Booty-Amazing! AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Semifinals 2013 – Week One Recap

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August 27, 2013
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Booty-Amazing! AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Semifinals 2013 – Week One Recap

The First Six AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Finalists Of 2013 Announced:

On Wednesday, August 28, 2013 at Radio City Music Hall, the first six AGT finalist of 2013 were announced, check them all out here


Tuesday night’s “America’s Got Talent” episode was the first live show of the semifinals at Radio City Music Hall. Host Nick Cannon opened the show with the announcement that one of the acts that were scheduled to perform would not be able to due to a mishap.

It was the KriStef Brothers who had an accident during their rehearsal. Kris Fell 8 feet on his head. Taking their place was Red Panda whom Howie Mandel chose as his Wild Card act.

Six acts are going to move forward to become one step closer to winning $1 million. The first act up of the night was Mel B.’s Wild Card pick – Tone the Chiefrocca.


TONE THE CHIEFROCCA – Rap Artists (Eliminated)

The guys of “Tone the Chiefrocca” said after “America’s Got Talent”, they went back to Inglewood, Ca and back to what Tone the Chiefrooca does – not much (as a video is shown of them jumping onto their couch) until Mel B. requested to have them back!

After their revamped version of their original song “B-O-O-T-Y” hoping to be a hit, that included pretty dancers in booty shorts, host Nick Cannon said all they needed was for Miley Cyrus to be up there twerking.

Mel B. was happy to have them back and said, “What a way to kick off the semifinals! That was OFF the CHAIN!!” Howard was in disagreement and said, “I was bored out of my skull. It was fun once or twice. It’s never going to be a one hit wonder. You’ll be great on a sit com.”

Howie was opposite of Howard and said, “As far as being a hit, it is a hit. It’s as good as Gangnam Style. I love what you brought to it – that church thing. And circling all that booty. I’m glad to be here. You guys are stars!”

Heidi reacted to the ‘booty with, “I do like the booty song and I do like you guys. But this wasn’t my favorite version of the song. I did like the choir. Yoodle or something.”

Watch Tone Tha Chiefrocca sing “Booty” here


RED PANDA – Acrobat  (Eliminated)

“When I heard about the KriStef Brothers injury I thought what a great opportunity to use my Wild Card,” said Howie on bringing Red Panda back. Red Panda said, “I want to do a perfect, perfect act.”

During Red Panda’s performance of stacking bowls on top of her head while riding a unicycle (you really have to watch it) she dropped one bowl at the end of her performance.

Howie reacted to the bowl dropping incident with, “I still believe that I did the right thing. Because you have to take into consideration a couple of things. She had exactly no time. She’s on a small platform. Ultimately we leave it up to America.”

Howard is still a fan, “I want to thank Howie Mandel. I’m a big fan of hers. She’s up thirteen feet in the air. She balanced herself. Yes she made a mistake. I can watch this over and over again. What she does is entertaining every time. Good job Red Panda!”

Heidi praised her rareness, “I really like you Red Panda. I know you’ve done this five thousand times and five thousand times it works. I also know there’s no one in the world that can do what you do.”

Mel B. has seen it all before. She said, “I felt like I’ve seen it before. I didn’t’ enjoy watching it. I wanted to shoot my eyes. I didn’t enjoy it.” Howard yelled out in Red Panda’s defense, “She’s wrong Red Panda.”

Red Panda said, “I feel …I’m speechless. I feel I”m grateful for being here. Thank you for the second chance on being here.”

Watch Red Panda’s act here


ANGELA HOOVER – Comedian/Impressionist  (Eliminated)

Angela reminisced, “Coming back from a performance that not everyone was happy with was added pressure. I’m a normal Mom trying to raise two normal kids. That is funny.”

Howard was thrilled with Angela’s performance and said, “You stepped it up and you got better. You look great you have a lot of charisma.”

Heidi was also happy, “I don’t think the material is as good as your impressions. You morph into these personalities and you really made me laugh today.”

Mel B. said, “I just hope America votes for you. I was laughing out loud tonight.”

Fellow comedian Howie had a huge compliment for Angela by stating, “You did step up your game. You are the best impressionist working today. I don’t think anyone is as on as you are with the impressions. If America wants to see you again, they have to vote.”

Angela described her experience of performing on the Radio City Music Hall stage, I just exhaled after about 30 days. I’m very happy

Watch Angela Hoover’s comedy bit here


DUO RESONANCE – Acrobats  (Eliminated)

Returned tonight as Heidi’s Wild Card pick which she announced at the end of last week’s show. Duo Resonance said “Tonight’s performance is still going to have the love story but adding the element of trust”

Heidi was pleased with her Wild Card choice and reacted, “I am very happy to see you two perform tonight and you always add a different element, for example rain one week. Tonight was a box. Every time you give us something new.”

Mel B. was pleasantly surprised and said “You know I was not expecting that and I liked that you did something different and it’s still beautiful and elegant. Well done I love it!”

Howie loved their act, “Creative, original! I think it’s a good wild card choice. You have to vote people!

