Contestant Jumps Sides on THE BACHELORETTE 19 Week 4 Sneak-Peek!

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Contestant Jumps Sides on THE BACHELORETTE 19 Week 4 Sneak-Peek!

Pictured: RACHEL Pictured: RACHEL RECCHIA, JAMES / Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin

This episode of “The Bachelorette” picked up from last week’s Rose Ceremony.  That night, Chris got kicked out of the house by ‘Bachelorettes’ Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia after they learned about him planning to be there for the Fantasy Suites.  At the mansion the 22 men remaining were discussing which one of the women they were more into.

Termayne said he needed to spend more time with Rachel before deciding which one he wanted to pursue.  Meatball said he wasn’t leaning any particular way yet.  Gabby was realizing that the men that are lingering in the middle “are kind of sketch.”  Rachel said it’s up to them to decide “who they want to explore.”  But it’s up to them whether they want to reciprocate or  go home.

By the Rose Ceremony, the women had it with some of the men floating in the middle.  So, they asked them to pick a side.   Each Bachelorette offered roses to the men whom they were interested in seeing more of.  The men could accept or reject their roses.  The major problem with this scenario was that some of the men may have accepted roses from Rachel or Gabby in order to just stay on the show, and decide later.  We will see this in the case of Logan who in next week’s episode will jump sides from Team Rachel to Team Gabby.  Also, it’s interesting how Spencer stated he was into Rachel, but ended-up on Team Gabby.

In the men’s defense, this week’s Cocktail was more crucial than most.  So, cancelling the Cocktail Party was a bad move.  Gabby and Rachel wanted the men to choose a side.  However, they chose to cancel this week’s Cocktail Party that didn’t allow for the men to have some one-on-one time with them to get to know them better.  This was what James was dealing with.  He stated that he needed to spend more time with Rachel to see if he wanted to pursue her over Gabby. He, and most of the other men, didn’t get that opportunity.  This is a point that he raised at the end of the episode.

Upon James’ (“Meatball”) elimination, he talked his way back into the house and will remain through this week’s episode.  In the previews, it also seems that it’s James who will tell Rachel that Hayden made the statement that he can’t “trust these bitches.”  Also in the preview, it appears to be Hayden’s shoulder of the guy that Rachel is confronting.  Hayden is also seen with his head down, crying outside of the cruise ship.   Thus, Hayden will most likely be going home this week.

Pictured: THE BACHELORETTE, Hayden / ABC Copyright


TEAM GABBY:  The men who chose to accept roses from Gabby were – Nate, Johnny, Spencer, Jason, Mario, Kirk, Quincey, Michael, Erich.

Pictured (l-r): Gabby Windey, Nate, Johnny, Spencer, Jason, Mario / Photos: ABC/Gizelle Hernandez; Ricky Middlesworth


Pictured (l-r): Gabby Windey, Kirk, Quincey, Michael, Erich / Photos: ABC/Gizelle Hernandez; Ricky Middlesworth


TEAM RACHEL:  The men who chose to accept roses from Rachel were – Tino, Logan, Tyler, Ethan, Jordan, Hayden, Aven, Zach.There was a bit of turbulence on Rachel’s side who had roses rejected by – Termayne, Alec, and James “Meatball.”

Pictured (l-r) Rachel Recchia, Tino, Logan, Tyler, Ethan, Jordan / Photo: ABC/Gizelle Hernandez; Ricky Middlesworth


Pictured (l-r): Rachel Recchia, Hayden, Aven, Zach, James “Meatball.” / Photos: ABC/Gizelle Hernandez; Ricky Middlesworth


Host Jesse Palmer delivered the news to the men that there would be two one-on-one dates.  One with Rachel, one with Gabby, and also a “massive” group date.  It was the biggest group date with 19 men with Gabby and Rachel.
Palmer dropped off the first one-on-one date card from Rachel.  The name on the card was “Zach, today is the beginning of our love story, Love Rachel.”


Rachel and Zach got prepped for their first movie premiere by Karamo, who’s a TV host from “Queer Eye.”  Karamo was also there to quiz Zach.  He asked Zach about if he has feelings for Gabby?  Zach said right out the gate, he had chemistry and sparks with Rachel, and it didn’t matter if there was another Bachelorette.

