraid of heights, landed her sandbag onto the STEAL marker and freaked-out because she did NOT want to be part of the plan against Kim!

Stephanie went to Steal the $1million case held by Rob who was standing next to Kim, whose case she was supposed to Steal.  Apparently, Stephanie told the group one thing, that she would follow the plan, then evidently did her own thing.  Not very smart for a player who wants to stay in the game.

This action led to a whole lot of arguing back and forth among the group, and in front of Kim who of course didn’t know about “the plan.”  The whole thing was a very entertaining spectacle enjoyed by viewers and host Joe Manganiello.

The bickering ended with Claudia’s meltdown on Kim followed by a huge tree crashing down in the jungle.  An ironic and humorous coincidence.

As Stephanie went for Rob’s $1 million case again, Claudia volunteered her $250,000 case to Stephanie which would keep her out of the bottom.  But, not give her the immunity she was aiming for by Stealing Rob’s case.

The two last contestants who were left to drop their sandbags were Aron and Alyssa.  Aron got $45,000 (the lowest amount now) and Alyssa aimed for a Steal, but got $125,000.  The bottom two players were Aron and Claudia.

Rob wasn’t about to put his guy Aron up against the Banker.  Claudia had to face the Banker in a game of “Deal or No Deal.”

Pictured: Claudia Jordan — Photo by: Monty Brinton/NBC


Claudia had to play against the Banker and knew if she won, she was going to decide between Stephanie or Kim to send home.  She weighed the two options. Kim is clearly a snake.  But, Stephanie is sneaky.

Claudia said if she won, she’d pay off her mom’s house and go to Las Vegas.  In order to win her game of “Deal or No Deal,” Claudia needed to have a lower number in her case than what she accepted in her final offer from the Banker.

Claudia chose her own number case (number 1) from her days as a case model on “Deal or No Deal.”  Her initial gut feeling of choosing this case proved to be correct in the end.  Unfortunately for her, she did not maintain that confidence.

Claudia ended her game after having three cases left in the amounts of $500,000, $175,000, and .01 cent.  She accepted The Bankers offer of $180,000.  This was a big mistake because she had $500,000 in her case.  This Bad Deal got Claudia eliminated.

Before leaving, Claudia’s advice to the other players was that “it’s not time to be cut-throat yet.”

Kim stated in her interview that she can forgive but she can not forget, and the players will regret trying to get her out!

“Deal or No Deal Island” airs every Monday night at 10 pm PT on NBC.

We leave readers with all possible scenarios of the Excursion results below.

1) If no one got a STEAL, the bottom two would have been Aron & Kim. Rob was safe.  He would have put Kim against the Banker.  Kim would have eliminated Claudia (perhaps Alyssa) if she won her game.

2) If Stephanie had Stolen Rob’s case, Rob & Aron would have been in the bottom, and Stephanie would be safe.  She most likely would have put Rob against the Banker.  Had Rob won, he would have sent Kim home.

3) The scenario that they planned for – Kim got her case Stolen which put her in the bottom with Aron. Rob would have put her up against the Banker.  Again, Kim would have sent either Claudia or Alyssa home if she won her game.  Though her fellow players were betting on her losing!




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