Howard was not impressed with their efforts this time and said, “I love these guys I think the box got in the way. I think the box slowed them down. I don’t think it was as strong as last week.”

Watch Duo Resonance’s erotic acrobatic act set to “Glitter” here


COLLINS KEY  – Magician  (Top 12)

Collins said, “I want people to go, ‘I used to view magic this way but this is how I view magic now.'” Howard said, “I would love to see Collins win. I love magic. Collins has got to do something spectacular. I hope this kid has a game plan.”

Collins trick consisted of letting the judges pick words on balls by grabbing them out of a bag. The audience all had an envelope under their seats. If they have a red card and are a girl that wants to go on a date, he invited them to the stage. Then he corrected himself and said, “only one of these cards has #PossibleDate.” The young lady that had the card went onto the stage. She had black hair and was wearing a short, tight black dress.

The judges had to reach in their bags and grab another ball with words and close it in their hands. Howie had “hair – black” Mel B. got “Short dress.” Heidi’s read, “ankle boots”. Howard’s “wild card” read “polka dots” (it was her iPhone case). America is sending them to Central Park. Collins had “Central Park” written on his arm.

Heidi was not one hundred percent convinced of the trick, “Half of me wants to believe in magic and the other half is – is it really real. How does he do it? I want to do it.”

Mel B. said, “I think it’s amazing that he can do it. I wouldn’t go into the park right now. It’s dangerous. But I think its a good trick.”

Howard was tough, stating, “I didn’t love it at all you were trying to squeeze a big trick into 90 seconds. It was not good.”

Heidi was still mesmerized by the trick, “I think you are a very good performer. you look great. I can’t figure it out. I like that I can’t figure it out. It makes me want to see more.”

Watch magician Collins Key’s act here


INNOVATIVE FORCE – Acrobats/ Dancers  (Top 12)

“One thing that really surprises us about our home town was they had a parade for us. Their celebrating at home ‘Innovative Force Week’…We want to be ‘this is the town that won America’s Got Talent.”

They got a standing ovation. Heidi was the only judge to stand. Howie said, “I think that what you do.. they are amazing moves and moves that I can not do. To me it looks like a cheer-leading competition. I think there is so much more to come and it’s stiff competition and It did not blow me away.”

After Howie’s honesty, some of the girls started to cry. Howard swooped-in to pick them back up by saying, “What an inspiration you kids are for America. What you are doing is extremely dangerous. You did an amazing job. I hope America gets it when they see it on TV.”

Heidi said, “I loved it. I’m really excited right know. I think you guys are the best act of the night so far.”

Then, Mel B. comes in to break them down with , “I am a fan of you guys. You are extremely talented. but tonight, I felt it was a little bit messy. But what you do is extremely dangerous. It was a little messy tonight.”

Watch Innovative Force’s act here


DAVE FENLEY – Soul Singer  (Eliminated)

“If Mel B. likes what I’ve done so far, she’s going to love what I do tonight. I’m going to give America something they’re not expecting,” said Fenley.

Dave Fenley opened with a little bit of beat-box action to a Spice Girls song in his rendition.

Mel B. was the only judge standing. She reacted with, “I loved your rendition of it. I would buy that song tomorrow.”

Howard was greatly disappointed with Fenley’s performance, “I think the song was a train wreck. You have to get off this Mel B. thing. You are an emotional singer, that was not an emotional song. That was not a great song for you. You are not a b-boxer. This is not what you should have done for the semifinals.”

Heidi loved the low-key act by stating, “What I love about your performance is that you don’t have the back-up dancers and the booty girls. It’s just you up there with a guitar.”

Howie totally opposed Howard’s comments, “I totally disagree with Howard. Totally the best act of the night! I loved that way you b-box and I love the way you dressed tonight.” Howard said of course Howie is going to say that because he’s in love with Mel B.

Watch Dave Fenley sing “Say You’ll Be There” here


TAYLOR WILLIAMSON – Comedian  (Top 12)

Taylor is trying to get used to his new found fame. He joked, “That the really crazy thing that people like me. I have fans now that don’t hang from ceilings. I’m officially a teen heart-throb. I get it.”

Since Heidi hated his performance last time because she said she couldn’t take her whole family to it, he said he catered tonight’s performance to Heidi.

Heidi, who cracked a smile, said, “You did make me laugh today. I really like YOU when you’re just normal and funny.”

Mel B. said, “I think you are completely inappropriate and I LOVED It!”
Howie had a change of heart from the earlier acts, “Now the best act of tonight! You deserve to go on. Vote, vote, vote!

Howard gave him a standing ovation, “I gave you the standing O’ tonight. You are going on network television… you’re dong a wonderful job. You are terrific.”

After the results were revealed on Wednesday night,  Howard told Taylor  “You’ve got real material.  That’s why Angela went home”, Howard said because she lacked the material.  And, Heidi converted over to be an official Tay-lord”, or Taylor fan.

Watch comedian Taylor Williamson’s act here


JONATHAN ALLEN – Opera Singer (Eliminated)

“Its really great to know you’re being accepted exactly for who you are and what you’ll be”, said Allen. He also said it will be tough going against another Opera competitor tonight – Forte and that he’s going to do everything to win.

