Proposal or No-Go on THE BACHELOR Season 28 Overnight Dates Recap!

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Proposal or No-Go on THE BACHELOR Season 28 Overnight Dates Recap!

Pictured: KELSEY, JOEY GRAZIADEI, Photos: Disney/ Richard Middlesworth & John Fleenor

Two of the three women that are left on “The Bachelor” told Joey last week during the hometown dates that they were falling in love with him. Joey eliminated Maria, who seemed to be constantly testing Joey and playing games, at the Rose Ceremony. The three women who remain this week are: Daisy, Kelsey, and Rachel.

Kelsey was the woman who had not yet told Joey that she loves him. She hoped to tell him this week. “If everything goes right and it’s him and I at the end” she said she could see herself accepting a proposal from Joey.

Rachel, who did tell Joey she’s falling in love with him, said Joey checks all her boxes, they have a “special connection.” Rachel said seeing him with her family is what she needed to reassure her feelings for Joey.

Pictured: JOEY GRAZIADEI; Photo by: Disney/Jan Thijs


Susan from “The Golden Bachelor” came to chat with Rachel about her relationship concerns with Joey because “how can you talk to Jesse about those things?” Right? Rachel concluded that she’s in love with Joey, but needs to be okay with herself that she’s in love. She still has a guard up from past relationships where she was cheated on.

Susan advised Rachel to not let the past get in the way and hope she lets her guard down. “If you love him, be vulnerable,” said Susan, and “love, just love.” AND…we wished that Susan was the one to talk to all of the ladies this week because when it came to Kelsey’s turn, she got a rude awakening from Leslie (also from “The Golden Bachelor”).


Fresh off the talk with Susan, Rachel was open to showing Joey a different side to her during their date. Joey took Rachel to an underwater cave that had multiple levels of decks that they proceeded to dive off of.

Pictured: RACHEL, JOEY GRAZIADEI / Photo by: Disney/John Fleenor

This was a new activity for Rachel because she typically doesn’t go diving into water. When she landed her third dive, Rachel got seriously hurt by entering the water wrong. Joey took Rachel to the ER to have her jaw looked-at. At this point, viewers and Joey were wondering if this was going to be how it ended for Rachel on the show. However, luckily she was okay and was in the clear to continue her date with Joey.

During their dinner portion of the date, Rachel opened up to Joey and told him that she feared it may be “too late” for them because she didn’t open up to him sooner. Joey didn’t think that was it, and said he liked “the slow burn” with her.

Rachel explained how she still gets hung-up in the past when her previous boyfriends cheated on her, and cried at the thought of Joey moving on after their date to go spend time with the other two women left.

Joey gave Rachel the Fantasy Suite card and told her he would like more time with her to “see where this is going.” Rachel accepted the card.

The next morning, Joey told Rachel it was good to see a different side of her and loved how much she opened up to him. Rachel finally told Joey that she loves him and was able to be vulnerable.


Leslie from “The Golden Bachelor” met Kelsey in her room to have a private talk with her. The first thing out of the gate Leslie bonded with Kelsey by sharing she also lost her mother at the young age of 24-years-old.

Pictured: KELSEY A / Photo by: Disney/John Fleenor

Kelsey told Leslie that she is in love with Joey but hasn’t confidently said it to him yet. Leslie said “It’s do or die” and advised her to make use of every second.

Leslie proceeded to put quite the scare into Kelsey when she brought-up her experience on “The Golden Bachelor” of being too overly confident and getting devastated when Gerry didn’t choose her in the end.

Leslie said she wished she wasn’t overly confident. So, that was her warning to Kelsey. This new fact terrified Kelsey because now she was sitting there thinking about the possibility of Joey rejecting her. Before Leslie brought it up, Kelsey wasn’t thinking about it.

Kelsey and Joey went diving for the daytime portion of the date. Kelsey kept Leslie’s words of warning in the back of her mind. Kelsey told Joey that going into every Rose Ceremony she’s always “hopeful” and not expecting. This rang even more true after talking to Leslie who enforced this as well.

Kelsey casually slipped-in an “I love you” to Joey while telling him how she told her dad that she’s in love with Joey. Joey reacted that he’s been falling in love with her for a while now. Joey said he can picture a future with Kelsey when he looks into her eyes. She accepted the Fantasy Suite date card.

The next morning, Joey was up cooking eggs for Kelsey. She called him the man of her dreams.


Daisy got some tips from Sandra from “The Golden Bachelor” before her date with Joey. Daisy told Sandra that she’s falling in love with Joey. Sandra advised Daisy to “be open” and don’t be afraid to talk about her expectations with Joey. And, lastly, talk “sexy” to Joey because men like that, stated Sandra.

Joey took Daisy on an ATV ride for the daytime portion of the date. Joey said Daisy makes him feel whole and needs to express that to her. During dinner Daisy was hoping to hear where Joey’s feelings were at because she’s in love with him.

Daisy told Joey that she feels safe to open up to him without being judged. Both Daisy and Joey admitted that they are afraid of not being chosen. Joey said he was holding back because he is scared and told Daisy that he is falling in love with her, it’s just a matter of how far it will go.

Daisy accepted the Fantasy Suite card. In her confessional she stated that the overnight might be just what they need to bring them closer.

In the meantime, Kelsey was losing confidence that Joey will pick her in the end, and not sure she’ll be able to get over it if he doesn’t choose her.

Joey said all his fears and concerns have disappeared knowing that all three women are falling in love with him.

Kelsey Left Joey a Note!

Kelsey stopped by Joey’s room to talk to him., but he wasn’t there. She went back to her room to write Joey a note that said “we need to talk.” Wow, really not the kind of letter one would want to get if they were the Bachelor trying to decide who to bring home to meet mom!

When Joey got the note he reacted “this is my worst nightmare coming true. I’m giving everything that I can and feel like they’re not choosing me.”

To be continued…

NEXT WEEK: It’s “The Women Tell All” episode!

Photos: Disney/ Richard Middlesworth & John Fleenor




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