Back at the mansion: Gabby decided to visit the men at their house.   It didn’t go so well.  The men played football and hung out with each other, giving very little attention and effort towards Gabby.  This made her feel discouraged and wished that the men stepped-up and made an effort to show interest in her.

Back to Rachel & Zach:  They got A-list star treatment once they arrived at the movie premiere. Once inside, they were the only ones inside the theater and the show that night was of them.  Actual footage from their childhood home videos played.   Rachel and Zach shared experiences from their childhoods with each other.


The date card read “three’s a crowd.”  So, who was the third wheel?  To everyone’s surprise, it was Gabby’s Grandpa John who joined them on their date.  The first event of the date was going to a sound bar where Gabby, Erich and John spoke their intentions and fears into large glass jars.

John had a nap during the date and said any new experience is a good experience at his age.  The next stop of the date was at a Bowling Alley where Gabby got a date for John while they bowled.  Gabby said she could sense that Erich was really into her and easy to be around.  Then, at dinner Gabby shared with Zach that she has an estranged relationship with her mother and never experienced the love of a mother.  Erich didn’t have a big reaction and tried to be concerned.  Then Gabby got up to go talk to producers.  She left Erich to sit by himself for a while.  Gabby got too caught-up in her head and wondered if Erich would be into Rachel more because she’s not complicated.


The first scene for the photo shoot was a car wash.  Then, Aven got to pretend to be pregnant and gave birth to James while Rachel helped deliver!
At the photo shoot, the multiple men stated which women they were there for.  Nate, Spencer and Quincey were on Team Gabby. Spencer said he was flirting with both women because he is undecided.  Tino and Logan were Team Rachel and both did a mock proposal.


Tyler went for Gabby for the mock proposal, while Nate was missing Gabby after their first date.  He gave a long speech to profess  his love for Gabby.  Although Tyler was proposing to Gabby on the Group Date, later at the After Party, he told Gabby that he’s really into Rachel.


Next, the 19 guys joined the women at So-Fi stadium where they had the After Party at the lounge.  Rachel and Gabby were hoping to form some strong connections.  Rachel’s time with Aven consisted of them throwing a football around, which Rachel was really good at.   Tino told Rachel that he’s 100% only pursuing her.  Jordan was also Team Rachel.

Gabby wasn’t receiving as much love as Rachel at the After Party.  Tyler was the first man that came forward to Gabby to tell her that he is going to pursue Rachel.  Then Hayden told Gabby that the date gave him “a lot of clarity” and his intentions are for Rachel.  He told Gabby that she’s “rough around the edges.  He was making light of her personality.  However, it struck a chord with Gabby and hurt her feelings.   Jacob was next, and also said he didn’t really have a connection with her.  He told Gabby that if she was the only woman there, he wouldn’t have the heart to continue.  Also, trying to make light of the situation  However, it came off disheartening and hurtful to Gabby.  In an attempt to make her feel better, he told her that she’s “smoking.”

At the end of the After Party, Gabby arrived late and sat-down with the group.  Rachel said she had “so many amazing conversations tonight.”  She gave her rose to the guy that made her feel “seen and safe.”  That guy was Aven.  It was Gabby’s turn to give out her rose.  She said she’s had a “difficult week” coming into this rose and tonight was hard.  She said she felt that she couldn’t give a rose tonight. There was an awkward pause and moment of silence before they called it a night.

In private, after Gabby and Rachel walked away from the guys, Gabby explained to Rachel what the guys told her in private and how they rejected her.   In her confessional, Gabby said “I’m here to find a lifelong partner.  I’m not here to teach dudes how to act.”

The next morning:  The guys were trying to piece together what happened to cause Gabby not to give out her date rose.  Logan said when he walked by her earlier in the night, he saw Gabby appearing to have been crying.


Meatball said he was hoping for more time with both Gabby and Rachel because he was still undecided.  Nate said he hoped that the men decide so that Rachel and Gabby can get the clarity they need.  Then, Jesse Palmer walked into the room instead of Gabby and Rachel.  He told them that the Cocktail Party was officially cancelled and would be going directly into the Rose Ceremony.