Mel B. reacted with, “I do think hes interesting and showed a different side to his voice. Is it going to register to America? I don’t know. That was a very brave choice though.”

Howie said he missed the mark, “I don’t think you showed another side. It’s not your strong side. You were way out of your comfort zone and I think you missed it.”

Howard said it wasn’t his best night, “Tonight wasn’t your night. You’re up against Forte tonight. This song was disconnected.”

Heidi said she is right and not to listen to the other judges, “You can not hear a mouse fart! You couldn’t have sang it better.”

Watch Jonathan Allen sing “Bring Him Home” here


CATAPULT ENTERTAINMENT – Shadow Dancers  (Top 12)

Catapault said, “Having America push us through to the next round. The confidence you get from that – if you liked that, then we have this.”

Heidi said she was impressed, “Every time you guys take us on a magical journey and I’m impressed.”

Mel B. didn’t love it. She said, “Okay so I liked it but I didn’t love it. I only started to enjoy it half way through towards that end. I was trying to figure out what was going on.”

Howie brought a little comedy to his critique of the act, “I think what I loved about you previously is that you told a story. Tonight, I don’t know if I got the story. If you fall in love, you get crabs!” The audience laughed.

Howard was agreed with Howie, “I really expected you to bring it to another level. Tonight was a bit it of a stumble. But I hope America votes for you. Tonight the story was not clear.”

Watch Catapult Entertainment’s act here


CAMI BRADLEY – Singer (Top 12)

Cami said, “I really didn’t think I’d make it past the first round. Being on America’s Got Talent has really proven to me that I have more to myself than what I knew. I love it when people say I’m capturing an emotion that I didn’t know was there.”

Cami sang Elvis’ “Can’t Help Falling in Love With You.”

Mel B., the singer of the bunch said, “I think you have an amazing voice. Tonight your voice was amazing. But I found it a bit boring. We’ve already seen you with the piano. I would have gone with something more full-on.

Heidi said she didn’t recognize the song at first, and “I think it takes a lot of courage and vision to take such an iconic song. It takes courage to take that song and re-do it.”

Howie did not agree with Mel B., “We can’t help falling in love with you. I’ve got to disagree with Mel. You’re terrific when you sing. There’s a connection with the audience. You did a beautiful job…I loved it stripped-down.”

I agree with Howie, I”m in love with you. I think America’s in love with you. Between you and Taylor, you’ve turned it around tonight. America has to vote for you because they love you.

Cami said she listens to “amazing artists and song writers all the time” to get inspired.

After it was revealed the Cami made it into the Top 12, Howie said that  there was a movie made about her years ago and it was called “A star is born.”

Watch Cami Bradley sing ”Can’t Help Falling In Love” here


FORTE – Opera Singers  (Top 12)

Leader of Forte said, “I had an amazing experience at a Josh Groban concert.” He was pulled onto the stage to sing. The video went viral and that’s how he meant the other founding member of Forte. “We’re trying to bring Opera to the young masses. We’re still working on Mel B.” they said.

They sang the Righteous Brothers song “Unchained Melody.”

Heidi was speechless, “Wow, wow and wow! I loved it!”

Mel B. said she changed her mind, “I bloody loved it! I’m honest with what I like and what I don’t like” is what she said about her past comments on the group.

Howie said, “Absolutely better late than never.” Then dished a little bit of reality by stating, “You solidified your place in the finals. You solidified your way to a career. You solidified Jonathan Allen going home.”

Howard was very pleased with the performance, “With the opening notes you had me. Now that’s the sign of true professionals. The pressure of the semifinals have gotten to everyone. You guys know how to perform. You know how to pick a song. I could see Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze going to Heaven.”

Forte said, “We had a week to come together and gel. I think we came up with something great and were fortunate to be on this stage.”

Watch Forte Tenors sing “Unchained Melody” here


Cassadee Pope’s advice to the contestants was, “Use this opportunity for your best advantage and it’s what happens afterwards is when the real work begins. It doesn’t matter how far you get, it’s what you do after.”

One Direction performed during Wednesday’s results show.

Howard’s Wild Card Pick:
Judge Howard Stern said, “We are a show of diversity. Singers, magicians. I love them. I think they’re under-represented, Leon and Romy.”

Judge’s vote!

It was down to the last two of the night – Dave Fenley and Catapult Entertainment. The judges had to make the decision of who would go through, this time, without an audience vote.

Mel B. said Dave is her man! After all, he dedicated last night’s performance to her. She picked Dave.

Howard said to Dave, “I’m not be critical to be a jerk. Playing to Mel was the wrong direction.” He said to Catapault, “We need you on this show. I’m going for Catapault!”

Heidi said, “It’s a tough decision every week. Dave has a beautiful raspy voice. But Heidi picked Catapult as well.

Howie said to Catapault, “I love the simplicity of what you do. Don’t try to do too much. Dave Fenely, you were the first act that turned the entire show around. I saw you and you raised the game. Toughest decision I made so far this season. But, I have to say Catapault!”

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