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CATCH 21: First Day Filming Season 2!

Posted on February 25 2009 by Set News

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Reported by: Charity C.

GSN’s original Black Jack style game show, “Catch 21” is finally back filming for its second season! A show I predicted to be a hit after spending many days on set during the show’s first season. I’m glad I was right, and everyone at HOLLYWOOD JUNKET is also thrilled to be part of season two.


The show has made some small, but minor changes. The number of audience members has been increased from about thirty last season to around 200 this season. That means, more yelling and rooting-on contestants by audiences who are genuinely pulling for them. The production moved its filming studio from KCET to “Hollywood Center Studios” – down the street from HOLLYWOOD JUNKET headquarters! The last change we noticed was a much bigger stage than its intimate one last season. Also new, a new “Catch 21” title art logo. Sorry, but I liked the old one much better. See this earlier post for a photo of the original version:

"Catch 21!" set with a bigger stage and audience.

Host, Alfonso Ribeiro and co-host/dealer Mikki Padillia both return with a dynamic as ever chemistry. The show kept with the same color scheme and same game rules as last season. It is also reported, that the show stayed with the same final round stage. It is a separate stage from where the rest of the show is filmed with three competing contestants. One change reported that was not made was the end of the game set. It was reported to be the same as the first season. The main difference, there is now audience seated in the background of this particular stage where there was none before.

The amount of money to be won on “Catch 21” remains the same. Contestants may win up to $25,000 as their grand prize.

New stage and logo of GSN's "Catch 21!"


Main host, Ribeiro, has a great stage presence and makes the audience feel like they want to be involved in the game. He also likes to reveal little tidbits here and there about how his former costars from “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air”, James Avery and Tatyana Ali have been volunteering hosting advice to him. Avery and Ali told Ribeiro that he should do some of his signature Michael Jackson moves (that made him famous years ago) while he hosts “Catch 21”. This in turn, got him in trouble with GSN who told him, “you can’t grab your nuts on GSN!”

For those who aren’t familiar with the popular Pepsi promo with Ribeiro as a child, mini-Michael Jackson, click here: Michael Jackson Pepsi commercial
Ribeiro’s dancing infomercial: Dancing infomercial, Breakin’ and Poppin’

Co-Host and Card Dealer on the show, Mikki Padillia looked beautiful in her bright outfits worn on stage. Sponsor of the show, Foster Grant eyeglasses was sported by the stunning Padillia.

More to come as we continue our coverage of “Catch 21” this season.


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