Jesse told the men that the way the show is going now, they’re not going to find love because it’s not working for them.  “That journey is over,” said Palmer.  Palmer told the men that how it’s going to work is to continue on their journeys separately.  One group for Gabby, and one group pursuing Rachel.   One group for Gabby, and one group pursuing Rachel.



Before Gabby and Rachel arrived to hand-out their roses, Jesse told the men to ask themselves if they see a  future with either Gabby, or Rachel.  Gabby told them that having two Bachelorettes has created some struggles that no one could have foreseen.

Rachel’s first rose went to Tino who accepted, followed by Gabby who’s first rose went to Nate, who also accepted. What’s interesting, is for the first time in the show’s history, after the men received their roses they stepped into a separate room where a camera was set up to film their reactions.

Rachel’s next rose went to Logan (Gabby looked a little upset by this).   Gabby gave her next rose to Johnny, who accepted.  Termayne was the first man to reject a rose, which was Rachel’s rose.  He said he felt like he had a deeper connection with Gabby.  Gabby looked somewhat surprised by this statement.   Then, Jesse stepped-in and told Termayne to get back in line and see if Gabby would offer him a rose.  Jesse also explained that,  that rose was out of game play as he took the rose away with him.

In her confessional, Rachel said it was embarrassing and getting “rejected was humiliating,” because he did it in front of everyone.  She was also surprised because she didn’t feel like Gabby and Tremayne didn’t had that much of a connection.

Gabby gave her next rose to Spencer who accepted.   Next, Rachel asked Alec, he said “unfortunately” he couldn’t.  “I don’t think I’m the right one for you.”   Jesse returned to take that rose away as well.   Gabby gave her next rose to Jason, whom we didn’t know was on “The Bachelorette.” He also accepted.

Gabby gave her next rose to Jason.  Rachel gave her next rose to Tyler, who accepted.  Gabby gave her rose to Mario.  Rachel gave a rose to Ethan who accepted, and then Jordan also accepted.  Then, Meatball, who said he was there for Gabby.  He said “I just have to go with my heart.”  Of course, Jesse walked in again and grabbed the rejected rose.  Gabby’s other roses went to Kirk, and Quincey – both men accepted.

There was one remaining rose left for each woman to give out.   Gabby and Rachel walked away to take a break and chat in private. Rachel said she was so humiliated and “the hardest moment” that she’s had as a Bachelorette.
The women reconvened the Rose Ceremony.  Michael got Gabby’s last rose.  Hayden got Rachel’s last rose.  That meant James, “Meatball” (TBD), Termayne, Alec, and Jacob all went home.

BACHELORETTE Men Eliminated (l-r): Termayne, Alec, Jacob / Photo: ABC/Ricky Middlesworth

Gabby said although it was awkward at times and rocky,  for the first time in this journey she felt like she’s in control and “so excited for what’s to come.”

Pictured: RACHEL RECCHIA, JAMES / Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin

After that, James, “Meatball” returned to talk to Rachel.  He told her that he made a decision “in the moment.”  Because he spent more time with Gabby, there was an immediate connection with her.  Apparently, Gabby didn’t think so.  James told Rachel that he really wanted to get to know her and there are feelings that he has for her.  Rachel reacted “I gave you the rose!”  Meatball asked for “another shot.”  TO BE CONTINUED.   In the sneak-preview teaser to next week’s episode, Meatball is prominently shown in the group date with the other men that are staying.

Pictured: Meatball returns! THE BACHELORETTE Week 4 Group Date / ABC Copyright

NEXT WEEK: They’re in Paris!  There are two separate groups on two separate journeys.  Logan, who went onto Team Rachel,  said he realizes his feelings for Gabby.  There’s a rumor floating (spread by James if appears) that someone there “doesn’t trust these bitches.”  Rachel said she’s “so over this. I’m so done,” and wants to leave.

Pictured: Logan has second thoughts / ABC Copyright


Pictured: RACHEL RECCHIA, GABBY WINDEY Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin

THE BACHELORETTE week 4 / Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin





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