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Corrine Blacked-Out on BACHELOR IN PARADISE First Night

Posted on August 25 2017 by Editor

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Corrine Blacked-Out on BACHELOR IN PARADISE First Night

Surviving what was a temporary shut-down for ABC’s dating reality show “Bachelor in Paradise” (BIP), some cast members from this season join host Chris Harrison for a special studio episode where they get to talk about the events on the beach of Vallarta-Nayarit in Mexico thusfar.

The most talked-about event of all which lead to the infamous BIP shut-down, involved questionable actions that Corrine Olympios and DeMario Jackson partook in. Corrine speaks her peace and reccounts her version of what happened – of what she could remember that is!

Bachelor in Paradise 4, Raven, Corrine, Amanda

Pictured (l-r): Raven, Corrine, Amanda / Photo: ABC/Paul Hebert

But first, Harrison welcomed cast members Alexis, Raven, Amanda, and Wells who were seated on-stage. Wells came onto “Bachelor in Paradise” as the bartender, replacing Jorge who explained to the cast in episode one that it’s time for him to follow his dreams and venture out to start his own tour company.

It was revealed that Wells has a history with Danielle Maltby. He said they were part of a tight-knit circle of friends in Nashville where they’re from. They went out before years ago, but it never went anywhere. Unfortunately for Danielle M., Wells was the only guy in ‘Paradise that she was crushing-on. However, as the bartender, that meant the contestants were off limits for Wells. But, it didn’t stop him from kissing Danielle M. before she left ‘Paradise, it seemed as he explained, because he felt sorry that she didn’t make a connection there. Wells said Danielle M. left the show to go save childern in Africa.

Bachelor in Paradise 4, Danielle Maltby

Pictured: Danielle Maltby / Photo: ABC/Bob D’Amico

Jasmine came out separately and talked to Matt. The big confusion between the two, which took what seemed like thirty minutes to clear up (don’t worry, there’ll be lots of editing!) after going back-and-forth-multiple times about what happened between them. Jasmine didn’t realize Matt didn’t think they were good for each other when he told her he wanted to go out with someone else. This led to Jasmine freaking-out. After the confusion (yes, this is proof that men are from Mars and women are from Venus kind of misunderstanding) was cleared-up and Matt reiterated his intentions, Harrison told Matt “when you make it out of the hurricane, don’t go back in!”

Bachelor in Paradise 4, Jasmine and Matt

Pictured (l-r) Jasmine Goode, Matt Munson / Photo: ABC/Bob D’Amico


Finally, the big interview the audience had been waiting for when Corrine Olympios stepped onto the stage. In typical Corrine fashion, she was wearing a sinature all white colored outfit. In reference to a clip showing the scandel concerning her and DeMario in the news, Corrine made it clear that she was a “victim” (a word used by news outlets) of the media and how the situation was constrewed on TV and social media.

Bachelor in Paradise 4, Corrine and Vinny

Pictured (l-r): Corrine and Vinny / ABC

Corrine reccounted the first few days in Paradise. She said she woke-up the next day and most of the cast were hung-over. It wasn’t for a couple of days afterwards when production shut-down. On the first night of Paradise, she said she remembers hanging-out with Vinny. Then ended-up going to the pool with DeMario. However, Corrine stated that she does not remember anything that happened with DeMario, and nothing that happened after that later the same night. Corrine said she drank way, way too much. “The last thing I rememberered was drinking a dirty Martini” explained Corrine. She described it as if she “went under anesthesia then woke up.” Corrine stated that she “blacked-out” on “Bachelor in Paradise” show the first night.

Bachelor in Paradise 4, Corrine Olympios and Chris Harrison

Pictured (l-r) Corrine Olympios, Chris Harrison / Photo: ABC/Bob D’Amico

Corrine explained that what happened was that she was on a new medication that she wasn’t taking during Nick’s season. This medication caused her mental blockage when she drank an abundance of alcohol that night. Corrine said it appeared as if she was coherent. But, really wasn’t there mentally, and she was only there physically that first night. Harrison attested to the fact that even he thought that she was coherent.

Corrine said she’d be open to talking to DeMario and has no bad feelings towards him. She said not all of the women in ‘Paradise were supportive of her. Corrine stated that she and her boyfriend, whom she’s known for ten years, are working through this.

Though Harrison asked Corrine about wanting to talk to DeMario, DeMario was never brought out onto the stage where they could talk for the first time since being on “Bachelor in Paradise.” With back-to-back filmings of the BIP stuido episodes both featuring one-on-one interviews with DeMario and Corrine (Yes, they were both shot on the same afternoon), it’s safe to say, it would have been more than doable to have DeMario come out to talk to Corrine. And we can’t believe producers didn’t want to milk the duo even more.

Harrison asked Corrine about going back on ‘Paradise. She said she is thankful to be part of Bachelor Nation. But, ‘Paradise isn’t for her.

“Bachelor in Paradise” airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7 c on ABC network.


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