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July 29, 2011
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We sent reporter Jared to NBC annual “Blogger Party”. Read his first-hand account below:

My friend Crystal and I were lucky enough to attend San Diego’s annual Comic Con, something that both of us have been wanting to do since we first heard about the convention a couple of years ago. We were there on an assignment, specifically to report on an NBC Blogger party happening that night at the Hard Rock Hotel celebrating new seasons of returning shows like Chuck, Community, and Parks and Recreation as well as new NBC Fall shows, Whitney, Awake, Grimm and The Playboy Club.

NBC at Comic Con!

After a full day of sci-fi infused madness, I arrived at Hard Rock’s 207 with a camera in hand to report on the night’s events. However, I promptly hit my first obstacle when the camera failed to start recording. All around me the bar was wildly impressive in its opulence, dimly lit with lucid colors and a heavy bass pumping something familiar in the background.

Chevy Chase at Comic Con video below: (courtesy of NBC)

My attention was diverted when my friend Crystal arrived and we proceeded to meander throughout the bar, meeting various press and talent for the new lineup of NBC shows. We chatted with Chevy Chase for awhile, and he proved to be as goofy as I was hoping he would be. Yvette Nicole Brown from Community called me “cute as a button” which I suppose is always flattering. But, somehow more so when it comes from a TV star. Meanwhile, the music was making it hard to talk and hear conversations with people.

Yvette Nicole Brown talks fans at Comic Con below: (courtesy of NBC)

As our NBC Blogger party was coming to an end, Crystal and I still felt like exploring the ridiculous antics of Comic Con! So, we proceeded to crash a Syfy party event being hosted on the fourth floor of the hotel. When we got into the elevator, however, we ended-up on the twelfth floor making our way into an Entertainment Weekly event. Knowing absolutely no one there and not having a clue as to how we had gotten there, we ended-up meeting two other reporters Eric and Mike. We attempted to crash the fourth floor party together. But, were promptly denied.

When we entered the outside world, the madness was still pursuing. A parade of at least one hundred zombies was marching down the street, apparently in favor of the coming zombie apocalypse. The enthusiasm was infectious and by the end of it I was in favor of the zombie apocalypse too. Only at Comic Con is a phenomenon like this possible.



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