Chris Jericho Wanted To Runaway – ROBOT COMBAT LEAGUE

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Chris Jericho Wanted To Runaway – ROBOT COMBAT LEAGUE

Syfy network’s latest futuristic experiment in entertainment will premiere Tuesday, February 26th in the form of boxing robots – “Robot Combat League.” The host of the very science fiction male testosterone driven show is WWE champ Chris Jericho.

Jericho sat down to talk about his first impressions of the show and the robots, courtesy of an exclusive Syfy network interview. Jericho said that when he first heard about the show, he thought is was a “cute idea.” His concern was if there was going to be any action , or “spark” to the fighting show. However, when he saw the robots in real-life, it was when they were all standing in the ring. His opinion changed drastically!

Jericho said that “when the robot came walking out, if it hadn’t stopped in front of me, I would have turned and ran away.” He also said that the life sized steel machine was intimidating and walked so fast and gave some demonstrations of some of the punches it could throw. He said what really blew him away was the “speed and dexterity.”

Robots fighting – ROBOT COMBAT LEAGUE, © Syfy

For those that are skeptics, Jericho assures that the robots on this show are not like “Rock’em Sock’em” type robots and nothing like watching Claymation either. He expressed that he felt as though he was in the real-life “Real Steel” movie. Jericho stated, “I could feel the power of their punches that were thrown, and see smoke rising when the damage was done.”

He finished by saying he could not believe that technology has moved us forward to this point of a show like “Robot Combat League,” and stated, “It’s a little bit scary…like Skynet.”

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    If Jericho was intimidated, I think we all should be! These things look like the real deal Holyfield. I saw episode 1 on and now I’m craving more. I think this might be my new favorite show

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